Florian Boesch inaugurates the Lied Cycle

First recital of the XXVII Lied Cycle of the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the CNDM, in charge of the baritone Florian Boesch, that this year is the resident artist of the Theater, accompanied by piano Justus Zeyen, with works Schubert, Wolf Y Martin.

Five Songs de Schubert have been chosen to start this first recital. This has undoubtedly been the most romantic and delicate part that the Austrian baritone has offered., that has been gaining in expressiveness over the years, becoming a perfect "interpreter". Use unusual resources to nuance a slight vocal line, which is more of a declamation, an almost whispery way of saying that adds theatricality. All with extreme sensitivity.

The second part of the recital was dedicated to a selection of the Italian songbook by Hugo Wolf (1860-1903). Wolf alternated moments of great creativity with others of absolute drought. This work is the product of creativity. They are short songs that speak of daily scenes of love, and does it with thoroughness. Boesch reels off these scenes with delicacy and showing off more baritonal colors, with powerful bass and, again, their declaimed whispers.

To end the recite, works by Frank Martin (1890-1974), a composer who searched for a long time for his own musical language, and thus be able to move away from the powerful counterpoint influences of Bach. The twelve-tone devised by Schoenberg provided him with a universe to explore. Six monologues out "Anyone" (1943), written in octosyllables and on which Martin projected an opera, is a kind of auto-da-fe that expresses, with extraordinary drama, the acceptance of death. It is in this part of the recital that Florian Boesch deploys, in apparent trance, all his dramaturgical and expressive capacity. The intensity with which Boesch approaches Martin's work is overwhelming.

Justus Zeyen's piano accompaniment was impeccable. Always attentive and at the service of Boesch's purpose, adding delicacy and sensitivity and without giving an iota of prominence.

A high-level start to a season full of quirks. A certain melancholic feeling hung in the air. The hubbub of other occasions and, what a milestone in this theater, there were no coughs at any time. Perfect health in times of pandemic.

Photograph: Rafa Martín