Marina closes the season at La Zarzuela


Marina Spanish is one of those reference works that all fans have recorded in its memory. Who does not sometimes hums his conocidísima "A drink, let's drink". It has also always been one of the most scheduled. The last time just four years ago in this same theater. Although previously Twenty years had elapsed, since Alfredo Kraus Jorge played.

Teacher Emilio Arrieta, transformed the Marina zarzuela opera to be premiered at the Teatro Real. Event happened in 1871.

This opera in three acts, directed by Ramón Tebar and stage direction Ignacio García, He has had a young cast and almost unknown. Marina's main role has been interpreted by the Ukrainian, with Romanian passport, Olena Sloia. This young soprano based in Madrid for years, It has a curious history. He sang in various locations and streets of Madrid, until one day, near the Opera Square, It was discovered by the teacher Miguel Ángel Gómez Martínez, present in the room at the premiere. From there, and the invaluable teacher recommendation, has started what we hope will be a brilliant career in the world of opera. Qualities not lacking. It has a pleasant and vigorous high register with which he could not excess volume of the orchestra. He won expressiveness and support in the third inning and got a deserved ovation.

Jorge's character was played by tenor Alejandro del Cerro. He started something intemperate or nervous, which it did not prevent him addressing his complicated arias with courage. In the third act he came up and offered moments of great lyricism.

Damian del Castillo, as Roque, It was too low to. Something past impost and coarseness at times.

scenography, Navy replacement four years ago, This time it is more evocative night thanks to the lighting Paco Ariza. The sea and sailors are very present throughout the play. Also a part of the pier, which he occupied the middle of the stage and the chorus limited movements.

The orchestra, Strongly directed by newcomer in the Zarzuela Ramón Tebar, at times it reached a volume of sound that got in trouble singers. Much tighter in the second half, He highlighted its dynamism.

A good end of season for a Teatro de la Zarzuela in which you begin to notice the deep work of the new team, and projects and the illusion of the immediate future.