Ekaterina Semmenchuk successfully opens the Lied Cycle

Ekaterina Semmenchuk

Ekaterina Semenchuk (mezzo soprano), Semyon Skigin (piano). Madrid. 4-X-2021. Teatro de la Zarzuela Madrid 4/10/21. Recital I of the Lied Cycle. Works by Mikhail Glinka (1804-1857), Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881).

This week began 28 Ciclo de Lied They organized jointly by the CNDM and the Teatro de la Zarzuela. This time in charge of Ekaterina Semenchuk, accompanied on piano by Semyon Skigin, with a repertoire of Russian song, away from the traditional romanticism of the German lied, but of undoubted musical appeal.

Ekaterina Semenchuk demonstrated her qualities also in this repertoire, not easy, since some of the works he performed have a high technical difficulty. The first part, with the Farewell to Saint Petersburg song set (1840), by Mijail Glinka, evoked the most martial airs of Russian popular music, as in the romance of the knight, and he knew how to express the most overwhelming delicacy with The Lullaby. But the best would come from Fantasy, where Semenchuk began to feel more comfortable and began a display of dramatic nuances that enhanced and fit perfectly with the composer's work.

The second part featured the four pieces of the Songs and Dances of Death, de Modest Mussorgki. This is where Semenchuk and Skigin uncovered the essences vial.. Mussorgski's music softens the harshness of the texts, and the interpretation of Semenchuk, full of shades and color changes, takes the perfect X-ray of the work that ended with the ceremonious Field Marshal. Offered 3 Rachmaninoff's tips, Mussorgsky and Carmen's Abanera, Bizet.

A great start to this Reference Cycle.

Photograph: Rafa Martín