Florian Boesch and Malcolm Martineau close an extraordinary Lied Cycle


Florian Boesch has been during this season resident artist of the Lied cycle performed by the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the National Center for Dissemination of Music. Boesch ha sido, so, the one in charge of opening and closing the cycle. This time, interpreting a work that he knows well and that we could already hear in 2015 at the Juan March Foundation.

Is about Travel book from the Austrian Alps, op.62 (1929) (Austrian Alps travel book) composer Ernst Krenek (1900-1991), work composed in the last blows of romanticism and before Krenek entered twelve-tone.

Krenek was one of the most significant representatives of the call Entartete Musik (degenerate music), that started in 1938 as a clear consequence of the Entartete Kunsy (Degenerate art), which started a year earlier in Düsseldorf. He was strongly linked to the cultural world of Weimar Germany and influenced by the great musicians of his time, becoming one of the enemies of the Nazi regime.

On this peculiar journey through the Alps, Krenek expresses his love for Austria and its cultural and natural heritage. But it is also an advanced critique of what mass tourism will be later and the effects it has on natural spaces.. The texts, written by Krenek himself, are loaded with irony and criticism of manners that are fully topical.

Florian Boesch addresses this repertoire, perfect for your instrument, with freshness and expressiveness. With that way of hers to say and accentuate each phrase. Articulating the sound in a recitative sung which he accompanies with descriptive gestures. His sympathy on stage brought a more casual and appropriate touch to this trip to the Alps.

The piano score described by Krenek is full of originality. Walk parallel to the vocal score, accompanying her with great fluency. What creates a unique and curious atmosphere, with a differentiating pattern within the lied. Its interpretation has been in charge of Malcolm Martineau, Boesch's regular companion who made clear his knowledge of this repertoire and the generous mastery of reading he made of writing.

An excellent end to the XXVII Cycle of Lied in a complicated season but resolved in an extraordinary way by its two organizers. We look forward to immersing ourselves soon in the XXVIII that is, definitely, the best Lied cycle you can attend.

Photograph (c) Rafa Martin