Orpheus and Eurydice

Juan Diego Florez. Orphee

The Royal Theater and Decca presented the French version of Orfeo and Euridice by Gluck, which it took place during live performances in concert version at the Royal Theater offered daily 27 Y 30 May and 2 June 2008 under the dedicated to the myth of Orpheus opera cycle.
In the main roles, Juan Diego Florez (Orfeo), Spanish soprano Ainhoa ​​Garmendia the (Euridice) and Alessandra Marianelli (love), accompanied by the choir and the Madrid Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Jesus Lopez Cobos. The three young protagonists interpreted for the first time their respective roles.
Juan Diego Florez
Ainhoa ​​Garmendia
Alessandra Marianelli
Titular Choir and Orchestra of the Royal Theater
D. musical: Jesus Lopez Cobos