An ensemble that hides a large orchestra

Natalia Together

On Wednesday he sounded at the National Auditorium Mahler's Fifth Symphony. That Symphony with which, apparently, Mahler was never entirely satisfied and amended on several occasions. Perhaps the version of this work offered Natalia Ensemble departs from the spirit of experimentation author. And the result is fascinating.

The 17 Ensemble musicians are Natalia had agreed on the Gustav Mahler Youth (GMJO). After this experience in common and already dedicated their careers in some of the most prestigious European orchestras, decide to join again to continue making music and working on the repertoire they most enjoy. It begins the first major challenge, adapt Mahler's Fifth Symphony to be performed by 17 musicians without a conductor. Which it requires concentration and extraordinary camera work.

And on Wednesday 1 of March Luis Esnaola (fiddle), Oleguer Beltran (fiddle), Behrang Rassekhi (viola), Raul Mirás (cello) Y Jose Andres Reyes (Double bass), André Cebrián (flute), Miriam Pastor (oboe), Darío Mariño (clarinet), María José Rielo (fagot), Maciej Baranowski (horn) Y Jonathan Müller (trumpet) Natalia (percussion), Actea Jimenez (timbales), Sabela Caridad (percussion), Hector Marques (percussion), The Bleuenn Friec (barley), Irene Alfageme (piano) Y Esteban Dominguez (harmonium), They took the stage of the Chamber Hall of the National Auditorium and performed Mahler's Fifth Symphony. And it sounded like it, powerful and delicate, with its evocative Adagietto and his prodigious Finale.

Stay with this name, Natalia Together, and if they have occasion, Do not miss it.