Lisette Oropesa rolls over at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Lisette Oropesa, Zarzuela

For more than an hour he was Lisette Oropesa waving and taking pictures with fans, who were waiting for her at the exit of the Teatro de la Zarzuela Monday 23, after his recital of "Round trip zarzuela". And it is that Oropesa has become almost a mass phenomenon wherever it acts. It is still remembered in Madrid, among other actions, his Lucia of Lammermoor at the Theatre Royal, three seasons ago, with Javier Camarena.

It was the first time that the American soprano performed at the Jovellanos Street Theater, also premiering repertoire. Nothing less than an entirely zarzuela program, and undoubtedly highlight the effort and interest of Oropesa in singing these emblematic pieces of the genre, conveniently mixed with works of a marked Hispanic-Cuban character.

He once again demonstrated the great versatility of his voice, able to tackle new genres and interpret them brilliantly. Or should I say, overwhelming. His vocal qualities are evident. There is nothing in the score, nor outside of it, that you resist. Maintains exceptional treble and treble, a homogeneous center and very consistent bass. And one of its greatest qualities, considering its lightness, a voice volume more than appreciable. Although at times it sounded a bit groggy, perfectly uses the bound and the middle voice. He maintains impeccable good diction and manages with brilliance and generosity the breath.

She was accompanied on the piano by an energetic Rubén Fernández Aguirre. And it is not easy to accompany a force as overwhelming as Lisette Oropesa on the piano. They performed works by Barbieri, Failure, Joaquin Nin, Jorge Ankermann, Sorozabal, Lecuone, Rodrigo, Carlos Imaz, Manuel Penella, Gonzalo Roig and Piazzolla at the piano by Fernández Aguirre.

Her closeness with the public led her to have very nice moments, coming to tell a joke. He also had the detail of asking that the Zarzuela be declared a World Heritage Site. Everything counts in this common endeavor.

Lisette Oropesa's success was absolute. After going out several times to greet a standing audience, they offered three tips. The first was a Cuban habanera. Later he performed "Las jaceleras", zarzuela The Daughters of Zebedee, Ruperto Chapí. And finally a little known work, a piece of The hussar of the guard, Amadeo Vives, full of difficulties, coloratures and treble that were highly appreciated and awarded by the audience who did not stop applauding.

Undoubtedly one of the great successes that have been seen in this Theater in many years. Let's hope it's not the last and that Lisette Oropesa includes the Teatro de la Zarzuela among her regulars..

Photograph: Elena del Real