The twilight of the gods culminates the Wagnerian tetralogy at the Teatro Real


the recital arrived 4 of the Lied who jointly organize the Teatro de la Zarzuela and the National Center for Dissemination of Music, and he did it with a safe value, baritone Matthias Goerne, accompanied this time on the piano by Markus Hintereuser.

This time Goerne has faced a repertoire of one of the most deeply romantic composers, Robert Schumann. The program has been varied and select, Six Poems and a Requiem, on. 90 (poem by Nikolaus Lenau (1802-1850)),

candy song cycle, on. 39 (poemas de Joseph von Eichendorff (1788-1857) and the five songs contained in the op. 135, on poems by Queen Mary Stuart (1542-1587). A succession of songs that the German baritone offered continuously and without interruption. One hour twenty minutes at a time.

Matthias Goerne has us accustomed to dissect, with great success, the deepest and most psychological aspects of the works and authors that he interprets, y Schumann it, definitely, the most psychologically complex author. And this selection of songs reflects the most sensitive and disturbing Schumann.

Goerne unfolded everything that is expected of a Liederist. Putting the stress on each syllable, giving content to each sentence. Even the silences were loaded with interpretive intensity.

The greatest depth was deposited in the characters with the greatest prominence, The hermit, The Lion Bride or To Queen Elizabeth. Goerne offered a precise and polyhedral description of each situation, place the protagonist. In that kind of trance in which the interpreter enters as if he were acting as a medium between the public and the essence of the composition.

He was accompanied on piano by Markus Hinteräuser, that accompanied the German with the most exquisite taste and precision, forming an extraordinary tandem.

Another magnificent night of lied at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, one more…

Photograph: Rafa Martín