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The Theater of the Liceu Barcelona He is forced to modify projects of the season to be able to carry out the programming with all the guarantees of safety on stage and off it and continue, A) Yes, with the requirement of a safe culture.

Projects with a large orchestra are affected by the impossibility of guaranteeing the minimum distances between musicians: the solution for opera Lessons in Love and Violence is to extend the pit to the first rows of stalls, and for the symphonic concert The consecration of Stravinsky: the three russian ballets will modify your program.

Both the great orchestra, like the voluminous choir, as well as the staging force the Liceu to cancel the opera Tannhäuser. After several studies, the implantation of stable bodies has been unfeasible, making their representation impossible. The Teatre works to reschedule Wagner's opera in the future.

European transport constraints make it impossible for production to arrive Otello -Royal Opera House- from London. Will be, well, the assembly of the Bayerische Staatsoper which can be seen at the Liceu del 27 March to 14 April with the stage direction of Amélie Niermeyer.

The current restrictions on mobility and the limitation in the interactions between different groups postpone the participatory project The monster in the maze February to April, moment in which it is expected to carry out the creative process between the multiple schools and students that participate in the project.

One of the most anticipated concerts of the season, The Very Queens with soprano Sondra Radvanovsky has reprogrammed the function of the past 23 from December to 6 of May, and open a new function on 8.

further, The Liceu enables a new Opera LiceUnder35 function Lucia of Lammermoor with a new cast to be able to reach more young people this season.

The Liceu advances the schedules of all the shows of the season and passes the scheduled functions at 8:00 p.m., at 7pm. In the case of the double function of Solstice, he 6 February, It will be at 16:30h and the 20:30h.

The Gran Teatre del Liceu has veiled, since the beginning of the pandemic, for a safe culture on and off stage, articulating measures for the public and artists that guarantee the correct execution of the restrictions decreed by the authorities, as well as the protocol developed by the Teatre itself validated by the Procicat. It is therefore, that the Liceu is forced to modify some of its shows to comply with current regulations and continue to enjoy a safe Liceu with all the guarantees.

The most complex affectations have been the orchestral implantations, that have been carefully analyzed to approve their feasibility, since both the reduced space of the pit and that of the stage make it difficult for large formations to be distributed with the minimum safety distance between artists. In this way, three affectations are announced: the opera Lessons in Love and Violence by George Benjamin who relocates the musicians of the Orchestra by removing part of the rows from the audience (of the 1 to 4) to be able to locate all the musicians with the necessary distance to avoid contagion (1,5 m and 2m for the winds). In this opera there is no choir on stage, fact that makes it a safe and scenic opera. Secondly, the symphonic concert The consecration of Stravinsky: the three russian ballets modifies the entire program in order to reduce the hundred musicians who participate in this piece. This change, will take the titular teacher of the Liceu, Josep Pons, to face a repertoire of Dances of the Slavic world with Brahms pieces, Dvorak, Kodály, Liszt, Bartók y Borodin, where the rhythm and sounds of Eastern Europe will be the protagonists. Check the program here.

In the case of Tannhäuser There have been three key factors that have made the Theater and the artistic team see the unfeasibility of its representation, It is for this reason that this opera has been canceled with the intention of rescheduling it in the future.. The factors have been: the impossibility of housing the Orchestra in the pit with the minimum safety distance, the large number of singers of the Choir that also makes its implantation on stage unfeasible, by last, a staging that would be extremely affected if the stage rectifications were made to maintain the bubble groups required in the protocols. These multiple factors make the representation of this work impossible during sanitary restrictions and, for this reason, the Liceu has decided to reschedule the opera for future seasons as it has done with the rest of the productions that it has been forced to cancel. The amount of the tickets will be returned to all subscribers the next 1 February.

The production Otello it is also affected by pandemic restrictions. Current limitations on European transport make it impossible for the Royal Opera House production to arrive from London. In this way, the Liceu has scheduled the production of the Bayerische Staatsoper, with stage direction by Amélie Niermeyer, that can guarantee the arrival at the Theater for its representation of the 27 March to 14 of April. this assembly, which premiered in 2018 in Munich, shows the internal and external struggle that inhabits Shakespeare's text and also places the figure of Desdemona in the center, underlining feminicide and misogyny through the gaze of current realism. In addition to this modification, The participation of Cor Vivaldi - Petits Cantors de Catalunya in this opera has also had to be suspended, due to the multiple bubble groups of the same Choir and the interaction with the rest of the artists. The female voices of the Coro del Liceu will be in charge of interpreting the parts of the children's choir.

One of the new projects of the season 2019/20, The Monster in the maze de Jonathan Dove, a participatory opera with students from different educational centers throughout Catalonia, has also been affected by current restrictions. this show, who started his creative process last year, its development was truncated in March, for the full irruption of the pandemic. This course, The different centers have already started the preparation process and have started with the complementary training actions that make this show a transversal learning project. At the same time, Paco Azorín, who is the one who sign the show on stage, is making all the necessary stage adaptations to adapt the show to the reality of the pandemic. Now, after this initial period of preparation, the creative process of the project must be moderated due to the current restrictions that affect movement and interactions between groups. In this way, The Liceu postpones the show in order to make it viable with all the guarantees since current conditions are not optimal to be able to premiere the show in February of 2021, as planned. It is because of that The monster in the maze postpones its functions to days 19, 21 Y 24 of April.

Part of these changes and modifications in the programming have also allowed to relocate one of the most anticipated concerts of the season: The three queens with soprano Sondra Radvanovsky that you can see next 6 of May, function that will replace the one canceled last 23 from December. Additionally, a new function is enabled: 8 May that will go on sale next 3 February. This new semi-staged proposal features the stage director Rafael Villalobos.

further, the Liceu has scheduled a new function of the LiceUnder35 with opera Lucia of Lammermoor by Donizetti the 27 July with the intention of increasing the number of young people who will be able to access these exclusive activities for minors 35 years, since the first function Under 35 went to 50% of the capacity, and the second with a maximum of 500 people. It is therefore, that the Teatre proposes a new cast made up entirely of young singers who make their debut in the role: the Catalan Serena Saéz as Lucia di Lammermoor, the Colombian César Cortés as Edgardo and the Catalan Carles Pachón as Enrico. This new Under35 will be available from 28 June at 4pm only for children under 35 years at a single price of € 15.

Cast changes

Until now, for opera Lessons in Love and Violence George Benjamin announces a cast change due to the pandemic's mobility restrictions. The role of Mortimer will be played by Peter Hoare, replacing William Burden. Hoare performed the role at the premiere of the opera at the Royal Opera House in May 2018. further, the Witness 2 / Singer papers 2 y Woman 2 will be interpreted by Gemma Coma-Alabert replaces Marta Fontanals-Simmons.

Changes in schedules

And now to finish, the Gran Teatre del Liceu also announces the time change of all the functions of the season to facilitate the mobility of spectators until July. All functions scheduled at 8pm, will automatically be represented at 7:00 p.m.. The weekend functions scheduled at 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. will continue with the same schedule. But nevertheless, for now there will only be the exception of the double function of Solstice of the 6 February which will be at 16:30 Y 20:30.

This change in schedules also affects the ticket office which is adapted from the 1 February to serve the public from Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and on weekends: Saturday 10 a 18h (Days with representation open until the start of the show) and closed Sundays and holidays, except on performance days when the ticket offices will remain open 2 hours before the start of the show, Y 1 hour before in the case of El Petit Liceu.