The Cassadó Duo presents “Hypnotik”

Casadó duo

Cassadó duo change register and present “Hypnotik”, a concept album that will be released in the spring of 2022. Music takes us back in time, takes us to another dimension. It makes us connect with our essence as a human being. Within this context, Hypnotik invites us to connect with the most intimate of ourselves.

Music minimal is associated with repetition, to ecstasy and emphasis. It is a musical concept where sounds are used in their minimum expression. The repetition of phrases, harmony and constant pulse transport us to an intimate universe where we connect with our own essence.

mirror in the mirror, Estonian composer's work Arvo Pärt, refers to an infinity mirror. It is a mystical experience where time and eternity are connected. The composer compares his music to the white light that contains all the colors. Only a prism can reveal the colors contained in white light itself and make them appear. The prism in this case is the spirit of the listeners.

Cassadó duo
Internationally acclaimed for his exquisite musicality and sensitivity, Dúo Cassadó captivates both the public and specialized critics thanks to its originality and charisma.

Warner Classics Exclusive Artist, Dúo Cassadó has performed in prestigious auditoriums and festivals around the world and has received recognition from the public and international critics.. Duo Cassadó has performed in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal and toured Israel, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, China, South Korea and Japan.

His album “Rapsodia del Sur” received support from the BBVA Foundation, has been chosen among the best albums of the year and was awarded the “Melómano de Oro”. Duo Cassadó published “RED”, where he made the first world recording of "Spanish Fantasy" written by Ernesto Halffter. It was cataloged by the international press as a reference recording and one of the best of the year.. His new record work “Hypnotik” published by Warner Classics, has received the support of the Department of Culture of the Basque Government and will be presented in the spring of 2022.