Riccardo Frizza, “I think Rossini lives up to Mozart, Beethoven o Bach”

Interview with Riccardo Frizza

He started out playing the piano, until the 14 years, during an Easter holiday in Vienna, attended a concert being fascinated by the figure of the director, none other than Karajan. Why then settle for an instrument, being able to make all of them sound? Thus began the trajectory of Riccardo Frizza. He is currently director of the Donizetti Festival in Bergamo, has recently been awarded as best musical director for his Lucia de Lammermmor in ABAO and from the 23 September will be in charge of premiering one of the most special seasons of the Royal Theater. He does it with La Cenerentola, de Gioachino Rossini, and with the firm intention of showing that the genius of Pesaro is on a par with Mozart or Beethoven and that his Cenerentola is a true masterpiece. Riccardo Frizza