The Byzantine Academy presents "Concert for Strings III and concertos for viola d'amore" of Vivaldi

Accademia Bizantina

The Byzantine Academy; the celebrated ensemble founded in the Italian city of Ravenna in 1983, It presents his new recording project for the Naïve label: a double CD, entitled "Concerts for Strings III and concertos for viola d'amore", Alessandro Tampieri, concertino de la Byzantine Academy, solo.

This is the vol. 56 the prestigious Vivaldi Edition, the ambitious musical project created in 2000 by the Italian musicologist Alberto Basso, which she has brought to light an extensive collection of works composed by Antonio Vivaldi, conservadas en la Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria di Torino, many of whom had never heard before. With a total of 450 works, this extraordinary collection, with original manuscripts, It is the largest collection of sheet music composer there. Without her, We would have an incomplete picture of that, undoubtedly, It was the most important Italian composer of his time.

Ottavio Dantone, musical and artistic director of the Accademia Bizantina, describes these Concerts for Strings III as "musical miniatures in which, there is also room for syncopated rhythms, breaks own writing intervals Venetian, dances from multiple sources, and echoes of distant cultures that inspire dynamics and phrasings, often, atypical and surprising ".

Dantone, says: "the Concerts for viola d'amore Vivaldi represent abnormal corpus, unique and, most likely, the first in the field of solo concert form. These five compositions, that make up the second disc of this double album of the Accademia Bizantina, They offer us, According to the director of the Accademia Bizantina, "A comprehensive picture of the technical possibilities and timbres of the viola d'amore, an instrument prized for its sweet and soft sound, able to evoke effects orientalizantes, thanks to its string resonance ".

With the aim of bringing Baroque music to contemporary audiences, the famous Italian baroque ensemble presents, Besides, an original video clip RV concert 167 in B flat major, directed by Daniele Quadrelli, and the participating plotters Parkour.