Handel in Italy. Roberta Invernizzi

Roberta Invernizzi

Given the notable successes (in concert and on disc) Roberta Invernizzi of when portraying some of the most famous female characters in the operas of Handel maturity, It was certainly a wise decision by Fabio Bonizzoni call for no less than five of the seven records that make up his acclaimed project cantatas Saxon Italian composer.
This double album Glossa Portrait collects a wide selection of arias from these recordings, in which vividly portrays Invernizzi and visceralidad to Arcadian characters (but very human in their behavior) as Diana, Cloris, Amarilis, Lidia o Fili.
In addition to experiencing the viewpoint "feminine" of these Italian cantatas of Handel, we can also enjoy this new release of the instrumental qualities of the components of the group led by Fabio Bonizzoni, The Resonance.