The real treasure. Lova project

Lova Royal Theatre project

Reflect, create, teamwork, overcome fears, or conflict resolution can be much easier and enjoyable if each student in a school group is vested with a unique and indispensable role to create an original opera.
These are the objectives of the project "The opera, Learning a vehicle” (BED), that he Teatro Real has driven since 2008 and still growing: Today this ambitious educational program is developed in 24 centers throughout Spain.

Seventeen students from Colegio Jorge Guillén de Móstoles have created their own opera company, designed your blog, its logo and structured all the work as professionals and artists involved in the staging of an opera: writers, librettists, musicians, stage directors, producers, set designers, illuminators, costume and makeup designers, public relations, press officers, etc.
The teachers have followed the program of each subject applying it, whenever possible, to work in the "opera company". Within the framework of its activities, a strong team spirit has been created among the students, they have overcome complexes and reflected on very varied topics, broadening cultural horizons and, especially, growing as people.
LÓVA has its origin in an educational program called Creating Original Opera that was created thirty years ago, first at the Seattle Opera and then at the Metropolitan Opera Guild in New York, where it reached a great diffusion. Thanks to the Fulbright Commission, the Royal Theater and the SaludArte Foundation, the project came to Spain from the hand of Mary Ruth McGinn.

With the support of the Friends of the Madrid Opera, the course is offered at the Teatro Real in which teachers who apply it in their classrooms are trained. This project has excited people and institutions in many countries due to its educational dimension and hundreds of centers have applied it in school classrooms on five continents..

Boys and girls take on the role of professionals and put on a musical theater production in which everything is their creation: the script, characterization, advertising, sponsorship, the scenery, the lighting, music, the rulership, the makeup, etc.
Throughout the course and during school hours, the process of creating the opera becomes a metaphor for life and a platform for social development, emotional and cognitive.
The children's company premieres its opera after eight months of work and without the help of adults. LÓVA does not aim at the artistic quality of the staging, but the quality and depth of the learning process.
LÓVA puts creation and imagination at the service of personal development in a democratic and participatory learning environment. It is integrated into the classroom activity and develops relevant aspects and educational objectives of the curriculum: tongue, entrepreneurship, creativity, physical education, knowledge of the environment, artistic education, math, citizenship, etc.

The project started at the Teatro Real, in a seminar given by Professor Mary Ruth McGinn and directed to teachers during the course 2006-07. A group of these teachers took the training course at Washington National Opera and have been applying it in their classes in three public schools in the Community of Madrid during the courses. 07-08, 08-09 Y 09-10.
Now, and thanks to the courses held in Spain with the support of the Friends of the Opera, the number of centers has multiplied, adding in the course 2009-10 thirteen centers spread over six Autonomous Communities, number that grows back in the course 2010-11 and it reaches twenty-four in the course 2011-12. Training courses are the best gateway to this project, and are subject to enthusiastic evaluations by assistant teachers.