The new solo work of Max Emanuel Cencic, qualified “Rokoko” is dedicated to the music of Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783), the most Italian of German composers. Handel's contemporary, Vivaldi, Pergolesi y amigo by Alessandro Scarlatti, he was a disciple of Nicola Porpora during his stay in Naples. This great composer triumphed in Venice and Naples as well as in Dresden and Vienna., with their 56 operas and religious and instrumental pieces in the second half of the 18th century. The vagaries of fashion and history have contributed to relegating this famous and popular composer in his time to oblivion..
Hasse, who began his musical career as a tenor, reflects in his compositions the knowledge and mastery of the voice. Cencic, who defines himself as a mezzo-soprano, shows in this work all his capacity for expression, both in the virtuous pieces and in the deepest and most sensitive.
In this baroque repertoire, in which parts for mandolin are also included, Cencic is accompanied by the Orchestra Harmony Athena under the baton of George Petrou, with whom you have previously worked.

Hasse Opera Arias
Harmony Athena, George Petrou

The Canticle of’ three Children: Friendly night
Arminio: I fall but what do you aim for
The Siroe: My fate tyrant
Titus Vespasian: Crush i insolence
L'Olympics: We are ships on the waves of algenti
Impermestra: But make it happy
Mandolin Concerto in G
Theodoros Kitsos (mandolin)
The Triumphs of Clelia: From’ lightnings of jupiter
The Generous Spartan: If a tender affection
The Triumph of Clelia: Gods of Rome, ah forgive!
Tigranes: Cross the sea
Titus Vespasian: I am desperate