Success of Celso Albelo at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Celso Albelo

The limited capacity in theaters, in this case, at Teatro de la Zarzuela, has turned out to be an ally for the Canarian tenor Celso Albelo, that has managed to create an atmosphere of intimacy and familiarity from the stage that eliminated any trace of coldness caused by the low influx of public.

Albelo offered a special recital, with traditional Canarian works recovered and adapted by Francisco Corujo Y Fernando Briones placeholder image. Works that, as Albelo himself explained, have been elevated to the category of lied.

Celso Albelo immersed himself in his land from the beginning, in your culture, its corners, with that characteristic and recognizable canary accent and vocal color. The tenor made a show of delicacy and subtlety by tightening, phrasing with elegance and filming with deep feeling.

It started with "Seven roses", work of Antonio González Santamaría which was his exposition of motives and marked the path of a very personal recital, in which he was found increasingly comfortable and complicit with an audience that adores him. His voice has gained solidity and security, especially when it goes through the highest notes. He was reeling off each of the songs while chatting animatedly with the audience.

The second part of the recital was dedicated to romances, as "The island of pearls", of the teacher Sorozabal, "The farmhouse", from Guridi o “Phear the smoke you know where the fire is" from "Francisquita" by Amadeo Vives. To end with "Faithful triumphant sword" of "Sevillano's guest" from Guerrero.

He ended up offering some original encores, also of Canarian song, accompanied by a guitar. Albelo got emotional in some moments.

Juan Francisco Parra accompanied the piano. There was great complicity between the two. He also offered two works, with their corresponding explanations, some tanguillos, from Teobaldo Power and a transcription of the Oviedo Anselmo González del Valle, from 1905 of the duo of “The diamonds in the crown" from Barbieri.

A great lyrical night, one more, in a Teatro de la Zarzuela that has started the season with strength and determination and with an absolute sense of security, with exhaustive compliance with all health protocols. Where safer than in the theater?.