Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Sir Simon Rattle. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Sir Simon Ratle

With Mozart's Magic Flute was to be present Berliner Philharmoniker en Madrid, directed by Sir Simon Rattle. But, Regrettably, the precariousness of the Royal Theatre budget, He had earlier in the season to make the decision to "liquidate" this production. the change was decided in programming and take advantage of the stay in Spain of the best orchestra of the world to interpret Ninth Symphony from Ludwig van Beethoven.

Sir Simon Rattle lamented at a press conference not being able to get to direct an opera in this theater. Hopefully other opportunities arise, although his words it appeared that feeling. Since then no longer be with this orchestra, as soon abandons this position to tackle other projects, as he progressed.

Madrid today to hear the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Sir Simon Rattle is, Given the circumstances, a miracle. Miracle that has been grateful for the public for just over ten minutes of applause and cheers. Applause an orchestra in which inhabits a musician who was not admitted by the National Orchestra of Spain for not having the required level. Just a month later was selected to play at the Berlin Philharmonic. Who would probably rule here "he was right".
Sir Simon, directed unscored, because in his head, gives the inputs to each rope just gaze. With extraordinary precision, without martiality, harmoniously, with the confidence of whom I know followed by exceptional musicians. A technical and interpretive capacity that adds something more. That ability to do magic, in this case, with their instruments.
The result is a fluid communication of the whole is always clear. Winds and impressive sound flow. Great pianissimi of the whole contrabasses at the beginning of the third movement. They were violins in those hands. The controlled power of the whole. controlled, not contained. A sensitive baton, dynamic, always attentive to musicians and singers. A show.

Holder of the Royal Theater Choir joined the luxury. No surprises those who are fortunate enough to hear them throughout the season. They sounded again homogeneous and resolved. Powerful volume and emotions.
Very balanced turned the quartet of Camilla Tilling, soprano, Nathalie Stutzmann, contralto, Joseph Kaiser, tenor y Dmitry Ivashchenko, low. Some important voices without any erected on art. Which he enriched the whole of this Novena to be broadcast by RNE and giant screens Plaza de Callao Friday Live.