Sabine Devieilhe's success at her premiere in the Lied Cycle

Sabine Devieilhe

It was presented in the Lied cycle of CNDM and Zarzuela theater, the french Sabine Devieilhe. He did it with a varied repertoire of Debussy, Poulenc, Fauré and Ravel. With an intelligent distribution interleaving each of the authors, which requires a greater demand on the part of both interpreters. The continuous change of atmospheres and registers requires a lot of attention and adds a dynamism to the extraordinary set.

Sabine Devieilhe is a coloratura soprano who in this recital has shown that this tessitura can be explored, notably, a chamber music repertoire like the one at hand. With great expressiveness in interpretation, elegance in diction and melodic line, Devieilhe was successfully and sensitively reeling off each of the qualities of the composers, from the most romantic tints of Fauré to the contemporaneity of Poulenc.

The ease that Devieilhe demonstrates in his sophisticated way of interpreting, was perfectly accompanied by one of the best piano performers of the moment, Alexandre Tharaud, who became the protagonist in some moments, thanks to its ability to create atmospheres and the absolute elegance with which it travels the keyboard.

Generous in tips, after going out to say hello on several occasions, they offered the "Aria of fire", from The child and incantations, Ravel, where Devieilhe demonstrated her mastery of coloratura. A baroque work by Rameau, where he demonstrated the versatility of his voice and the beautiful Youkali, Kurt Weill, masterfully performed and left the audience fully satisfied.

An extraordinary night that Devieilhe appreciated being able to offer, given the circumstances and the special impact of the pandemic on the world of culture. Do not forget that Madrid is the only European city where artistic shows are being offered. It was demonstrated in this recital, where the freshness of its two interpreters provided the audience with a breath of fresh air, so thankful right now.

Photograph: Rafa Martín