“Maria del Pilar”, another surprise Teatro de la Zarzuela

Maria del Pilar

He Teatro de la Zarzuela continues rescuing the Spanish lyric genre titles that for various reasons had been forgotten. Some of these works, as Maria del Pilar, of the teacher Gerónimo Giménez, He not explained that they have lived so long in the ostracism. It premiered at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid 1902 Y, since then, never again knew. It seems that one of the reasons for these absences may be in some scripts that have been very jetlagged. That of Maria del Pilar, from Francisco Flores and Gabriel Briones, It presents a casposa rural Spain and with many difficulties for theatrical performance. But the Teatro de la Zarzuela has found a good solution to this problem, as it did with "The Tempest".

In the concert version of which two performances scheduled, It has been replaced by an updated text spoken narration correctly by Maria Velasco. The story was in charge of a Mario Gas tempered, whose good work was demonstrated once again.

The score Jimenez surprised by its quality. the influences of his admired Wagner or Verdi noticed in her moments of true verismo. The orchestra, reinforced for the occasion, It sounded like the overture ever since, It is the most intense passages the two arias by tenor and bass or duo of the two sopranos in the second act.

The address of Oliver Diaz, replacing the maestro Jesús López Cobos, whom the representation was dedicated, He was full of intensity and colorful. It directed with suitable pulse firm and all passages of the work, giving each its own personality and nuances, as it evidenced in the Jota or very Verdian bass and baritone duet in the second act.

Section of the voices was very balanced. the soprano Carmen Solis He offered a homogeneous singing a beautiful tone and a voice body, especially in the middle. Your paper, despite naming the work, is not the protagonist or solo arias has, but he shone when he corresponded, Also in the dramatization.

Polish soprano Iwona Sobotka He played the role of Esperanza. It can boast a good diction in Spanish with his dark voice, which provides a good bass notes. Not so with sharp.

Marina Rodriguez-Cusi EARNEST he played Nieves, with his comic partner Jorge Rodríguez-Norton as Almendrita. Both high. She is always a guarantee of professionalism and good work.

Andeka Gorrotxategi, Rafael, He addressed his demanding tessitura with dedication and always beautiful timbre. He had solved a problem that as the work progressed. is not well understood sing all the time crossed arms, as if holding or seeking some support, in any case, It is not the best posture on stage.

baritone Damian del Castillo Marcelino she played a song and serene enough. The bass David Sanchez, as Uncle Licurgo, always solvent with deep and homogeneous tessitura.

Definitely the best of the night and most recognized by the public was the burgalés low Rubén Amoretti. Valentin her character was endowed with an entity much greater than character. His Romanza "What beam me annihilates", It was performed with elegance and trade, clarifying each phrase and filling dramatic intensity.

Is more than likely that the choir has had a brilliant performance, as usual, but whenever they placed upstage can hardly hear him. A shame.

Maria del Pilar has been an extraordinary surprise that we must thank the Teatro de la Zarzuela and, especially, its director, Daniel Bianco, you are performing a task that never thank him enough.