The Byzantine Academy graba los Concerti Grosso Op. 6Handel

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The Accademia Bizantina Y Ottavio Dantone return to the record market with a new album dedicated to Händel in his label HDB Sonus, which will be released next 11 of November. The well-known Italian group presents the Concerti Grossi Op. 6 Handel, which in the words of Dantone are “a fundamental work in the history of music and fully represent the most authentic essence of Händel. Here is collected all the wisdom and ingenuity as a composer that a musician can express. All shapes are shown, styles and dances of the time with mastery and refinement”.

After the great reception of the specialized critics to his first two releases on the label HDB Sonus, with live recordings of the operas Rinaldo Y Serse Handel, the Accademia Byzantina and Ottavio Dantone present the first album of their label dedicated to the instrumental repertoire. A very special and emotional work for Ottavio Dantone, because it was the first reunion with his musicians from the Accademia Byzantina after the forced stoppage of the pandemic: “From the first day of rehearsals, I noticed a special atmosphere; an inner joy that was reflected in everyone's face. I felt the desire to be united grow, speak the same musical language and share the same emotions as a single organism. And when we finished the recording, I had the feeling of having lived an experience that will remain in my mind and in my heart for a lifetime”.

Recorded in July 2020 in the Church of San Girolamo in the Italian city of Bagnacavallo, the disc includes the critical edition of the Italian musicologist Bernardo Ticci, that in the notes booklet defines the Concerti Grossi Op. 6 of Händel as “an extraordinary example of the fusion of the French style with the agile and fluid Italian style; two languages ​​that Händel made his own and transformed into something new, completely personal and characteristic”.

Faithful to his continuous desire to give the music he performs a new life and offer the listener the possibility of being moved by his performances., the Accademia Byzantina has just released “The exciting sound of Baroque music”, a cultural project, in which artists from various disciplines will participate (dance, Photography, figurative arts, etc), in order to bring their music to a wider audience. further, presents a new image and a completely renewed and interactive website with exclusive interviews, playlists, rehearsal videos and backstage, etc.

Primer track of the album already available on platforms streaming