Piotr Beczała success in the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Piotr Beczala

It was the first time that the Polish tenor Piotr Beczala He participated in the Cycle Lied the Teatro de la Zarzuela, in collaboration with the National Center for Dissemination of Music and Polish Institute of Culture. Definitely, the participation of one of the most popular tenors of the moment raises the already high level of this cycle Lied.

Beczala is an unusual tenor. His vocation for music was late, He came while studying engineering and sang in a choir to rest books. To the 19 years and unhurried, He opted for a musical career that is providing great moments.

The repertoire selected for Zarzuela Theater can be divided into two distinct parts, three, if you count tips. The first part began with three works, Large melodic vocation, from Stefano Donaudy. From Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari He performed four respects, belonging to popular anonymous poem in Tuscan language Respect. From Anttonino Respighi He offered three short pieces that must be highlighted the overwhelming interpretation of Mists. To conclude this first part, three works of Francesco Paolo Tosti and thereby put the romantic accent to this exhibition of Italian popular song.

The second part consisted of works by Polish composers. A new feature also is an enrichment for some recitals lied which they tend to uniformity programmatic. Six Songs from Karol Szymanowski, whose compositions are inspired by the Central European tradition. Songs Mieczyslaw Karlowicz, We approached a composer who cut short his brilliant career because of his sudden death. To end, four Songs from Stanislaw Moniuszko. A compendium of beautiful, simple melodies that show the traditions and customs of Polish society of the nineteenth century.

Piotr Beczała interpretation is of extraordinary neatness. Elegant singing line and a registry change that seemed easy. gloss loss was noted in pianos, Those who lacked the tension that holds. But they are indisputable her beautiful timbre, perfect pitch and impeccable diction.

The best features of voice Beczcala were multiplied when it passed the lied opera in three arias which offered a tip. The first, the Morning, from Leoncavallo. He followed with an emotional Why wake me? of the Werther from Massenet. A role that is providing many successes and an aria that the public moved to other moments lived in this Theater. He finished with Tosca, Puccini and And the stars were shining that put the audience on its feet.

It was well accompanied on the piano by Helmut German who, despite some small oversight, makes a perfect reading of the score and singer.