Susan Graham, delicacy lesson in the Realm

Susan Graham

It was the last recital of the cycle Real Voices, and this time in charge of the mezzo-soprano Susan Graham. Born in New Mexico, Graham scored big differences with the two American divas that have preceded it in recent days in Madrid. The first, the elegance, thereby responding to the canons and more pragmatic ways of lieder singing this. Nothing to do, for example, with the gossip Renée Fleming.

The next difference is the choice of repertoire. Very successful in its preparation, your disposition and criteria, that were explained by Graham herself as soon as she stepped on the stage, in perfect Spanish and in a fun and educational way. A program represented by love songs from 17 different composers, divided into thematic blocks and perfectly balanced. A repertoire neatly adapted to the characteristics of your voice, bright in the treble. With exquisite pianos and softening bass that is more difficult to handle.

The audience enjoyed a heartfelt and delicate performance. Dramatizing each phrase and giving it the most accurate feeling for each word, each note. A timbred voice with a well-supported center to fill with intention and subtlety its filatos more daunting. Right from the start with “Ever since I saw him”, until reaching a delicate end with “Now you've done me the first pain”, both works Robert Schumann.

She was accompanied on the piano by Malcolm Martineau. Masterful at all times, especially in that intuition when it comes to accompanying, not only in tempis, but in feelings and delicacies to express together.

A magnificent end to the season for this cycle that ended with a hopeful “Hello young lovers”. We will be young as long as we love. And happy to attend these displays of infinite sensitivity.