Bellini: Rule

Bartoli. Rule

In collaboration with Giovanni Antonini, Riccardo Minasi Y Maurizio Biondi, Cecilia Bartoli restores the sound and spirit of Norma in a recording based on original sources from the opera.
The sounds of instruments from the composer's time, the La Scintilla Orchestra and the direction of Giovanni Antonini, underpin and blend with the timbres of a carefully chosen cast to recreate the individual vocal qualities of the operatic roles: Sumi Jo, John Osborn and Michele Pertusi respectively light the role of Adalgisa, Pollio y Oroveso.

Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835)
Cecilia Bartoli
Giovanni Antonini
La Scintilla Orchestra
Chorus of the Zurich Opera House
Baritone: Michele Pertusi
Director: Antonini, Giovanni
Mezzo soprano: Cecilia Bartoli, Liliana Nikiteanu
Soprano: Already, Sumi
Tenor: John Osborn, Reinaldo Macias