Riccardo Chailly. Beethoven: complete symphonies

Riccardo Chailly

After the limited edition of the complete symphonies and 8 Beethoven overtures (Prometheus, Leonore No. 3, Fidelio, Coriolanus, Egmont, Ruins of Athens, Naming Celebration y King Stephen) in a fabulous interpretation of the Gewandhaus under the baton of its principal conductor, Maestro Riccardo Chailly, Decca launches the standard boxed edition of said recording..
It is not just another integral but one of the most revealing and long-awaited versions of recent times.. One of the surprises is the choice of tempi, that strictly follows the indications of the score and destroys all existing preconceptions. It is undoubtedly the version with modern instruments that is closest to the composer's indications..