Maria Jose Montiel speaks for Brio Classic

Maria Jose Montiel

Year 2016 it will be hard to forget for the Spanish mezzo-soprano Maria Jose Montiel. The premiere at the Teatro de la Zarzuela opera “María Moliner”, work written especially for her by composer Antoni Parera Fons, or it has been awarded the National Music Prize, They have been two of the events that have marked for her this season.

Maria Jose Montiel speaks for Classical Verve and reflects on his career, their experiences and their future. He explains the importance they have had for her characters like Carmen, Dalila or María Moliner. Great characters that Montiel has contributed a full interpretation of character and passion.

The characteristics of its wide and round voice, the great route of registration and dark shades of generous serious, They combine perfectly with an exquisite sensitivity in interpretation and an unmistakable timbre. All this makes Maria Jose Montiel one of the best national performers and most internationally.

A very successful balance, anecdotes and experiences that tells us.