Johann Sebastian Bach. Easter Oratorio, BWV 249

Easter Oratorio

True to their tradition of recording their tours live and then documenting them on CD, Frans Brüggen and the 18th Century Orchestra now present the results of the concerts they offered last spring, with the Easter Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach as the protagonist. Con Ilse Eerens, Michael Luck, Markus Schäfer and David Wilson-Johnson as vocal soloists and the faithful Cappella Amsterdam taking over the choirs, Brüggen and his legendary ensemble demonstrate once again why they were, and remain one of the pillars of the historicist movement (the HIP, historically-informed performance) what, in the last quarter of the 20th century, revolutionized the way of understanding music prior to 1800.
A hypothetical Organ Concerto completes the disc., made from the instrumental movements of the BWV cantatas 35 y BWV 156, an idea of ​​Frans Brüggen himself that finds a solid documentary support in the erudite notes to the program elaborated by Anselm Hartinger, musicologist adhering to the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.