José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, one of the most important Spanish directors of his generation, will debut in September as the main guest conductor of the season organized by the Friends of the Opera of A Coruña. The Spanish musician, who these days is at the Teatro de La Zarzuela in Madrid directing El barberillo de Lavapiés, It has been shown "honored and grateful” with the appointment, fruit of a fantastic and intense relationship with the Galician entity since its debut in 2007. “In A Coruña they trusted me practically from the beginning of my career”, comments Pérez-Sierra satisfied. “I am also excited to consolidate my relationship with the Galicia Symphony, the reference set of that season, a really extraordinary orchestra with which I really enjoy making music; in fact, My professional debut was with the Galician team in 2005 with an unforgettable symphonic concert for me. With A Coruña I am also united by the figure of my teacher, Alberto Zedda, great musicologist and conductor linked to the city for many years; I began my relationship with him in the Galician capital, being his assistant in 2003. Thus, they are almost 20 years of collaboration with the association and it makes me very happy to consolidate it with this appointment”, adds the Madrid director.

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra's career has not stopped growing in recent seasons, both in operatic and symphonic fields, having conducted in some of the most important theaters and auditoriums together with prestigious orchestras. In season 2021-2022 have highlighted a concert with the soprano Lise Davidsen in A Coruña and at the Bucharest Opera – there, with the tenor Freddie de Tommaso–, the opera Marina de Arrieta and a symphonic concert with the Navarra Symphony, as well as his return to the Opéra de Marseille with Armida (Rossini) and his debut was the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra with Carmen.

After the ten performances from The Barber of Lavapies in Madrid, in the summer they wait for you Armida at the Royal Opera Festival in Krakow (Poland) and at the Wildbad Rossini Festival (Germany) –which will record for Naxos-, contests with which it has had stable relationships for several seasons.

The course will start 2022-2023 precisely in A Coruña directing the opera Rule and a lyrical gala with Angela Meade, Moses Martin, Veronica Dzhyoeva, Monica Round, Nicole Brandolino and Luiz-Ottavio Faria, to later take charge of the zarzuela Saint Franco of Seine (Arrieta) in Pamplona, of a gala with the tenor Roberto Alagna in A Coruña, a concert with Nancy Fabiola Herrera in Tenerife and the opera the Huguenots in Marseille, among other commitments.

Programming Friends of the Opera of A Coruña

The Barberillo Lavapies

This year marks 148 since ‘El barberillo de Lavapiés’ will premiere at the Teatro de la Zarzuela back in 1874. In all this time the work of Francisco Asenjo Barbieri –whose birth bicentenary is celebrated next year–, with magnificent libretto Luis Mariano de Larra –son of the insightful romantic intellectual ‘Figaro’–, has ridden three different centuries with the same fate: the pleasure of the public, of music lovers, Theater enthusiasts height. All one musical theater party 15 al 26 of June will brighten up the coliseum in Plazuela de Jovellanos with 10 functions of the acclaimed own production signed by Alfredo Sanzol and premiered on this stage in 2019.

He interest and the expectation of this Barberillo are not only due to the exceptional musical and literary material that make it a incontestable masterpiece; one of the funniest and happiest works of the lyrical repertoire which has remained on the scene to this day as a emblem of the Spanish lyric. It also reaches event quality, even in its replacement (and ticket sales don't lie), by those who are responsible for setting it up. The stage director and adapter of the text, Alfredo Sanzol, National Dramatic Literature Award 2017 and one of the essential names in the scene today, or the international teacher José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, what, as usual, will give verve to the moat in front of the Community of Madrid Orchestra (Titular del Teatro). The production has the unique scenery and colorful costumes of Alejandro Andújar, the ever-revealing illumination of Pedro Yagüe and the choreography (so important in this title) from Antonio Ruz, National Dance Award 2018, who with the poetry of movement contributes to making the work current and modern.

They will, Besides, two the deliveries (and three Barberillos) those who sing the brilliant work of Barbieri: Lampara, the Barberillo which aims to Paloma seamstress, who is immersed in a political intrigue without knowing how or why, It will be played by baritones Maybe Borja Y David Oller; Paloma will be played by the mezzosopranos Cristina Faus Y Carol Garcia; the marquise del Bierzo, intriguing policy that puts everyone in the mess, love and turn the suffering Don Luis de Haro, It will be sung by sopranos María Miró Y Cristina Toledo; tenors Javier Tomé Y Francisco Corujo They give life to Don Luis, who suffers political and loving disdain of his beloved Marquesita; baritone Gerardo Bullón will be the conspirator Don Juan de Peralta, and low Abel Garcia, Don Pedro de Monforte, defender of law and justice.

This double cast will be accompanied on stage by Holder Choir Teatro de la Zarzuela, as well as ten dancers and eight actors who also dance in each and every dance number.

Music & Performance. Validity, comedy, beauty

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, who describes the work as «one of the tops of the genre», He argues that collaboration between Larra and Barbieri is more interesting, since «together they create a work in which one lives, breathes Madrid. A Eighteenth-century Madrid in the plot and nineteenth-century in music, but with a timeless perfume which means that even today this zarzuela has full validity».

Alfredo Sanzol, meanwhile, emphasizes that "the comic and adventurous tone of the function It is what we have promoted without ever forgetting that both things go hand in hand with the search for beauty.». The stage director points in each of his works to the idea that «the depth of life and their difficult conflicts they need the vision of comedy to find liberating solutions».

Barbieri and Larra they mix a popular plot, Loves the Lamparilla and Paloma, with the sentimental dalliances of two aristocrats, the Marquesita Star and Don Luis, and all this with a political background: the transition forced from a government of Grimaldi to Floridablanca. It is a thematic model that Barbieri had already used in Play with fire, The diamonds in the crown O bread and bulls, but that with Larra's text —written in verse— is filled with adventure, intrigues, politics, love and humor, It is functioning as if it had been written in these days running.

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JOsé Miguel Pérez-Sierra Direct to Carmen in February, becoming the first Spanish director to direct a French opera in the 160 years of the belgian coliseum, in a production that subsequently, in March, he himself will carry Luxembourg Grand Theater.

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, one of the most important Spanish directors of his generation and of great international projection, adds a new stage to his career by climbing to the podium of La Monnaie-De Munt in Brussels, in which he will lead Carmen, Bizet; This is the first time that a Spanish director is in charge of a French opera in the European capital. In 2011, another spanish, Pablo Heras-Casado, led in The Mint contemporary opera Matsukaze, by Japanese Toshio Hosokawa, but no other Spaniard had directed in this theater since it was reopened in 1856 after the fire that destroyed it a year before.

Pérez-Sierra will direct five performances of the popular French opera (days 1, 5, 8, 10 Y 13 February) in a Festival d’Aix-En-Provence production in co-production with Les Théâtres De La Ville De Luxembourg and the Philadelphia Opera, with stage direction by Dmitri Tcherniakov. On stage it will tell, among others, with Ève-Maud Hubeaux as Carmen, Andrea Care as Don Jose, Anne-Catherine Gillet as Micäela and Jean-Sébastien Bou as Escamillo.

The Madrid director started the season 2021-2022 with a concert with the Orchester national de Metz and Hamilton from Holland to later conduct a concert with the soprano Lise Davidsen and the opera Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) in A Coruña; the opera Marina (on the 200th anniversary of E. Arrieta) and a symphonic concert with the Navarra Symphony at the Baluarte auditorium in Pamplona; has returned to the Opéra de Marseille with Armida (Rossini) and has offered concerts with the Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid (BARREL) in the National Music Auditorium and in the Alcobendas Auditorium and together with the Youth Orchestra of the Galician Symphony in A Coruña. in the remainder of the season, y tras su debut en La Monnaie-De Munt, will debut at the Grand Théâtre in Luxembourg with Carmen before returning to the Teatro de La Zarzuela in Madrid to direct the staging of The barberillo Lavapies (Barbieri).

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

After starting the course with commitments in Metz (France), A Coruña (concert with Lise Davidsen and Pagliacci) and Pamplona (Marina, on the 200th anniversary of Arrieta), José Miguel Pérez-Sierra continues with his international career that will take him to the Marseille opera (France) with the opera in concert version of Armida, Rossini; the Spanish director returns to that stage after achieving great public and critical success with The Lady of the Lake, Rossini also, in 2018. For Armida in Marseille, masterpiece of the composer of Pesaro and of enormous difficulty, Pérez-Sierra will take command of the Orchester et Chœur de l’Opéra de Marseille and will have an exceptional cast that includes the Georgian soprano Nino Machaidze (Armida) and to the Italian tenor Enea Scala (Rinaldo) in the main roles with a total of four roles, the days 29 Y 31 October 3 Y 5 of November.

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra now has fourteen Rossinian operas in his repertoire, some of which have been recorded for the Naxos label. After your engagement in the French city they await you, among others, a symphonic concert in Pamplona with the Navarra Symphony, Christmas and New Year's Eve concerts with ORCAM in Madrid, a concert led by the Galician Symphony Youth Orchestra, the opera Carmen en su debut en el Teatro La Monnaie-De Munt de Bruselas y en el Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, The barberillo Lavapies at the La Zarzuela Theater in Madrid, a symphonic concert and Armida with the Krakow Philharmonic, and again Armida en el Rossini in Wildbad Belcanto Opera Festival.

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Marseille opera

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

The consecrated Spanish director José Miguel Pérez-Sierra starts its course 2021-2022 he 4 September in the Metz Music City with a concert of Brazilian flavors with the virtuoso composer and mandolin player Hamilton from the Netherlands, great figure of the Brazilian art scene that moves between jazz, samba and classical music. In the program, within the Orchester national de Metz season, if you include the Saudades do Brasil, by Milhaud, las Bachiana Brasileira N°8, for orchestra, by Villa-Lobos, and the Symphonie monumentale composed by the same Hamilton of Holland.

He 11 September will return to the Lyric Program of Amigos de , in which he has directed on numerous occasions, now to take command of a concert with the Norwegian soprano Lise Davidsen in which they will perform arias and scenes from Beethoven operas, Verdi, Wagner and Strauss with the Galician Symphony. Later, the days 24 Y 26 September and always at the Colón Theater in the Galician capital, will direct the opera Pagliacci, de Leoncavallo, with a cast featuring Alejandro Roy (Canio), Vanessa Goikoetxea (Nedda), Zeljko Lucic (Tonio), Enrique Alberto Martinez (Peppe) and César San Martín (Silvio), with the Galician Symphony in the Pit and in an imaginative production of the Teatro de La Zarzuela directed the stage by Ignacio García.

Among other commitments and in the remainder of the season, the teacher José Miguel Pérez-Sierra will celebrate the bicentennial of the "Spanish Mozart", Emilio Arrieta, conducting his opera Marina at the Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona, will return to the Opéra de Marseille (France) with Armida de Rossini, will offer a concert with the Navarra Symphony Orchestra, will make his debut at the Théâtre de La Monnaie / De Munt in Brussels conducting the popular opera Carmen, Bizet, a title that he will also conduct at the Grand Théâtre in Luxembourg. This academic year, the Madrid director will also return to the Teatro de La Zarzuela in Madrid to revisit Barbieri's comedy El Barberillo de Lavapiés, title that has already toured several Spanish lyrical stages.

Photograph: Pedro Aijon

Metz Music City

Friends of the Opera of A Coruña


After having directed the opera Carmen, the best known of Geoge Bizet's operas, the Madrid conductor José Miguel Pérez-Sierra returns to the repertoire of the French composer with his other great lyrical success, The Pearl Fishers (The Pearl Fishers), title that he will direct in January at the Campoamor theater to dismiss the season 2020-2021 Opera Oviedo (day functions 25, 28, 31 January 3, 5 Y 6 February)

Despite not being as well known as Carmen, Fisherman is one of the most beloved works in the French repertoire "especially for stellar moments like the religious dances of the first act, the famous Danced choir of the third, the aria of the tenor, I think I still hear –Which gave Alfredo Kraus such fame– or his duet with the baritone, Into the holy temple, sure the public will immediately identify”, affirms the Madrid musician. “Bizet was a great melody maker, and this opera is full of melodic lines that reach the heart of the audience. further, in Campoamor we will be lucky to have great voices such as Celso Albelo, Ekaterina Bakanova and Borja Quiza, among others, in the lead roles, who know the characters very well; On the other hand, I am delighted to return to the Oviedo Opera season, where i was last in 2010 with The elixir of love, although I have had the pleasure of directing in this beautiful city on other occasions”.

The operetta is waiting for you soon Benamor, Paul Moon, at the La Zarzuela Theater in Madrid, zarzuela The barberillo Lavapies at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, a lyrical gala at the Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona and the operas Don Fernando the Emplazado of Zubiaurre and Long live the mother! Donizetti, both in the Royal Theater of the capital of Spain. Later his return to the Opéra de Marseille is announced (France) with Armida by Rossini and the Huguenots by Meyerbeer and next summer he will conduct at the Macerata Festival (Italy) The Barber of Seville Rossini.

Photograph: Pedro Aijon

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José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

The Madrid musician returns to the Madrid Coliseum twice, in charge of Mr.Fernando, the sited Zubiaurre and Long live the mother Donizetti. Due to the health crisis, delays his debut in Macerata, where should have debuted with Don Giovanni this July.

Director José Miguel Pérez-Sierra will be on the podium of two operas in the course 2020-2021 of the Teatro Real de Madrid as it became known in early June after the official presentation of the next season of the Teatro Real de Madrid. The Madrid teacher, Besides, will lead in two authentic events. On the one hand, he will be in charge of the expected exhumation of the opera Mr.Fernando, the sited, of today forgotten Biscayan composer Valentín de Zubiaurre, title to be offered in concert version (day functions 15 Y 17 May 2021) and that at the time it became one of the most important Spanish operas of the 19th century. “It is a very interesting and unfairly forgotten title”, says Pérez-Sierra; ”Zubiaurre was a composer of great technical solvency and the audience will recognize in the score a very Verdian character, especially that of the first period and with Belcantist overtones; it is undoubtedly beautiful music and I am sure that the recovery of this opera will bring many joys”.

Always at the Teatro Real, Pérez-Sierra will also participate in the premiere in the Spanish capital of the Donizetti farce Long live the mother O The theatrical conveniences and inconveniences –A very rare title and never before seen in Madrid– that will come in the production of the acclaimed stage director Laurent Pelly who signs for the Opéra de Lyon, the Grand Théâtre in Geneva and the Spanish coliseum. Pérez-Sierra shows “delighted to be able to work with Laurent Pelly and finally go down to the pit of the Teatro Real after my two previous appearances in concert, both in the tribute to Montserrat Caballé in 2014 as in the farewell to the Madrid stages of the soprano Mariella Devia in 2018”.

On the other hand, Madrid Director, that this July he had to direct Don Giovanni Mozart inaugurating the Macerata Festival, has handed over the baton to the musical director of the Italian competition, Francesco Lanzilotta, due to the exceptional situation caused by the health crisis. The Arena Sferisterio Association, organizer of the Macerata Festival, He thanked Pérez-Sierra for the gesture and invited him to direct one of the titles that will be scheduled during the summer of 2021, still to be determined.

further, in the next course, José Miguel Pérez-Sierra will direct both opera and symphonic music in countries like Spain, Italy and Germany.

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Pérez-Sierra directs Standard

Madrid director Jose Miguel Pérez-Sierra returns to Pamplona this time to direct the opera Rule, the most popular works of Vincenzo Bellini, and will do so in the Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona. The Spanish musician, one of the most prominent experts in the repertoire of the bel canto romantic represented mainly by works of Bellini, Rossini y Donizetti, It will be put to the command of an assembly Argentine director Mario Pontiggia scene and will feature soprano Lianna Haroutounian in the title role of Adalgisa next to Susana Cordón, to the Pollione of Sergio Escobar and the Oroveso experienced Simon Orfila. “Rule It is not only one of the top works of the bel canto style, but of the entire Italian repertoire”, says Pérez-Sierra, who directed the play for the first time more than a decade. “This is not only a test of fire for the star soprano, but for the entire company, and that is very demanding for the orchestra and chorus. Is challenging”.

Bellini's opera will be performed on 7 Y 9 February at the Baluarte Auditorium of Pamplona. Then they await the master Pérez-Sierra three functions of L'elisir d'amore Donizetti in the season of Las Palmas and as many zarzuela The barberillo Lavapies at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville.

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The agenda José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, romantic bel canto specialist and a recognized expert in the work of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini, will return next October the podium of the National Opera of Chile located in the historic Municipal Theater of Santiago, coliseum in which the Spanish artist has been working for several consecutive years in a splendid harmony with the moat and the public of the city. Pérez-Sierra this time will be in charge of two deals that give life to the six performances scheduled The Italian Girl in Algiers in a production firm Rodrigo Navarrete; the first will be cast as Isabella Victoria Yarovaya, Anton Rositskiy como Lindoro, Pietro Spagnoli como Mustafa Orhan Yildiz y como Taddeo, while in the second protruding local artists Evelyn Ramirez and Ricardo Seguel.

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra Rossini debuted this score, undoubtedly one of the great works of the genre bufo, Opera in Las Palmas in 2010, directing later in the Rossini Festival of Wildbad (2015, Germany). With fifteen operas of bel canto composer in his repertoire, Spanish director carries a long way in the field rossiniano since his debut at the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro (Italy) in 2006 with The trip to Reims, then becoming the youngest director on the podium of the Italian competition.

Madrid's relationship with the Municipal Director of Santiago has borne fruit in recent years directing operas I Puritani (2014), The Turkish in Italy (2015), Cinderella (2017) e The Barber of Seville (2018).

After its commitment in Santiago, Pérez-Sierra will lead the Symphony Orchestra of Bilbao with a symphonic program and direct Rule Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona, L'elisir d'amore in Las Palmas and The Barbarillo Lavapies at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville.

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

The Spanish conductor José Miguel Pérez-Sierra will direct the Verdi masterpiece in May Rigoletto, one of the most popular works by Italian composer. It meets at the Opéra de Massy (France), in an elegant and acclaimed production director of Opéra de Monte-Carlo, Jean-Louis Grinda that the Madrid director and previously directed. Pérez-Sierra, one of the most respected specialists in romantic bel canto operatic repertoire and the general, returns to Verdi after the successful performances of The barberillo Lavapies that he just directed at the Madrid Theater of La Zarzuela where he held, precisely with the work of Vives, 100 functions on the podium Coliseum his hometown.

With this Rigoletto Pérez-Sierra returns to a country, France, in which he has developed a considerable part of its long international career. Massy will be in charge of large international cast before continuing his musical journey that, later, and in June, will take you once again to the Opéra de Metz (Always in France) to direct Carmen Bizet, the most famous opera of the French repertoire. Also this summer, a year more- await you at the Rossini Festival of Wildbad (Germany), where Matilde di Shabran review, ie Beauty and iron heart, one of the less widely Rossini operas in a new production signing the outstanding soprano Stefania Bonfadelli.

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the Barberillo 1

the Barberillo 2

the Barberillo 3

the Barberillo 4

the Barberillo 5

the Barberillo 6

The Barberillo Lavapies at the Teatro de la ZarzuelaEl Barberillo Lavapies is one of the top works of the Spanish lyric, not only the zarzuela. His music represents the true popular root of Madrid most traditional and customary. Alfredo Sanzol says, "It contains the musical force of an era". The libretto by Luis Mariano de Larra is surprisingly current. It could have been written yesterday, It is showing that the characteristics of a society features like Spanish, not change, regardless of the historical moment. In the argument they are reflected almost all the features of the Madrid of the time, of that and this, as the gallantry of the pestles and chulapos, the ability to generate taste for intrigue and criticize everything, mainly to authorities. It also reflects the eternal struggle and class differences represented by two pairs of lovers, a village, the barber Lamparilla and Paloma seamstress and other aristocratic formed by Don Luis de Haro and Marquesa del Bierzo.

Barbieri wanted to empower the Hispanic music and Barberillo was like a manifesto "for our music ", and it shows from the early stages, aunque with a point rossiniano. Lamparilla has similarities to the Barber of Seville, political frames, the main characters, choirs, majos, youths, students, guards or seamstresses, They belong to the most traditional of the era Madrid and his music comes from the most popular Spanish roots. Barbieri intended to compensate, somehow, new musical currents coming from the rest of Europe staged, especially, by Wagner.

After Lavapies Barberillo of Calixto Bieito in 1998, Alfredo Sanzol has created an almost nonexistent scenery but with a very dramatic result. On a dark stage, neutral and almost empty, Large blocks appear that the characters were in charge of moving, creating scenic areas along representation resulting in a hit a work with a frame so convoluted, dances and even military parades. With this scenery makes the role rests with the protagonists couples and music. Such a scenario does not clean downplays history, but the real atmosphere rests almost entirely on the costumes Alejandro Andújar, carefully crafted and historically located where it should, in Madrid of Carlos III.

The musical direction was in charge of Madrid José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, who he led with brio, extracting the best of the Community of Madrid Orchestra on the most popular numbers work, and providing a certain lyricism those who, as if it were a leitmotif, accompanied the couple formed by the Countess and Don Luis.

A note also the craft and skill of a chorus, The Teatro de la Zarzuela, as anyone who plays the melodies of this work, chispera with all the intention of the people of Madrid.

Voice box was a bit unbalanced, not because it was bad, but if the distance by volume and interpretation Borja scored perhaps his Lamparilla. His lyric baritone voice filled the room with his loud voice and pleasant timbre. He played with grace his clever character and he understood perfectly the fast phrasing and easy, clarifying and emphasizing every sentence.

His costar was Cristina Faus, in the role of Paloma. You can not say I'm in the best vocal moment, although his dark, lyrical tones gave character to his character. His diction was not very good, hard to understand what he said, but his interpretation was full of intent and sensuality.

The soprano Maria Miró played the Marquesita with a beautiful timbre and considerable agility, He gave the character of sophistication that requires a marquise, although the interpretation was rather bland and unconvincing. What it is said castiza, It is not, a must in any zarzuela and, especially, in this.

The rest of the cast did the job with dignity. Production and a work that makes as few enjoy a sellout audience in all its functions.

The Barberillo Lavapies
Francisco Asenjo Barbieri
Zarzuela in three acts
Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, 3 April 2019
Libretto by Luis Mariano de Larra, and an adaptation of Alfredo Sanzol
D. musical: José Miguel Pérez-Sierra
D. Text scene and adaptation: Alfredo Sanzol
Sets and costumes: Alejandro Andújar
Lighting: Pedro Yagüe
Choreography: Antonio Ruz
Distribution: Maybe Borja, Cristina Faus, María Miró, Javier Tomé, David Sanchez, Abel Garcia, Paula Carmen Romero, José Ricardo Sánchez, Felipe Nieto
Community of Madrid Orchestra
Holder Choir Teatro de la Zarzuela
D. choir: Antonio Fauró
Text: Paloma Sanz
pictures: Javier del Real


After leading the RTVE Symphony Orchestra 1 March with a symphonic program of works by Rachmaninov and Elgar, Madrid Director José Miguel Pérez-Sierra will return in March and April at the Teatro de La Zarzuela in Madrid this time to take charge of a new production The barberillo Lavapies, one of the most significant zarzuelas Francisco Barbieri. In an assembly of Alfredo Sanzol which adapts and updates the original libretto by Luis Mariano de Larra-, Pérez-Sierra will be nothing less than 14 functions (the days 28, 29, 30 Y 31 March and 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13 Y 14 of April) having two different and with the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid deals and Titular Choir Teatro de la Zarzuela.

Later the Spanish musician will move to the Opéra de Massy (France) to direct the opera Rigoletto Verdi before traveling, at the Opera Theater of Metz Métropole (France) with Carmen Bizet, the National Opera Chile The Italian Girl in Algiers y de Rossini at the Teatro Massimo Bellini de Catalani (Italy) with Cinderella, Rossini also.


José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

Teatro de la Zarzuela

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

After achieving unprecedented success in Marseille directing Rossini's opera La donna Lake, Spanish director José Miguel Pérez-Sierra will return another year to Opéra-Théâtre de Metz (France) Pucciniano to direct its eighth title: Tosca. effectively, Madrid teacher assumes the tragedy of the singer-actress Floria Tosca and her lover, Mario Cavaradossi painter, after adding to his repertoire of Puccini operas Madama Butterfly, Turandot, Bohemian, Il Trittico -integrado por The tabard, Gianni Schicchi y Sr y Angelica- Manon Lescaut, Missing only four plays to complete the catalog of the Italian composer (La Fanciulla del West, La Rondine and rarely scheduled Edgar and Le Villi).

At her first Tosca Pérez-Sierra does not hide his enthusiasm: "This is one of the iconic works not only of the work of Puccini, but also of the entire operatic repertoire ". Functions will be three days 1, 3 Y 5 February in signing a new production stage manager Paul-Émile Fourny, artistic director of the French coliseum. Among other commitments they are targeted on the agenda of José Miguel Pérez-Sierra la zarzuela The barberillo of Lavapies in Madrid, Carmen in Metz and L'italiana in Algeri at the Opera National de Chile.

Photo: José Miguel Pérez-Sierra © Pedro Aijón

Mariella Devia

The next sunday, 28 October, to 18:00 hours, he Teatro Real will live an unforgettable appointment with one of the most beloved and admired interpreters of the great opera houses of the world, Mariella Devia. The great Italian soprano, after his farewell opera staged, will offer a special concert that will say goodbye to the public of Madrid before his retirement.

For his last appearance on the stage of the Plaza de Oriente, Mariella Devia has chosen a program dedicated to Donizetti and two reference characters in his repertoire: Maria Stuarda Y Anna Bolena, two English queens lives haunted by intrigue, controversial history, whose final bloody was drawn with masterly drama by composer Bergamo.

She will be accompanied on this emotional concert, which will start the cycle Voces del Real, for him Choir and Orchestra of the Teatro Real Headlines, under the musical direction of maestro José Miguel Pérez Sierra. With them, They will reply to the great diva, in different scenes from the operas mentioned, the voices of the tenors Alejandro del Cerro Y Emmanuel Faraldo, baritones Javier Franco Y Gerardo Bullón and soprano Sandra Ferrández.

Mariella Devia is an exceptional singer. His perfect singing line, his delicate phrasing, his mastery of coloratura and control of resources, They have made it one of the interpreters of reference for the new generations. With a career built on steady work, established as the technique and careful choice of roles that have cemented, Devia has especially excelled in interpreting characters as Norma important dramatic demands, Lucia de Lammermoor, Violetta Valery (La traviata), Maria Stuarda and Anna Bolena.

With the wisdom of the great, who they know say goodbye before being displaced by the crudeness of this, Mariela Devia offers his farewell to an audience that still keeps in its memory the extraordinary Queen Elizabeth I of England, at the opening of the Season 2015-2016 the Royal Theater with Roberto Devereux, and his last invocation to the Moon, Norma, another October, from 2016, in this scenario.

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

Madrid director Jose Miguel Pérez-Sierra just triumphed in Chile commanding Il Barbiere di Siviglia, de Gioachino Rossini, a composer who knows like few others from his early debut a decade ago and the Festival of Pesaro (Italy) dedicated to the work of the famous author. He 19 October will be in charge of his opera Tancredi in a production by Pier Luigi Pizzi Petruzzelli Theater in Bari, known as "La Scala in southern Italy". Six functions will be in charge of two alternative deals that will run until 25 October (days 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25/X) to return immediately to Madrid where the day 28 awaits his return to Teatro Real. There he will take the podium to accompany the legendary Italian soprano Mariella Devia in a program that delves into the cream of romantic bel canto repertoire, in which both move like fish in water. It is reviewing the final scenes of Maria Stuarda and operas Anna Bolena, both Donizetti, counting with the Choir and Orchestra of Madrid lyrical coliseum Headlines.

Below they are targeted on the agenda of the teacher Pérez-Sierra La donna Lake (Rossini) in the Opera Marseille (France), Tosca (Puccini) en el Opera Theater of Metz (France) and zarzuela The barberillo Lavapies (Barbieri) in Madrid's Teatro de la Zarzuela.


José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

After his return to the Opera Las Palmas in command of the Puccini opera Turandot, Spanish director José Miguel Pérez-Sierra He debuted in late June with a concert in Paris (Théâtre des Champs-Élysées junto a the Orchester National d'Ile-de-France, el Regional Choir Vittoria in Ile-de-France and various vocal soloists) focused on the work of Gioachino Rossini, one of the greatest exponents of bel canto romantic, Spanish composer who the teacher is particularly attached since the beginning of his career. Over the coming weeks I will continue Pérez-Sierra focused on Rossini, author is already an international reference.

In July back another year to Rossini Festival of Wildbad (Germany), this time to lead The misunderstanding extravagant the days 13, 18, 22, 26 Y 29 of July, while, and in September, will return to the National Opera Chile to take command of six performances of classical The Barber of Seville, day functions 20, 22, 25, 26, 27 Y 28 September at the Municipal Theater of the Chilean capital.

Later, in October, will travel to Bari (Italy) to direct another Rossini masterpiece, Tancredi, to meet again later that month with the public of the Teatro Real Madrid when put in command of a concert by the legendary Italian soprano Mariella Devia, one of the great bel canto stars of the past generations.



That humans, the species to which we belong and so often it seems that is beyond good and evil, First accelerates aging and deterioration of the planet we inhabit, It is no secret. Not even news, even though the media around the world gather daily petty actions involved in this voluntary manslaughter and collective. This is the current point as bleak as part of Paco Azorín with its impressive reading 'Maruxa', opera in two acts by égloga Amadeo Vives, in a new production of Teatro de la Zarzuela which will be released next 25 from January, and that the public can participate 14 functions to 11 February.

Galicia, our Galicia, of Rosalia de Castro as present in the imaginary (most beautiful place on earth no / Galicia dream, enchanted Galicia), It is the bitter pretext that helps the stage director and set designer to conceive this painful song; this cry to the world from the abyss of a foggy cliff. "Maruxa is a corner in Galicia, Galicia is Maruxa ". A tragedy", as the creator defines: "Maruxa is a song painful to Galicia, a sort of Stabat Mater ". How would Rosalia own: "Large said land for a term always have great catastrophes."

we met, well, between the world of églogas past and present environmental tragedies. The actions of the most powerful affect the townsfolk, which usually try to live in harmony with nature. This time, the testimony dances Vives notes clutching the waist of a walking a tightrope between love and desire story.

Celebration: 'Maruxa', 46 years later
On the other hand, and one more time, the Teatro de la Zarzuela is celebrating. In this case, thanks to 'Maruxa' returns to the secular stage, in which premiered at 1914, after 46 year absence. Those two functions then also had a strong festive as they were programmed, in June 1971, to mark the centenary of the birth of Amadeo Vives. This almost half a century without raising tables theater Jovellanos Street in Madrid makes it even exceeds the expectation around the title, whose original script is signed by playwright Luis Pascual Frutos.

But the reason is not only the impact of the new installation or long absence on the stage of La Zarzuela which has raised such interest. He has also made, and largely, the whole proposal. And is not for less, as the stage direction and set design by Paco Azorín, one of the biggest names in the theatrical creation today, He joins the expertise of international José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, reference baton will head the Community of Madrid Orchestra (Titular del Teatro) and delCoro Holder Teatro de la Zarzuela, double cast for the score seems to be tailor-made and an artistic team that puts quite naturally our lyrical genre in the XXI century.

'Maruxa', He is according to the master Perez-Sierra, "It is filled with light music, yet elegant, and combines the art of lyric writing of the time, allowing these-apparently simple characters traveling on the same roads that other contemporary heroes have gone through different stages in the continent ". The play, Besides, It is full of orchestral nuances that are easy for the public, but especially difficult for interpreters.

precisely this, the difficulty of addressing the sheet music singers, has been, according to the opinion of conductor, one of the stumbling blocks that has faced 'Maruxa': "If not done more over the past century, It is because it is an extremely difficult work of cantary were very few artists able to do ". But this is not the case in, much less, because it ensures that the representations of the Teatro de la Zarzuela "We have wonderful teams that certainly the public will enjoy it immensely."

Height distributions referred to Pérez-Sierra will be composed of sopranos Maite Alberola and Susana Cordón on the role of Maruxa (young love with Pablo), baritones Rodrigo Borja Esteves and perhaps Paul's (the young lover of Maruxa), Simon Orfila low as Rufo (foreman must ensure the relationship between Rosa and Antonio), Ekaterina sopranos and Svetla Krasteva Metlova by serving as Rosa (premium Antonio, with whom he must marry to perpetuate the substantial family farm, but passionately attracted to the naive Pablo), tenors Carlos Fidalgo and Jorge Rodriguez-Norton
impersonating Antonio (cousin Rosa, who must marry, and attracted by Maruxa) and baritone Carles Pachón, recent winner of the International Competition Alfredo Kraus, as the voice of a Zagal. Joining them will alternate the scene 12 actors and dancer Maria Cabeza de Vaca, which will be the goddess Galicia. Likewise, It will ring off the voice of actress Maria Pujalte.

It is also necessary to emphasize the heterogeneous uniquely designed costumes for the occasion by Anna Güell, lighting and projections Pedro Yagüe and Pedro Chamizo respectively, with a decisive role in the development of the work, and stage movement generated by Carlos Martos.

When in 1914 Amadeo Vives assumes the artistic direction of the new Teatro de la Zarzuela, which it had been rebuilt after a fire in 1909, the premiere of the new work by the Catalan composer projects, 'Maruxa', an exceptional job in his musical production, an eclogue without speaking parts. His triumph was clamorous, Y, from there, He toured all the stages in Spain, even to New York 1919 (as happened with El Gato Montes the following year).

'Maruxa' is an example of nationalism folklorist, since all the music seems to use popular melodic themes with great ease, combining the Verismo prevailing at the time with a taste for opera and operetta that is embodied in the concept of the show and the vocal treatment of the characters. The action is continuous and different issues occur with admirable skill constructive. Is, definitely, masterfully written score in which the popular highlights in a special way. Since its premiere, 'Maruxa' has been part of the outstanding history of lyrical theater in general national, and the Teatro de la Zarzuela in

As it is usual in all stagings of Teatro de la Zarzuela, around 'Maruxa' are scheduled several activities:

On Friday 19 from January, and for the premiere, a conference that will give the philologist Concha Baeza be held at the Theater ambigú, and it will be devoted to this work of Vives (Ambigú the Teatro de la Zarzuela, 19h30).

Monday 23 from January, Paco Azorín and Jose Miguel Perez-.Sierra converse with French performing arts students and members of the National Youth Classical Theater Company, as preamble pre-rehearsal to be attended once the chatter (Teatro de la Zarzuela, 16h30 and 18h00, in collaboration with the National Classical Theater Company).

Monday 29 January at 19h30, Perez-Sierra Maestro will star, Ambigú in the Teatro de la Zarzuela, a meeting aimed at students in conducting and students from various musical disciplines.

Monday 5 February at 19h30, Paco Azorín will meet with students of different branches of the performing arts, design or cinematography at the main hall of the theater. Daniel Bianco submit, director of Teatro de la Zarzuela.
All meetings will be invited users Youth Card Theater, which they are already close 700.

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

One of the most international music directors, José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, He began in September in the course already known and well-loved places by the Madrid musician: he 9 of September he directed the Galician Symphony in an emotional Rossini Gala programmed by Friends of the Opera of A Coruña in homage to the great Alberto Zedda, legendary director, musicologist and manager, Responsible for the Rossini de Pesaro Festival who died last March and with whom Pérez-Sierra maintained a close personal and professional relationship: was his assistant and collaborator between 2004 Y 2009. This same month (days 15 Y 23) returned to the podium of the Euskadi Symphony with two concerts for the San Sebastián International Film Festival. In October, the Madrid maestro's agenda will put him up to date again in Italy, country in which he has developed a good part of his career since he debuted at the Rossini Festival in Pesaro in 2006; the days 13 Y 15 he will direct The Barber of Seville at the Teatro delle Muse (Ancona).

Later he will travel to Canada to make his debut at the Opéra de Montréal with another Rossini, Cinderella (11, 14, 16, Y 18 of November), will conduct a symphonic concert with the Orchester National de Lorreine in Metz (France, 26 of November) and will go up to the podium of the Symphony of Euskadi to direct a program that includes works by Wagner, Chausson and Debussy on a tour that will visit the Kursaal Auditorium in Donosti (1 Y 4 from December), Antzokia Principal Theater of Vitoria (2 from December), Baluarte Auditorium of Pamplona (5 from December) to conclude at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao (7 from December).

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

Madrid Director José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, recognized expert in bel canto romantic, will focus in the coming months on the theatrical work of Rossini, one of his favorite composers learned from many of its secrets in the Rossini Festival in Pesaro (Italy), with whom he has collaborated repeatedly, being the youngest musical director to get on the podium of this contest dedicated exclusively to the study and dissemination of the work of the famous Italian composer. The days 14 Y 22 July the maestro Pérez-Sierra will review the opera Aureliano in Palmira, one of the least programmed of the composer, on his return to the Rossini in Wildbad Belcanto Opera Festival (Germany), one of the most famous in the repertoire.
The Madrid maestro will conduct a program in honor of the legendary baritone Antonio Tamburini, favorite performer of various bel canto composers.

Later, in August (19, 21, 23 Y 25), the director will return to the Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile to take command of a Cenerentola who signs on stage Jerome Savary and that will feature the voices of Jose Maria Lo Monaco, Michele Angelini, Joan Martin-Royo, Pietro Spagnoli Y Ricardo Seguel. With the same title, the Madrid artist will debut in November at the Opéra de Montréal (Canada).

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José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

Madrid Director José Miguel Pérez-Sierra returns to Rossini repertoire, which it is one of the most prestigious specialists, this time with the opera Mr. Bruschino in the Opera National du Rhin, in France. It is a new production of the French company-specifically its direction Opéra Studio- scene Jean-Michel Criqui and musical young Spanish teacher. This return to Rossini It occurs after the debut of Pérez-Sierra in opera Puccini's Manon Lescaut in Italy, a composer with whom he also is very comfortable. The Opera Studio of the Opéra National du Rhin is one of the most important projects of France divulging an opportunity to gain experience on stage promising young lyric. In this case it is a double cast by singers Georgios Papadimitriou, Francesca Sorteni, Louise Pingeot, Emmanuel Franco, Diego Godoy, Camille Tresmontant, Antoine Foulon Y Coline Dutilleul.

Commanding the Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra, Pérez-Sierra Il Signor Bruschino lead in the three headquarters of the company: Mulhouse, in the auditorium of La Sinne (29 Y 30 of April), Colmar, at the Théâtre Municipal (6 of May) and Strasbourg, in the Opera (12 Y 13 of May).

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

With four functions of Manon Lescaut, one of the most complex and demanding works of Giacomo Puccini, will debut on the podium of Massimo Bellini Theater in Catania (Italy) the spanish teacher José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, owner of an impressive international career. The Madrid manager will approach for the first time this score, counting on two purebred Puccinians for the main roles such as the soprano Norma Fantini and tenor Marcello Giordani (days 19, 22, 24 Y 26 of March). His baton returns to Puccini after opening the season of the Opéra-Théâtre de Metz (France), precisely with a great Puccini: Il Trittico, composed by the operas Il tabarro, Gianni Schicchi and Sister Angelica.

Maestro Pérez-Sierra continues in this way with a frenzied activity that has included titles such as Lucrezia Borgia in Bilbao, his debut in the season of the National Orchestra of Spain in Madrid or a concert tour with the soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta in various Spanish cities.

After your engagement in Catania, will conduct Rossini's opera Il signor Bruschino at the Opéra National du Rhin (France) with representations in Mulhouse (29 Y 30 of April), Colmar (6 of May) and Strasbourg (12 Y 13 of May).

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José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, the main Spanish romantic bel canto representative, returns to Spain after having triumphed in Italy with the rare opera by Bellini Adelson and Salvini. That appointment was followed by his debut on the podium of the National Orchestra of Spain (ONE) and an unforgettable tribute to the figure of Alfredo Kraus in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria directing a legend of bel canto: Italian soprano Mariella Devia, a concert that marked a milestone on the island. And from one myth to another: in December, in A Coruña, Pérez-Sierra leads the Galicia Symphony and the Gaos Choir to lead another lyric legend, the italian baritone Leo Nucci, in his reunion with the public from A Coruña.

As an expert in voices that you are, the Madrid teacher will start the 22 January a tour with the Basque soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta that will take you through several cities in the Levante area: they will start in Teulada, Valencia, to follow the 24 January at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia, the day 26 will be in the ADDA Auditorium in Alicante and the 27 The Palace of the Arts in Valencia. These are the concerts commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Catholic University of Murcia, whose symphony orchestra will co-star in the four evenings together with the Discantus Choir in a program that will include opera and zarzuela selections.

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El consagrado director musical madrileño José Miguel Pérez-Sierra regresó en agosto al Belcanto Opera Festival Rossini de Wildbad (Germany) to conduct a concert that was later released in album. Este mes de septiembre comienza el curso dirigiendo Il Trittico from Puccini in the Opéra de Metz (France), an operatic cool “truly fascinating”, in the words of the master, “because it is like a summary of all work and pucciniana, actually, de todo el melodrama italiano como género al pasar por la tragedia en Il Tabarro, la pasión materna en Suor Angelica y el humor más corrosivo en Gianni Schicchi“. The functions are the days 30 September and 2 Y 4 October.

Later, José Miguel Pérez-Sierra will travel to the Bilbao opera season to inaugurate the ABAO-OLBE with Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti), one of the masterpieces of romantic bel canto, repertoire in which the Madrid musician is a recognized international expert. In this return before the Bilbao public, will collaborate with two other references in the style such as the Spanish tenor Celso Albelo and the romanian soprano Elena Mosuc.

Later, and always in the operatic field, The Spanish maestro will move to Italy to lead the rarely scheduled opera by Vincenzo Bellini Adelson and Salvini at Pergolesi Theater of Ancona (11 Y 13 of November), a cultural event.

Then await your debut on the podium of the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain at Auditorio Nacional de Madrid (18, 19 Y 20 of November) before heading to the legendary Mariella Devia, one of the queens of bel canto romantic, at the gala Alfredo Kraus in Las Palmas (24 of November) and to that living myth of the opera that is Leo Nucci in the Opera Palace of A Coruña (9 from December).

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra return to the podium of Belcanto Opera Festival Rossini in Wildbad (Germany). As a recognized specialist in Rossini works, the young Spanish teacher impose his wisdom reviewing a full musical menu ornament, whose vocal part will on behalf of another expert in style, the tenor Maxim Mironov. The program will focus on the repertoire of the legendary Giovanni Battista Rubini, for bel canto composers who created many important characters. Alongside works of the masters of bel canto best known -Rossini, Donizetti Y Bellini-, there are also less popular composers today, as Niedermayer, Balducci Y Pacini. The concert will be recorded to later be released on disk by NAXOS.

Pérez-Sierra debuted in 2013 at the German Festival with the opera by Rossini Ricciardo e Zoraide, to which he returned last year to conduct a concert with the mezzo-soprano Marianna Pizzolato. Both events were also recorded and will soon be released by the aforementioned record company..

Future engagements will take you to the Metz Opera (France), where he will direct Il Trittico de Puccini (it tabarro, Sister Angelica and Gianni Schicchi); to the Bilbao opera season to inaugurate the ABAO-OLBE course with Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti) and to the podium of the National Orchestra of Spain, at the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid.


José Miguel Pérez Sierra assumes the musical direction of the concert-show "The dream of a nigth of summer", from Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, the next 23 June in the Auditorium of the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia.

The Madrid teacher replaces Ramón Tebar, principal guest conductor Arts Center, who has had to cancel his participation for health reasons.

Sierra Perez debuted at Les Arts in 2009 with the musical direction of "La scala di seta", from Rossini, title that has been followed by zarzuelas such as "El rey que rabió", from Chapí o "The duo of" La Africana "as well as a concert with works of the Spanish lyrical genre.

"The dream of a nigth of summer", de Mendelssohn-Bartholdy closes Les Arts subscription season, on the same date the summer season begins. The program also includes "Scottish Symphony", of the German composer.

The arts center offers a new concert-show, of own billing and concept address- scenic by Allex Aguilera. Actress Rossy de Palma returns to the Valencia opera, who has previously participated in the montages of the zarzuela "La corte de Faraón", from Barbarian Lion, and in "Romancero Gitano", from García Lorca. The renowned interpreter gives voice to the excerpts from the comedy of Shakespeare that the composer introduced in the score.

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

Two symphonies of the "father" Beethoven and works by composers of various styles. The young teacher from Madrid José Miguel Pérez-Sierra will return this month to the podium of the Symphony Orchestra of Galicia with a handful of key works from the repertoire, and for weeks after getting a new personal triumph with the public demanding the opera season of the Bilbao Association of Friends of the Opera (ABAO-OLBE) with The Barber of Seville de Rossini, and run two programs at the Musika-Music Festival at the Euskadiko Orkestra Sinfonikoa, always in Bilbao. Renowned specialist in Rossinian work, Pérez-Sierra will include in his concert of the day 3 June at the Ferrol Auditorium the overture of the opera Guglielmo Tell by the great Italian composer, aperitif of a program that also includes works by Barber Y Grieg to end with Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. He 8 of June, always before the Galician Symphony but this time at the Círculo de las Artes de Lugo, Beethoven's symphony chosen will be the Fourth, masterpiece to be performed alongside pieces of Ravel Y Respighi.

Later on, Il Trittico de Puccini at the Metz Opera (France), the inauguration of the course 16-17 of the Bilbao opera season with Lucrezia Borgia and her long-awaited debut on the podium of the Orquesta Nacional de España at the National Auditorium from Madrid.

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The ABAO closes his 64 season premiere, this Saturday, from The Barber of Seville from Rossini, directed by José Miguel Pérez-Sierra.

Madrid Director, considered one of the Rossini specialists, He was the youngest director on the podium of the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro (Italy) in 2006 directing The journey to Reims. Throughout his career he has directed many works of Italian author, but this time it will be the first time I do it with The Barber of Seville. A play that premiered ago 200 years in Rome, and which is one of the most represented by the author.

The Bilbao public, you can once again enjoy the baton of the Mtro. José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, who has not left the capital of Biscay after directing the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra in La Sonnambula (Bellini) Yet the Basque National Orchestra at the Musika-Music Festival for, this time, direct to Navarra Symphony Orchestra.

The cast completes it: Marco Caria (Figaro), Annalisa Stroppa (Rossina), Michele Angelini (The Count D’Almaviva), Carlos Chausson (Bartolo), Nicola Ulivieri (Basilio), Susana Cordón (Berta), Alberto Arrabal (Fiorello), fake Santamarina (Ambrogio), and the Bilbao Opera Choir, directed by Boris Dujin.

Emilio Sagi signs the staging of this work produced in the Teatro Real from Madrid, that can be seen in Bilbao on days 14, 15, 17, 20 Y 23 of May. He 15 May will be the function of "Opera Berri", ABAO's initiative to bring opera to new audiences.

The next commitments will lead to the Mtro. José Miguel Pérez-Sierra to two symphonic concerts with the Galician Symphony Orchestra, to direct Il Trittico (Puccini) in the Opèra-Théâtre Metz Métropole, Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti) in ABAO and a Symphonic Cycle with the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain.


ABAO-OLBE (Bilbao Association of Friends of the Opera) puts an end to his 64 season The Barber of Seville Rossini, the most popular and represented by the Italian musician, Summit comic art and opera buffa. The following days 14, 15 - Opera News -, 17, 20 Y 23 of May, sponsored by Iberdrola, this title is brought to the stage in the year that commemorates the bicentennial of its premiere.

This very funny plot comedy is built on a script full of wit and entanglement that interacts perfectly with the music of the “Pesaro swan”, combining traits of the opera bufa with the tradition of bel canto. To give life to the protagonists of this work full of unforgettable musical moments, ABAO-OLBE has assembled a cast of great Rossinian interpreters who combine vocal quality and theatrical agility. The Italian baritone Marco Caria, debutante in the Asociación Bilbaína, gives voice to ‘Figaro’ the famous barber of Seville. The young Italian mezzo-soprano is in charge of the love couple ‘Rosina’ and ‘Il Conte D’Almaviva’ Annalisa Stroppa, where is its presentation in Bilbao, and the American tenor Michele Angelini. The Zaragoza Bass Baritone Carlos Chausson plays ‘Don Bartolo’, young Rosina's tutor. At his side the broad cast completes the bass debuts Nicola Uliveri like ‘Don Basilio’ and the mezzo-soprano Susana Cordón like 'Berta' and the baritone comebacks Alberto Arrabal as 'Fiorello', the bass David aguayo as ‘An officer’ and the actor fake Santamarina as 'Ambrogio'.

The musical part is in charge of teacher José Miguel Pérez Sierra, great Rossini specialist, who takes charge of theNavarra Symphony Orchestra to direct this title for the first time and make the most of a score full of immortal melodies. The choral part is once again task Opera Choir BilbaO, with Boris Dujin in front.

On stage a production of Teatro Real in Madrid joyful, full of life and grace conceived by Emilio Sagi, in which the scenic movement that continuously transforms the space creating the different scenes of the opera stands out..

New Opera

Representation The Barber of Seville of the 15 of May, closes the tenth edition of New Opera, ABAO-OLBE initiative developed to bring opera to new audiences with well-known titles and entries that are around 50% of their usual price. In this function the baritone returns to Bilbao Damian del Castillo like 'Figaro' and the mezzo-soprano Marifé Nogaleslike ‘Rosina’. Together with them the tenor debuted in the Association David Alegret as 'The Count of Almaviva', baritone Enric Martínez Castignani like 'Don Bartolo' and the bass Roman Ialcic as 'Don Basilio'. The rest of the poster (musical direction, orchestra, choir and stage direction) it keeps. Opera Berri function starts at 18:00 h.

Conference sobre "The Barber of Seville" "

In order to analyze, in advance the premiere, the most relevant aspects of this Rossini opera, ABAO-OLBE has organized a conference, Free entry, For friday 13 May at the Hotel Ercilla at 20.00 hours. This time, Andrea Merli, renowned music critic of the magazine L'opera, who has his own program on Italian radio and is a correspondent in Italy for the magazine Opera Actual, discover the ins and outs The Barber of Seville.


With Mahler Y Lorin Maazel as sources of inspiration, no wonder José Miguel Pérez-Sierra is considered one of the Spanish directors with the greatest international projection. bright and inexhaustible conversationalist, analyzes with passion and deep knowledge of everything that surrounds her profession. This disciplined Madrid, sensitive and able to drive to Moscow, dissects and studies scores with the precision of a surgeon pursuing perfection. A José Miguel Pérez-Sierra, like other brilliant artists, the muses always catch him working.



The rising Spanish master José Miguel Pérez-Sierra will start the month of March directing again in Bilbao, this time at Symphony. The appointment is at the festival Music-Music that turns the city of the Guggenheim into an international music capital by filling up with performances in a weekend, an inexcusable attraction for music lovers. After succeeding in the lyrical season of the Asociación Bilbaína de Amigos de la Ópera (ABAO-OLBE) with one of the masterpieces of Vincenzo Bellini, La Sonnambula, José Miguel Pérez-Sierra returns to Bilbao with two programs “of great symphonic flight and that allow to get the best out of the Basque orchestra and its teachers”, according to the teacher: the day 4 March will direct Prelude and death of love, selection loaded with lyricism and opera brilliance Tristan and Isolde, from Richard Wagner, followed by the intense symphonic poem Death and Transfiguration, On. 24, from Richard Strauss. Both composers are the ones who also articulate the next day's program: Saturday 5 March will be the turn of the Opera Overture Tannhäuser (Wagner), work to be heard alongside the symphonic poem Also sprach Zarathustra, On. 30 (Strauss). “They are masterpieces that require great technical mastery and in which the orchestra always has to go to a”, Pérez-Sierra points out.


The international agenda of the young Spanish teacher José Miguel Pérez-Sierra not to. After directing in Trieste's Falstaff Verdi, The Italian Girl in Algiers en el Bel Canto Opera Festival Rossini de Wildbad (Germany) and Il Turco in Italia at the Teatro Municipal in Santiago de Chile, in November will dive into this last work of genius Gioacchino Rossini, esta vez in the Opera Theater of Metz Métropole (France) day functions 22, 24 Y 26.

Although his repertoire is as wide as your interests, Rossini and bel genre of romantic song marked the trajectory of the Madrid manager, He is having debuted on a podium at the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro (Italy), world capital of the work of Italian composer. His regular collaborations with experts in style as Marianna Pizzolato or great Mariella Devia (who in December will redirect in a concert at the Opera A Coruña) they have become a reference point in Italian opera. And if in November is the turn of Il Turco in Italia in Metz and in December a date with Devia, in January and February will return to the podium of the season ABAO-OLBE bilbaína another example belcantista, La Sonnambula, from Bellini.
In any case, proof of his interest in all kinds of repertoire and avoiding any typecasting, su will be expected debut as director Wagnerian: will be in A Coruña, in June, Der Fliegende Holländer when lead.

José Miguel Pérez-Sierra

The intense summer schedule of the Madrid director José Miguel Pérez-Sierra The months of July and August are completed with two commitments on both sides of the Atlantic. If in June and July he has obtained a great triumph at the Verdi Theater in Trieste directing six performances of Falstaff, the last operatic work verdiano catalog, the next 16 July will return to Rossini Opera Festival de Wildbad -in which in 2013 directed the little publicized Ricciardo and Zoraida of the composer of Pesaro-, this time to offer a gala of Rossinian arias with the Italian mezzo-soprano Marianna Pizzolato, the Virtuosi Brunensis and the Camerata Bachchor Poznan. A few days later, he 19 and the 22 of July, Pérez-Sierra will once again get on the podium of the Black Forest festival to toast, together with the same group based in Brno -Czech Republic-, respective functions of The Italian Girl in Algiers.

Already in August and after the engagement in Germany, the Spanish director will continue with more Rossini across the Atlantic, at the Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile, in which between the days 14 Y 22 August will direct six functions of The Turkish in Italy in a co-production of the Santiago Coliseum and the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse, stage-directed by the Oviedo Emilio Sagi, with scenery Daniel Bianco, wardrobe Pepa Ojanguren and lighting Eduardo Bravo. The main protagonists are Pietro Spagnoli (Selim), Keri Alkema (Fiorilla), Alessandro Corbelli (Don Geronio) Y Yijie Shi (Don Narciso).

Upcoming commitments will take José Miguel Pérez-Sierra to stages such as those of the Opéra-Théâtre de Metz Métropole (The Turkish in Italy), the Opera of A Coruña (in which he will offer a concert with great scenes from operas by Bellini with soprano Mariella Devia) or the ABAO-OLBE in Bilbao (La sonnambula).


This month the teacher José Miguel Pérez-Sierra debuts on the podium of the Reims Opera (France) to direct, the days 17 Y 19 of May, Opera Giacomo Puccini La Bohème for the first time, in a theatrical montage that signs Nadine Duffaut. The Madrid conductor faces this new commitment after having made an applauded tour with the Euskadiko Orkestra Sinfonikoa with a program that included works by Usandizaga, Illarramendi Y Dvorak. “I feel very comfortable both in the symphonic repertoire, like the one we played with the Euskadi Symphony, like doing opera”, affirms the Spanish musician.

In this return to France - despite his youth he is an old acquaintance in companies such as the Opéra-Théâtre de Metz, in which this course has opened for the second time its lyrical season-, Pérez-Sierra will face one of his favorite composers once again, Puccini, of who has directed Madama Butterfly in various settings, including the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona or the Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago itself (Italy).

His upcoming commitments include Falstaff at the Verdi Theater in Trieste (Italy), a concert with the mezzo-soprano Marianna Pizzolato y L'Italiana in Algeri en el Belcanto Opera Festival Rossini de Wildbad (Germany), Il Turco in Italia at both the Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile and the Opéra-Théâtre de Metz and La Sonnambula in Bilbao for the season of ABAO-OLBE.