Cabaret night with Nancy Fabiola Herrera

Curious and original it appeared in the Teatro de la Zarzuela the third recital of the Lied. Under the title, Cabaret evenings, mezzosoprano Nancy Fabiola Herrera, He began shelling, his voice thick and enveloping, all the musicality of works, perhaps less known, to show that not only the German lieder requires mastery and expertise. He showed that compositions which are less susceptible to the corsetting and technical require the same discipline and management of musical knowledge and canoro.

A repertoire full of artistic possibilities and identity, the eclectic personality of Herrera, coupled with its stylistic resources, They led to a higher level the most popular works by composers such as Oscar Straus, Erik Satie o Francis Poulenc. This first part, more formal, if you can say so, He was completed with works by Kurt Weill and Louis Guglielmi (Louiguy). Always very well accompanied by piano Mac McClure.

To demonstrate the uniqueness of the evening, something happened that, at least I, I had not seen before in a theater. After the break, an inattentive public, I do not know if the originality of the night, He did not finish entering the room, prompting singer and pianist were on stage waiting several minutes for him to finish accommodate public. This was the start of a second part in which Herrera proved to have a capacity of artistic records and idiomatic almost chameleonic.

It is not easy to place voice after a first more academic side, but, once resolved settings, Herrera found us new ways to deepen the freedom of interpretation, knowledge of the works and their composers and the ability to convey nostalgia and exoticism posed composers like Ernesto Lecuona, Joaquim Zamacois the Astor Piazzolla. Or draw the perfect melancholy boleros Pedro Junco, Maria Grever, Alvaro Carrillo, Gabriel Ruiz Bobby Capó.

Or as described exceptionally Mary of the Self in the playbill, "Moving to the nineteenth century is traveling through subjectivism and introspection; It is the time of rebellion, the willingness to explore all avenues artistic expression with a weekend full trying to regain past precious or achieve a wonderful future. It is the pursuit of feelings, wrapped in dreams, in mystery and fantasy of the exotic haunted by a spirit of nostalgia, melancholy and longing after completion impossible ".