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Kaufmann Mahler
The song of the earth, from Gustav Mahler, It is subtitled A Symphony for Tenor and Alto (or Baritone). And therefore, traditionally two voices have sung the six movements of the work. But nevertheless Jonas Kaufmann feels different too for this. I wanted to sing both parts himself, and in June of this year he joined the Wiener Philharmoniker and the orchestra director Jonathan Nott at a special concert in the Goldener Saal at the Musikverein in Vienna, where he himself sang the whole work. That special moment is reflected in this album, in which all the movements of Mahler's masterpiece are sung by one voice.
It is probably the first time that the two parts and their six movements are sung by the same voice., in a concert that unleashed the best reviews. “And so it was moving after all to find the wide scope of this work, from the fullness and intensity of life to final death, united by one voice, wrote The standard.
Kaufmann sang not only the tenor movements but also the baritone or contralto ones.. "With most singers this seems presumptuous, but with him it results from an absolute logic, because this way your baritone timbre is put to magnificent advantage, while your top notes, but nevertheless, remain radiant, was read in The courier. “With his marvelous ability to shape a melodic line, his excellent diction and intonation and his exemplary phrasing, Kaufmann made the whole company his own”.
Born in Munich in 1968, Kaufmann is situated on the highest step in the world of opera, demanded by the most influential directors and the most important theaters. In 2011 received the Opera News Award in New York and was made a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in France. Specialized magazines and the jury of the German ECHO Klassik chose him as Singer of the Year.
Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
The Song of the Earth
I. the drinking song of whining earth
II. The lonely one in autumn
III. From youth
IV. From the beauty
V. The drunk in spring
WE. The good bye