The child and incantations

There are not many opportunities throughout the season to attend an opera aimed at a younger audience than usually attends the Royal Theater or other opera houses.

He Educational project of the Teatro Real, directed by Joachim Pflieger, It is providing these opportunities and you are doing, Besides, with high quality. For it has meant to this production all the resources that a theater like Real may have, and many. And that was noticed, how could it be less, the final result.

The child and incantations It was composed of Maurice Ravel in 1925, libretto by Colette and for this occasion, adapted by Didier Points for piano four hands, cello and flute. In a production of L'atalier Lyrique of the National Opera of Paris.
This short opera is a masterpiece of twentieth century. This jewel of the lyrical repertoire is a fantasy in two parts and a single act that recreates atmospheres delicious children's story combines comedy with a unique scenery. The story tells of a naughty boy, to stay home alone, turns the room into chaos and unleashes its violence wrecking furniture and assaulting animals. But they will not remain indifferent to the attacks of hysterical infant. The evocation of childhood, and specifically that of maternal love, He inspired one of the most magical scores of Ravel.

Before an audience mostly young, the Green Room of the Theaters Canal, we get on a stage in which the protagonist appears the room, a room to dream.

The voice cast is very promising, both vocally, and its interpretation, full of naturalness and freshness learned to catch the audience with humor and tenderness. Vocally very balanced as a whole and individually interesting. There is no doubt that in the future we can enjoy some of them in major opera house. All with a professionalism that can make it very quiet to lyrical genre fans. The quarry, it is guaranteed.

Energy is one of the main and first noticeable features in the room, even the brief silences were heard in a court of expectant seats. also highlight the participation of two very young girls from the orchestra who were in charge of the cello and flute, Torralba Julia Porras and Estefania Rodriguez Morán, respectively.

Maurice Ravel
Canal Theater. 7- 4 – 2011
D. musical: Didier Points
D. scene: Jean Liermier
Distribution: Anna Moroz, Anaïs Masllorens, Carolina Moncada, Mercedes Springs, Virginia Bravo, Gerardo López, Elier Muñoz and Fabio Barrutia.
Cello: Torralba Julia Porras
Flute: Estefania Rodriguez Morán