One of countertenors


It is the countertenor one of the voices that here we care when we have more time. also it affects the taste for this vocal repertoire that record belongs almost entirely. The countertenor was the figure that replaced the women who then could not enter theaters or temples. Bach I arranged it with a children's choir that sang it all, since it was not until classicism when a vocal balance was reached, especially Neapolitan composers and operas and, mainly, Mozart. With which the different roles and voices made up the new operatic trend, also vocally.

The current countertenor voice is high register, head and a voice that the singer has worked hard to develop an almost natural distortion. With two main types of voice, high and low. In the time of castratis they were called altus and bassus. The altus later derived in what was later known as contralto. And the figure of castrati disappeared at the beginning of the 20th century.

The new driver of this rope, the British Alfred Deller (1912-1979), rescued this baroque repertoire and its original tessitura in the second half of the 20th century. Quite a wonder if we take into account that his training to get to this register was totally self-taught.

Deller had a rather small voice, but well tuned, smooth and nuanced. Its great expressiveness caught the attention of an audience that once again had the opportunity to listen to this repertoire in the voice for which it was originally written.. In addition to the baroque repertoire, popularized traditional English songs again.

Many are the countertenors that we can currently enjoy on the international scene. The mediatic Philippe Jaroussky, example of high countertenor, the German Andreas Scholl, of exquisite vocal technique, Max Emanuel Cencic, extraordinary bass countertenor voice.

But let's focus on one of the most exceptional voices. For its sensitivity and aesthetic neatness, Carlos Mena is the main Spanish exponent of this select string. Studious of the works until reaching the depths of their musicality, his performances are balanced and delicate. If they have a chance, do not hesitate to listen to him live and enjoy.