Teatro de la Zarzuela 21/22

Daniel Bianco, director of Teatro de la Zarzuela: "A new season is a new illusion that promises a future, it is a horizon that offers hope, something we all need now more than ever "

They will be presented 10 musical theater titles, 4 recoveries lyrical heritage, 6 large repertoire productions and 5 new productions

They offer 164 functions, maintaining the average of recent years

One of the main lines of programming is once again the figure of women in Spanish music, expanding and dedicating the cycle Chamber Sundays Women with Ñ in full and for the second consecutive year to Spanish composers, as well as the recital of “Notes from the Ambigú " A Woman in Music –On the occasion of International Women's Day– and the concerts Zarzuela has a woman's name by Rosa Torres-Pardo and Nancy Fabiola Herrera based on romances that have the woman as the protagonist and Women of Music by Sole Giménez

He Zarza project –Strap made by young people for young people– recently awarded the Opera XXI Award for Best Development Initiativeof the Lyric, will again be a fundamental piece of the season, and the didactic projects they will again surpass the 20% programming

He Concerts cycle will offer 8 proposals some of the leading voices of lyric, he flamenco, he pop and popular music

The cycle 'Notes from the ambigu', that continues its incessant public success, offers 10 recitals

The cycle, "About…", hand in hand with the musical director of the Theater, Guillermo García Calvo

They will return, Likewise, he Musical Chamber Theater in co-production with Juan March Foundation and the ciclo de Lied, coproduced with CNDM

Remain the reasonable prices (4 a 50€), e discounts (between 20 and the 60 % del PVP) for young boys, greater, unemployed, large families, groups or last minute.

He Teatro de la Zarzuela presents Season 2021/2022 whose 164 functions scheduled, what maintain the average of recent years, will be the embodiment of a new horizon in sight. This is what he points out Daniel Bianco, colosseum director, that labels the new course as "the season of illusion". And the confidence and the good tuning is not for less, since in the season that we are still the fierce threat of the covid has not been able to with this Theater: “We can proudly say that we have not delayed a single performance or canceled a single day due to covid ", points, and indicates that "all the productions of the theater, concerts and recitals have been carried out to this day ".

And he does not want to fail to mention anyone in this arduous task that has involved carrying out an entire program with the hostile circumstances that the entire society still faces.: “It has been an effort of all. Technicians, Choir, Singers, dancers, actresses, Actors and Artists who love and arm the Theater with the mission of raising the curtain every night. And so we did, mission accomplished", affirms with an undisguised satisfaction.

This explains the illusion to which the director alludes as the motto of the season in the headline of the presentation.; illusion because the music, zarzuela, will continue to play on this stage in the next season. "I firmly believe that music and scene are capable of changing the world and together improving it, and that its miracle is present when the public and artists participate in the same rhythm, the same song, the same dream, the same breath ".

And complacency transforms into deep emotion when he alludes to the public. "When we started the season we didn't know how he was going to react, if he would accompany us on this path, if I would be afraid to return ... But the response has been excellent: has once again demonstrated its loyalty by going to all our functions, following our broadcasts by streaming, our conferences and online meetings with artists. Being part of life, of the day to day of this theater ". And with a categorical statement, supports the certainty that there is only room for excitement and gratitude: "Without the audience this theater would not exist".

And Daniel Bianco wants to remember that extreme caution to which at the beginning of the season that now ends, alluded to as the only possible way to function: “As a public theater this is our first responsibility and our commitment: prudence has guided our steps and we have completed the entire season rigorously complying with all the recommendations and regulations that protect us from the coronavirus dictated in the INAEM protocol ".

The season

This that is presented is the sixth season since Daniel Bianco arrived at the Theater (although it could also be presented as the season 162 Since its founding in 1856): "This is one more stage of a long-range project whose objective pursues a specific purpose: that the Teatro de la Zarzuela continue to fulfill the mission with which it was born, which is none other than be the privileged setting of Spanish musical theater, with the inalienable vocation of being a public theater, accessible and affordable, open to anyone who wants to discover and enjoy the Spanish lyrical heritage. These are the reasons why - as our statutes say - we are and will continue to be the National Lyric Theater ".

Thus, and under that maxim, in the next season they will be presented 164 functions, maintaining the average of functions of the last years; 10 musical theater titles, of which 4 They are recoveries of the Spanish lyrical heritage: two of them in concert and two on stage; in addition to 6 lyrical titles of the great Zarzuelistic repertoire. The concert cycle with 8 proposals ranging from lyric, flamenco, pop or popular music and the cycle notes of the ambigu with 10 recitals. further, The Sunday Chamber series dedicated to Spanish female creators is extended he starts walking a new cycle by the musical director of the Theater, Guillermo García Calvo.

Similarly, The already veteran collaborations with the National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM) in the Lied cycle, and with the Foundation Juan March in the Cycle of Chamber Music Theater.

Regarding the tickets, the reasonable prices (from 4 a 50€), e discounts (between 20 and the 60 % del PVP) for young boys, greater, unemployed, large families, groups or last minute. Daniel Bianco states in this regard that this is one of the essential functions of a public theater: be "truly" everyone's theater. Maintaining this price scale ”is a huge effort, a sacrifice that is absolutely necessary ”, indicates.


The statutes that govern the spirit and operation of the Teatro de la Zarzuela say it very clearly: the coliseum erected in 1856 should, without any pretext, safeguard and spread the Spanish lyric genre. Thus, the season will begin with the recovery of one of the capital titles of Spanish opera. We talk about ‘Circe’, work of great significance in the history of Spanish opera because in it Ruperto Chapí develops to its last consequences its own style that the Wagnerian avant-gardes assume and transpose them to the Spanish lyric. Not in vain, ‘Circe’ was (together with ‘Farinelli’ from Bretón and ‘María del Pilar’ from Giménez, both also recently recovered by the Teatro de la Zarzuela) one of the titles of the opening season of the Teatro Lírico de Madrid, Coliseum that was built precisely to give space and opportunities to Spanish opera, in contrast to the Italian and French opera that dominated the city's lyrical billboard. It will be directed by Guillermo García Calvo and will feature the voices of Session Hernández, Alejandro Roy, Rubén Amoretti and Pilar Vázquez. They will 2 functions in concert version the days 10 Y 12 of September.

After 20 years without performing at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, one of the most beloved and celebrated titles by the public faithful to the genre and its theater returns to its stage: ‘Los Gavilanes’. This was precisely the first foray of the Master Jacinto Guerrero in the big zarzuela, and it has remained until today in the repertoire and in the sentimental memory of fans. The play talks about immigration, of the passage of time, of young loves and forgotten loves. This new production of the Teatro de la Zarzuela will have as musical director Jordi Bernàcer and as stage director to Mario Gas. Have been scheduled 13 functions 8 al 24 October, and will have the participation of Juan Jesus Rodriguez, Javier Franco, Maria Jose Montiel, Sandra Ferrández, Marina Monzó, Leonor Bonilla, Ismael Jordi, Alejandro del Cerro,
Lander Iglesias, Esteve Ferrer, Ana Goya,
Trinidad Iglesias, Enrique Baquerizo, Mar Esteve and Raquel del Pin. The scenography will be Ezio Frigerio, your wardrobe Franca Squarciapino and lighting Vinicio Cheli.

Now a year ago, when we were still coming out of confinement, the Teatro de la Zarzuela promised to relocate all the shows that were affected between March and June 2020. During this season, all the concerts and recitals that had to be postponed have been rescheduled., and last January the new production of ‘Luisa Fernanda’ scheduled for May 2020. In November 2021 he will get over ‘La Tabernera del puerto’, a production that was not only affected by the confinement, but also by the strikes of 2018 against the merger of the Teatro Real and the Teatro de la Zarzuela. On that occasion, only five functions could be held. In november of this year, the public can enjoy, between 19 and the 28 of November from 8 functions of this essential title of Pablo Sorozábal, with musical direction by Óliver Díaz, scenic of Mario Gas, scenery Ezio Frigerio, wardrobe Franca Squarciapino and lighting Vinicio Cheli. In the distributions they will participate María José Moreno, Sofia Esparza, Damian del Castillo, Rodrigo Esteves, Antonio Gandia, Antoni Bunk, Rubén Amoretti, Ruth González, Vicky Pena, Pep Molina, Ángel Ruiz, Abel García and Agus Ruiz.

If ‘La Tabernera del puerto’ is one of the most popular works of our genre, he Master Sorozábal has not so well known jewelry, as is the case of ‘Between Seville and Triana’, lyrical sainete in two acts premiered in 1950. Between 26 January 6 February They will be offered 10 functions stories of this work that arrives for the first time on the stage of La Zarzuela. As usually happens in all the works of the San Sebastian composer, no one will be indifferent: this time, the dignity of women is vindicated (in the figure of a single mother) against the customs and morality of a time that fortunately is already history. In it we will be dazzled by the most Andalusian Sorozábal that exists, with melodies full of light and others of deep drama. It is a production of 2012 of the Arriaga Theater in Bilbao, the Maestranza Theater in Seville, the Canal Theaters in Madrid and the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo. The musical director will be Guillermo García Calvo, musical director of the house, and the scene Curro Carreras. The scenography is by Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda, the costumes of Jesús Ruiz and the choreography of Antonio Perea. The two casts will have Carlos Alvarez, Javier Franco, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Carmen Solis, Andeka Gorrotxategi, Alejandro del Cerro, Anna Goma, Jesus Mendez, cross Beitia, Pedro Bachura, Antonio Martinez, Rocío Galán, Nathan Segado Y Lara chaves.

The days 4 Y 6 of March, and again following the policy of recovery of the Spanish lyrical heritage of the Theater, will be rescued from oblivion ‘Tabaré’, magnificent work like all of Tomas Breton. Premiered in its day by the tenor Francisco Viñas in 1913 at the Theatre Royal, It could only be heard in three unique performances and to this day it has never been performed again.. It is a mature composition that synthesizes the melodic lyricism of the Italian tradition, the harmonic treatment of Wagnerian opera and sounds typical of impressionism. Breton himself considered it his most personal and independent work. And the subject on which the argument is developed could not be more particular: the fight between Charruas Indians (that populated what is now Uruguay in the 16th century) and the spanish. An unconventional theme with a libretto by Tomás Bretón himself based on the homonymous epic poem by Juan Zorrilla de San Martín. It will be directed by the teacher Ramón Tebar in front of the Titular Theater orchestra, Community of Madrid Orchestra, BARREL, and the Titular Choir of the Teatro de la Zarzuela, and a cast that has Andeka Gorrotxategi, Maribel Ortega and Juan Jesús Rodríguez.

Another especially important moment will be lived in the month of April: the stage recovery of the musical comedy of Isaac Albeniz ‘The Magic Opal’. It is the first stage work that Albéniz composed for the English public. Premiered in London, in English, in 1893, was quickly translated into Spanish and presented in 1894 at the Teatro de la Zarzuela.
In that occasion, the public did not understand the work because it was far from the Spanish musical tradition. But nevertheless, it is a colorful work, suggestive and fresh: a different Albéniz. The translation of the libretto of 1894 –Titled then ‘The Ring ’– has not been preserved, and that is the reason why for this representation that recovers the title a new translation into Spanish has been commissioned by Javier L. Ibarz Y Pachi Turmo. The musical direction will Guillermo García Calvo, the stage direction and scenography of Paco Azorín, your wardrobe Juan Sebastian Dominguez, lighting Pedro Yagüe and the audiovisual design of Pedro Chamizo. They will lead the deals Ruth Iniesta, Carmen Romeu, Santiago Ballerini, Leonardo Sánchez, Luis Cansino, Rodrigo Esteves, Damián del Castillo and César San Martín. They are scheduled 8 functions 1 al 10 of April.

The following title is an example of great mastery: with just one orchestra composed of the string sections and two harps, Manuel Penella manages to write one of the most beautiful titles in the repertoire. Speaking of ‘Don Gil de Alcalá’, an opera set in the Viceroyalty of New Spain in the 18th century, which will be presented in a production of the Spanish Lyrical Theater Festival of Oviedo signed by Emilio Sagi in 2017. They offer 14 functions 5 al 22 of May, the musical direction will be Lucas Macías and in the distributions they will intervene Celso Albelo, José Luis Sola, Sabina Puértolas, Irene Palazón, Carlos Cosías, Facundo Munoz, Carol Garcia, Lidia Vineyards-Curtis, Esteve Manel, Eleomar Neck, Stefano Palatchi, Simon Orfila, Mary Jose Suarez, David Sanchez, Ricardo Muñiz and Miguel Sola. The scenery is Daniel Bianco, your wardrobe Pepa Ojanguren, lighting Eduardo Bravo and choreography Nuria Castejohn.

And to top off the lyrical season, one of the unavoidable titles of zarzuela, of those who make the genre great and create fans, The barberillo Lavapies' from Francisco Asenjo Barbieri, who will hit the stage in the coliseum production which premiered with thunderous success in 2019, and that he has traveled with the same luck to Sevilla, Oviedo and Valencia. Signed by Alfredo Sanzol, one of our most prominent playwrights and directors, National Dramatic Literature Award in 2017, in the musical he will direct it again José Miguel Pérez-Sierra; the scenery and costumes are by Alejandro Andújar, lighting Pedro Yagüe and choreography Antonio Ruz. Maybe Borja, David Oller, Cristina Faus, Carol Garcia, María Miró, Cristina Toledo, Javier Tomé, Francisco Corujo, Gerardo Bullón and Abel garcia will make up the casts in the 10 functions to go of the 15 al 26 of June.

With the introduction of these 8 titles the theater will continue to be one more year unique example in conservation, diffusion and exhibition of our lyrics, tan fertile as heterogeneous.


After the success of its first five seasons, he CONCERT SERIES in the main room presents 8 new proposals with some of the leading voices of lyric, the popular song, he flamenco and the pop. This makes the Theater a fundamental space in our theater because there is room for the plurality of Spanish music, without prejudice and with a spirit open to all audiences. The singer will open the cycle Sole Giménez presenting ‘Women of Music’, continuation of the concert that already offered last season as part of a broad project that brings together great songs composed and written by women with the intention of making visible the work of women as authors in the world of music (18 October); soprano Lisette Oropesa, internationally acclaimed, He makes his debut at the Teatro de la Zarzuela and will sing for the first time in his career a recital of Spanish and Cuban zarzuela romances: ‘Zarzuela back and forth’. A very special concert with which the singer wants to pay a heartfelt tribute to Cuba, the land of their fathers, and in which she will be accompanied on the piano by Rubén Fernández Aguirre (13 from December); the traditional Christmas Concert, with the teacher Guillermo García Calvo as musical director, who will the soprano accompany Ainhoa ​​Arteta with the Community of Madrid Orchestra and the Holder Choir Teatro de la Zarzuela (30 from December); Estrella Morente, with his privileged voice, unique sense of rhythm, passion and heritage of his elders, This undisputed benchmark of flamenco and Spanish music returns to his home in Madrid to celebrate 20 years as a unique artist. (31 from January); and from one star of the flamenco firmament to another: Archangel, one of the leading singers in the current flamenco scene with an extensive career characterized by the balance between tradition and the avant-garde, it show us 'Bel cante'. With that tireless search for new paths, will immerse the public in a journey through zarzuela, flamenco and opera next to Quintet Tottem Ensemble (5 of March); then the show will come ‘Zarzuela has a woman’s name’ in which two essential artists, the pianist Rosa Torres-Pardo and mezzosoprano Nancy Fabiola Herrera they meet in a recital in which they will “converse” through different romances that have women as the main character (5 of April); Silvia Pérez Cruz. 'Farce (impossible gender)’. Alone: the renowned artist from Palafrugell returns to this stage, alone, with his guitar, creating an intimate space to present their latest album project. (9 Y 10 of May); Xabier Anduaga. 'Our music'. The San Sebastian tenor, brilliant winner of the International Opera Award and the Opera XXI Award for best young singer and before the Zarzuela Operalia Award and also for the Best Young Singer of the International Opera World Competition, will sing for the first time in this Theater a recital of zarzuela and songs by Spanish composers. further, will seduce the public with romanzas and zarzuela arias (21 of June).

Since its inception, five seasons ago, All concerts CYCLE NOTES Ambigú They have hung the sign of ‘sold out places’ and have left a sweet and different taste to any musical experience due to the proximity of the artist with the public that creates an exciting and happy atmosphere. This time, the protagonists will be the soprano Sabina Puértolas with pianist Rubén Fernández Aguirre, who will offer a recital entirely dedicated to Emilio Arrieta (1821-1894) in commemoration of the bicentennial of his birth (28 October); the singers and actors Nuria Pérez and David Pérez Bayona, that accompanied by the pianist Alvaro Ortega Luna, will present ‘Engaged. From musical theater to zarzuela ’. The story of two young people from musical theater who began their career in the Zarza Project and discovered in zarzuela a genre that, without knowing it, it belonged to them (20 October); the bandoneon player Claudius Constantine and pianist Louiza Hamadi that will commemorate the centenary of the birth of Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) (2 from December); countertenor Alberto Miguélez Rouco with Pablo Fitzgerald (lute) Y Theodore Chest (viola da gamba) will offer us a program dedicated to Cantadas by Jose de Torres (1670-1738), one of the most important composers of the Spanish Baroque; choirmaster, editor musical, organist and composer of zarzuela (4 from January); the tenor Enrique Viana, accompanied by pianist Ramón Grau, will give the public an hour and a quarter of lyrics, irony and criticism, reflection and surrealism, of absurdity and reality told and sung. A ≪cabaret lirico≫ with music from our zarzuela under the title 'Luisa Fernanda, I already have Instagram’ (7, 8 Y 9 from January); the soprano Carmen Romeu and pianist Borja Mariño will present 'My home ’, a program with which we will discover music by Valencian composers such as Oscar Esplá, Manuel Palau Boix, Miquel Asins Arbó, Angeles Lopez Artiaga Y Matilde Salvador, among others (11 February); on the occasion of International Women's Day, actress-singer cross Beitia will offer the recital ‘A woman in music’ dedicated to women composers of popular music such as Chabuca Granda, Mercedes Sosa, Violeta Parra, Consuelo Velázquez O Cecilia, and with César Belda the piano (8 of March); the tenor David Alegret and pianist Rubén Fernández Aguirre they will offer the recital ‘Catalans around the world’ with works by Catalan composers who also composed in other languages: in Catalan, Eduard Toldrà; in German, Joan Manen; in French, Pau Casals; in Spanish, Jaume Pahissa; or in italian, Isaac Albeniz; among others (18 of April); 'Contemporary Spanish Music'. In order to promote the creation of new works for chamber groups, the Teatro de la Zarzuela, in collaboration with the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música in Madrid, summons a composition contest for young composers. The three winning works will be premiered at this concert by the Ensemble Opus 22 (28 of June); and to close the cycle the guitarist Rafael Aguirre will dedicate his recital 'The last romantics' to the music of Francisco Tárrega e Isaac Albeniz (4 of July).

He CYCLE SUNDAYS OF CAMERA: WOMEN WITH Ñ. Third edition of the cycle of Spanish chamber music that for the second year in a row she will be fully dedicated to the role of women in music in her role as a composer. With this cycle the Theater wants to continue with the dissemination of these works, many unpublished, and discover to the public the excellent quality of the creations of these Spanish composers who rarely had or have due recognition for their creations. In this way, some of our 20th and 21st century composers will be valued as Maria Teresa Prieto, Rachel Garcia-Tomas, Claudia montero, Diana Perez Custodio, Illuminated Perez Frutos, Laura Vega, Maria Jose Arenas, Mercedes Zavala, Dolores Serrano, Marisa Manchado, Sonia Magías, Cruz Lopez de Rego, Zulema de la Cruz, Maria Rosa Ribas, Emma Chacon, Elena Mendoza, Emiliana de Zubeldia, Gabriela Ortiz, Nuria Núñez O Teresa Catalán, among other. And the commitment of the Teatro de la Zarzuela is also with the future of the authors, so that each concert will feature an absolute premiere by young female composers, students of the Royal Conservatory of Music Superior of Madrid. The five appointments of this edition will be: Breton Quartet (7 of November), Cristina Montes, barley (20 February), Sax-Ensemble Quartet (20 of March), trio Arbós (24 of April) Y mario Prisuelos, piano (5 of June). The absolute premieres will be of the students AGarrido sends, Adela Rodríguez Yus, Laura de las Heras, Miriam Sanz Ortega and Nuria M. Sanchez Sanchez.

On the other hand, he CICLO THE SONG, in co-production with National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM), will celebrate its XXVIII edition with 10 recitals: the mezzosoprano Ekaterina Semenchuck (4 October), soprano Marlis Petersen (23 of November), soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek (20 from December), baritone Matthias Goerne (7 February), baritone Josep Ramon Olive (21 of March), soprano Katharina Konradi (4 of April), baritone Andre Schuen (17 of May), the tenor Mark Padmore (20 of June), soprano Julia Kleiter with the baritone Christian Gerhaher (11 of July) and mezzosoprano Anna Lucia Richter also next to the baritone Christian Gerhaher (18 of July) and again the baritone Florian Boesch (14 of June), complete the proposal for the new season.


The Teatro de la Zarzuela continues to give special importance to the training and information to the wider public young which will correspond to fill the room of this theater in the future and that, at the same time, must train the generation that takes over. "We have an obligation seduce and make them affordable zarzuela in this century in which we”, asserts Daniel Bianco, who puts into practice its intention as evidenced by the fact that more than 20% Theater programming is dedicated to young audiences, and to such an extent that the response is positive the average age of viewers has fallen Theater in the last five seasons in a decade.

In the new Season a total of 30 functions between the shows that make the didactic project.

Zarza PROJECT, zarzuela made by youth for youth, a project that has just received the Opera XXI Award for the Best Lyric Promotion Initiative, is a resounding success every season. In the five that it has been running, have passed through the seats of the Theater more than 35.000 spectators -of which more than 21.000 they have been school from among 12 Y 18 years- who attended the functions of 'The revoltosa', The duo The African ', 'Verbena Paloma', 'Water, Azucarillos y Aguardiente ’and‘ Amores en Zarza ’, and close to 100.000 who have been able to enjoy it online. How could it be otherwise, In the season 2021/2022 the project is back with force and with a record number of nominations for the Auditions: more of 800 young artists have appeared at the same. This year the project will present a new production of the musical by maestro Jacinto Guerrero 'The green envelope' the original libretto of Enrique Paradas and Joaquín Jiménez will be reviewed by the playwright Álvaro Tato. With stage director Nuria Castejón, musical of Cecilia Bercovich, scenery Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda and wardrobe Gabriela Salaverri, the cast will be formed as usual, by a group young singers and actors from among 18 Y 30 years elected after a audition process and accompanied by a chamber music ensemble. The 12 functions They will be offered of the 21 al 26 February 2022.

And the didactic projects stand out one more year because, thanks to them, he Ambigú del Teatro once again has the function of a show space for the fifth consecutive year. After two exciting deliveries 'Lost in Bosco' and those of the overwhelming success of 'The incredible story of Juan Latino', The puppet theater with live music will return to Ambigú. The proposal will be on this occasion the premiere of the work ‘The sky of Sepharad’, co-produced by the Claroscvro Theater and Company. Will be others 18 functions between 25 May and 3 June 2022.

Also framed in educational projects, soprano Nicola Beller Carbone, distinguished by a peculiar artistic profile, in which he takes care of the interpretive aspects as well as the musical ones, and what in 2019 founded LIBERAinCANTO to teach master classes for lyrical singers in which he works acting and singing from imagination and creativity, will offer of the 21 al 27 March master classes for young artists.


In the next season, dance will also be the protagonist through the two national companies, Theater residents: He National Ballet of Spain arrives with the program 'Invocation', expressly designed for the company by its director, Ruben Olmo, offers a global vision of Spanish dance, encompassing most of their styles, from bowling school to stylized dance and stylized flamenco. It also includes a special tribute to the dancer and choreographer Mario maya (1937-2008), one of the great masters of our dance. They will eleven functions 10 al 22 from December. Meanwhile, the National Dance Company directed by Joaquin de Luz will present a triple program made up of the choreographies'Polyphonia’ from Christopher Wheeldon with music György Ligeti, ‘Big gap' from Hans van Manen with music by Ludwig van Beethoven and 'DSCH concert ' from Alexei Ratmansky with music Dmitri Shostakovich. They will ten functions of the 7 al 17 of July.


Another cycle that prevails each year renewed in energy and intent is the one dedicated to Musical Chamber Theater in collaboration with the Juan March Foundation. Of the 26 September to 4 October They will be presented the seven functions 'The Three Gobbi' (‘The Three Hunchbacks’) from Manuel García, what could not premiere in its day because of the pandemic. With libretto by the Sevillian musician himself from the 18th century, based on the intermediate of Carlo Goldoni, It is a New coproduction between the two institutions, which again shows that the combined efforts It lets go further. The musical direction of this chamber opera will Rubén Fernández Aguirre, one of the most prominent experts in the work of Manuel García, who will also perform music on the piano. The stage direction is José Luis Arellano, the scenery of this and Pablo Menor Palomo, your wardrobe Ikerne Giménez, lighting David Picazo, the choreography of Andoni Larrabeiti and the cast make it up Cristina Toledo, David Alegret, David Oller, Javier words Y Andoni Larrabeiti. As usual, The representations will be at the Fundación Juan March.


One of the achievements that distinguishes the Teatro de la Zarzuela is that of bringing together the great lyrical voices that sing in Spanish each season. A) Yes, in the next we will have the opportunity to enjoy the art of singers such as CARLOS ÁLVAREZ, AINHOA ARTETA, SESSION HERNÁNDEZ, LISETTE OROPESA, NANCY FABIOLA HERRERA, ISMAEL JORDI, María José Montiel, JUAN JESÚS RODRÍGUEZ, SABINA PUÉRTOLAS, XABIER ANDUAGA, ANDEKA GORROTXATEGI, CELSO ALBELO, RUTH INIESTA, SIMÓN ORFILA, CARMEN ROMEU, JOSÉ LUIS SOLA, CAROL GARCIA, MARINA MONZÓ, BORJA MAYBE, CRISTINA FAUS…, and so many and so many others that only their names make the season a truly unique experience.

Lisette Oropesa

The Bilbao Association of Friends of the Opera (ABAO) hosts the first recital in Spain of the soprano Lisette Oropesa, which opens the cycle of recitals ABAO On Stage, with leading figures of international lyric. After his recent successes in our country as Traviata (Verdi), at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona and at the Teatro Real in Madrid, where she made history by becoming the first woman to sing an "encore" at the Madrid Coliseum, repeating the second part of the aria Farewell of the past, the American singer of Cuban origin - and recently nationalized Spanish - will take the stage of the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao next 6 February to interpret, this time, various arias and songs from the Italian and French repertoire, with the pianist Rubén Fernández.

Lisette Oropesa will sing such well-known pages as “Ah! did not believe…. Ah! does not come " (La Sonnambula, Bellini), “O beautiful country” (the Huguenots, Meyerbeer), “Adieu, our little table ” (Manon, Massenet), o "Farewell from the Arab hostess" by Bizet, as well as works by Merchant, Schubert and Donizetti, who will perform for the first time on stage.

His upcoming engagements include a concert by Nice singing junto at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia and Antonio Pappano in the Auditorium Parco della Musica de Rome, his debut at the Opernhaus Zürich as the star of a new production by Lucia of Lammermoor de Donizetti at the firm por Tatjana Gürbaca, La Traviata by Verdi in the Arena of Verona, and her debut in the role of Elvira in a concert version of I Puritani Bellini, with Javier Camarena and the Orchester de la Suisse Romande, en el Gstaad Menuhim Festival.

Photograph (c) Steven Harris



The American soprano Lisette Oropesa, which triumphed last summer at the Teatro Real in Madrid with La Traviata with a historical encore of the aria "Addio del passato", Put yourself back in the shoes of the tragic heroine from Verdi, Violetta Valéry, during the days 10, 15, 19 Y 27 in December Gran Teatre del Liceu, where she debuted last year as Rodelinda, in a Sir David McVicar production with musical direction by Speranza Scappucci.

Lisette Oropesa, que acaba de cantar el rol mozartiano de Konstanze en The Abduction from the Seraglio en la Wiener Staatsoper, will be one of the main protagonists of the Gala of 7 December at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. further, will be the guest artist of the "New Year's Concert" of the Kulturpalast in Dresden, where he will sing well-known arias from La Traviata, Rigoletto y La bohème, junto a la Dresdner Philharmonie y Marek Janowski. The season 2020/2021 will also have other important highlights for Lisette Oropesa: a recital in the Champs Elysées Theater in París, a concert of Bel Canto junto at the National Academy of Santa Cecilia and Antonio Pappano at the Auditorium Parco della Musica de Rome, as well as her debut at the Opernhaus Zürich as the protagonist of a new production of Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti signed by Tatjana Gürbaca. further, next spring his
first album with orchestra, with Mozart concert arias, joined the ensemble Il pomo d’oro y Antonello Manacorda, as a PENTATONE label artist.


Photograph: Javier del Real

Lissette Oropesa at LaTraviata Teatro Real Madrid

This was the second encore offered by the soprano at the Teatro Real, after the repetition of the Sextet of Lucia of Lammermoor, in 2018, in which she was accompanied by the remaining soloists who performed the opera.


2009 – Leo Nucci: Rigoletto. Duet ‘Yes, vendetta, tremendous revenge 'with Patricia Cioffi

2014 – Javier Camarena: The Regimen's Daughter. Aria ‘To my friends’

2015 – Leo Nucci: Rigoletto. Duet ‘Yes, vendetta, tremendous revenge 'with Olga Peretiatko

2018 – Six soloists (including Camarena Y Oropesa) Sextet of Lucia di Lammermoor

2019 – Camarena: L'elisir d'amore. Aria ‘A furtive tear’



After her extraordinary success as Lucia (Lucia of Lammermoor, Donizetti) season 2017-2018, The American soprano of Cuban origin returns to the Madrid Coliseum in the coming days 18, 22, 25 Y 28 July to star in one of the best known operatic titles, La Traviata de Giuseppe Verdi. After being awarded two of the greatest opera awards in the United States, the Richard Tucker Award and the Beverly Sills Award, and of his applauded debuts as Marguerite de Valois (the Huguenots, Meyerbeer) at the Paris National Opera, Rodelinda (Rodelinda, Haendel) the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, Amalia (I masnadieri, Verdi) at the Scala in Milan or Manon (Manon Lescaut, Massenet) at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the soprano returns to Madrid to play the unfortunate heroine of La traviata, the first post-confinement opera at the Teatro Real. It so happens that Lisette Oropesa, in his first post-Covid performance, returns to the Real stage to put herself in the shoes of Violetta Valery, the same role with which he was reaping great success at the New York Metropolitan Opera, as reflected The New York Times: "Lisette Oropesa endorses La Traviata”, Anthony Tommasini (critic’s pick), when it closed its doors in the midst of a world emergency due to the coronavirus.

Lisette Oropesa is nominated in the best category Female Singer in the edition 2020 of the prestigious International Opera Awards, to be held in September, and among his next commitments stand out: the "Rossini Gala" of the Arena of Verona, Constancy The abduction from the Seraglio the Mozart and the Vienna State Opera, in a new production by Hans Neuenfels, recitals at the Wexford Festival Opera, el Théâtre des Champs Elysées y el Smetana Hall in Praga, La Traviata by Verdi at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and the Premiere from Lucia of Lammermoor de Donizetti en la Opera House Zurich, with scenic signature of Tatjana Gürbaca.


Saturday and Sunday afternoon, live performances from Instagram account each singer

involved: Ruth Iniesta, Luis Cansino, Michael Fabiano, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Esteve Manel, Maybe Borja, Pablo Garcia-Lopez, Berna Beads, Rocío Pérez, Natalia Labourdette, Inés Ballesteros and Lisette Oropesa

More information and tracking account Instagram Royal Theater.

Since the beginning of health alert last Friday, where the authorities have limited the movement of citizens to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the world of art and culture has turned to initiatives to liven seclusion and reinforce the message #QuédaEnCasa.

He Teatro Real, which has opened the doors of its video platform MyOperaPlayer free between 18 March and 1 of April, now builds a virtual stage on which different singers offer a small performance through their social networks with the title #Opera Festival, which will take place in the evenings this weekend, 21 Y 22 of March, starting at 17.00 hours.

From your own Instagram profile for each singer will perform known arias and songs from the lyrical repertoire, in dialogue with the public.

The Royal Theater is grateful to the performers who have joined #Opera Festival from their homes and invites the public to enjoy performances.

17.00 h. Ruth Iniesta, soprano (@ruth_iniesta)

17.30 h. Luis Cansino, baritone (@luiscansinobaritono)

18.00 h. Michael Fabiano, tenor (@tenorfabiano)

18.30 h. Ainhoa ​​Arteta, soprano (@ainhoarteta)

19.00 h. Esteve Manel, baritone (@manelestevemadrid)

19.30 h. Maybe Borja, baritone (@borjaquiza)

20.00 h. Juan Francisco Gatell, tenor (@juanfranciscogatell)

17.30 h. Pablo Garcia-Lopez, tenor (@pablogarcialpez)

18.00 h. Rocío Pérez, soprano (@rocioperezsop)

18.30 h. Berna Beads, soprano (@bernaperles)

19.00 h. Natalia Labourdette, soprano (@labourdettesoprano)

19.30 h. Inés Ballesteros, soprano (@inesballesterossoprano)

20.00 h. Lisette Oropesa, soprano (@lisetteoropesa)

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In the second half of the eighteenth century Benjamin Franklin, as fond of music as science or politics, polished and sophisticated instrument formed by crystal glasses joined to a wooden base and emitting a distinctive sound when touching the edge of the cups with the fingertips. He had created the glass harmonica. Quickly use of this new instrument was extended by the European salons interpreted, mainly, by mujeres.La melody and atmosphere creating, They did the imagination of many who listened fly. For some it was soothing and others, exciting, so much so that some players and fans began to feel affected their nervous system, arriving itself even ban the use of glass harmonica in some German towns.

During one of his trips to Naples, Donizetti had discovered this new musical artifact, He is fascinated by its sound. A few years later, when initiated composition Lucia di Lammermoor, he thought that this would be the only instrument that could reflect the anguish of the protagonist on the scene of madness. It was said then that some viewers, especially susceptible or sensitive, They could get to go crazy to hear the sound.

In light of what happened these days at the Royal Theater, While it could be said that the influence of the glass harmonica has had its effects. But rather it has been the effect of voices, two casts of the highest level, those who have unleashed madness or, at least, a special excitement among the public. 17 years after the last Lucia who played Edita Gruberova in this same theater.

In this production Inglés National Opera we have been able to enjoy the score almost entirely. They have included the aria of the tower and the beautiful finish solo Edgardo. The operas of this period were often mutilated when being represented. According to Daniel Oren, because of the genius of Verdi, "Which arrived with such withering effect on their scores that made other composers were relegated". Lucia was one of the few works of Donizetti who never ceased to be in the repertoire.

The scenery of David Alden is located in the Victorian era, when the work was written. In a paternalistic society and heavily dominated by men. Where the female figure hardly any presence. Lord Enrico Ashton has such economic desperation, which he is able to sell his own sister in marriage delivering it and save the family heritage.

Alden has presented an overly dark scenery, very cold and dark. Sometimes too minimalist. Alden is a man of theater and has resorted to the effect of placing a stage within the stage. In it some of the most important moments of the play are represented, as the scene of madness, which it occurs in the middle of a representation. Only the play of light of Adam Silverman rescues the viewer range of grays that dominate the work, creating an oppressive environment, next to the small dimensions of the scenery. Brigitte's wardrobe Reiffenstuel puts the romantic and elegant spot in a heavy and oppressive scenery.

Two distributions have been responsible for this production. In the first, Lisette Oropesa surprising given life and sparkle to Lucia. A role not easy, not only because of the difficulty of a score of great vocal exigency, also by dragging a paper weight represented by the greatest opera divas. Oropesa handles flawlessly times, vibrato, trills, legato, the piano ... If there is something that should deepen is the theatricality, because the role of Lucia is an extreme drama.

Edgar Javier Camarena had a successful plus romance. He shone in acute, which it is his strong point, and the beautiful legato. The last act, where is the protagonist, already dead Lucia, It was a poignant lyricism. It maintains a permanent honeymoon with the public in Madrid and the final standing ovation was well deserved.

The second deal was in charge of Venera Gimadieva as Lucia. It has an impeccable technique, a beautiful timbre and a powerful center. Not so the treble, they were forced. Pretty well in the aria of madness. It was low to a very good performance. Le overran some frildad prevented connect with Edgardo.

The best of the night was Ismael Jordi, Como Edagardo. His voice has evolved in volume and musicality. Dominates the belcanto, It moved with the delicacy of his pianos and his romantic fraseo. A little stiff and static stage.

Enrico Simone Piazzola sounded a bit tight and leñoso. Well in the interpretation of authoritarian and selfish brother.
The chorus, in its line of brilliance. Also on the interpretation which is always an essential character.

Directed by Daniel Oren, great connoisseur of Italian repertoire, It was a bit heavy at times, despite his energetic movements at the lectern. He could be heard humming as he jumped in the final act. Well in concertantes as it demonstrated in a magnificent sextet. exceptionally directs the singers, of which it is pending without agobiarles.

Excellent season finale that leaves the audience a very good taste. After a season in which the winners have been the lesser-known operas, This Lucia has been, definitely, the best in the classical repertoire, well above the preciosista La boheme and clumsy Aida.

Text: Paloma Sanz
pictures: Javier del Real
Videos: Teatro Real


Lucia of Lammermoor will reach 42 Spanish provinces in squares, cultural and recreational centers, theaters, councils, auditoriums and museums in different communities [See Full list].

In this edition we have increased outdoor screens, installed in about 30 very different spaces, from parks and gardens to bullrings.

In the Plaza de Oriente, in front of the facade of the Royal Theater, They will be installed 3 screens and placed 2400 chairs.

As in previous editions, Lucia of Lammermoor It will be broadcast free of charge to everyone in Facebook Live, stage Digital Y Opera Vision. the YouTuber Jaime Altozano He discussed the broadcast in real time on Twitter with the hashtag #LocuraConLucia.

Saturday 7 of July, between the 10.00 and the 14.30 hours, the public can access the most emblematic Teatro Real during his traditional Open Day.

On Saturday morning, starting at 11.30 hours, will take place in the Plaza de Oriente one flashmob of dance inspired by Swan Lake, in collaboration with the British Council and the London Royal Ballet.

All who wish to participate in the choreography can practice with the tutorial Dance in the City or come to the Plaza de Oriente on Saturday and freely follow the dancers.

Likewise, until next Friday at 18.30 hours continue, in the Sala Gayarre Teatro Real, projections of operas and ballets with free admission until full capacity.

He 8 of July, Sunday, to 11.30 hours, the great feast of the opera will close with a free screening, in the main hall of the Teatro Real, of production Madama Butterfly from the New National Theater in Tokyo, Reaffirming the commitment of the Royal Theater by the union of cultures, after recent agreements with Japan, China and the Arab Emirates United.

Throughout the Opera Week Are developing contests Y raffles to promote citizen participation through the web and social networks Theater Royal.

Opera Week, Framed in the celebration of Bicentenary of the Royal Theatre, It is sponsored by Telefónica, Endesa, Mutua Madrileña, Redexis Gas and collaboration of RTVE and Hispasat.

The opera Lucia of Lammermoor It is sponsored by Telefónica.

While the activities are carried out Opera Week Y Lucia of Lammermoor triumphs every night at the Royal Theater, towns and cities 42 Spanish provinces They are preparing for retransmission of the opera, he next Saturday, 7 of July, to 21.30 hours, which may be followed in Facebook Live through the url www.locuraconlucia.com. the YouTuber Jaime Altozano It will discuss the real-time broadcasting Twitter the hashtag #LocuraConLucia and They raffled tickets among users tell their experience during the broadcast.

In this fourth edition of the Opera Week they have increased retransmissions outdoor, with about 30 screens installed in such diverse areas as polideportiva track of Alcampell, in Huesca (700 people) one to Bullring Villanueva de Córdoba, capable 2500 people; he Park Almadabillas in Almería (400 people) or Jardines Can Found Garriguella, in Gerona (100 people).

Important areas such as main squares of Segovia and Valladolid, the Zaragoza Plaza San Bruno, the Church Square in Alicante, he Paseo del Espolón in Logroño, or the Paseo de la Concha in Murcia, They join small courtyards of cultural centers and town halls, or squares of towns as Parcent (Alicante), Huetor Vega (Granada), O Grove (Pontevedra), Usagre (Badajós), Gilena (Sevilla), Villatobas (Toledo) O Las Pedrosa (Zaragoza). Some cities, as Orihuela, They have two relay points outdoors, such as Plaza Ramón Sijé, in the historical district, and the Esplanade Orihuela, on the coast.

In addition to the outdoor screens, again they have joined the relay, auditoriums, theaters, cinemas and cultural centers, with varied seating capacity. such small towns like the good (Segovia), O Gotarredura (Ávila), with less than 150 registered inhabitants, will provide Lucia of Lammermoor along with museums like the Prado, he Thyssen, he National archaeological, he Guggenheim Bilbao or Center Niemeyer Aviles.

But the week of opera will offer the next Saturday other attractive proposals that will begin at 10.30 hours, with a new Open Day and continue, to 11.30 hours, with the flashmob Dance in the City, organized in collaboration with the British Council and the London Royal Ballet ─ which will offer 6 functions Swan Lake at the Royal Theater between days 18 Y 22 of July.

The program also reflects the collaborative ties with institutions of the Royal Theater and cultural events through an active policy of national and international agreements, such as those recently signed with China, the Arab Emirates States and Japan, the latter under the 150 anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between Spain and Japan.

Within the scope of these agreements will be offered at the Theater Royal projections three productions from Japan: ballets The Nutcracker Y Swan Lake in the Sala Gayarre, Y on Sunday at 11.30 hours, shutting down the Opera Week, Madama Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini in Living room, free admission (agreement with the New National Theater in Tokyo).

This fourth edition of the Opera Week has the support of Telefónica (main patron of the Bicentennial), Endesa (energy patron of the Bicentennial) and the main sponsor of Mutua Madrileña. Redexis Gas It is sponsor relay, in collaboration with RTVE. Telefónica is, Besides, the sponsor of the opera Lucia of Lammermoor.


Based on the historical novel truculent Walter Scott, The bride of Lammermoor, what Salvatore Camarano He transformed into libretto, Opera is the epitome of romantic melodrama: exacerbated emotions, impossible loves, ancestral conflicts, spectral spaces, duels, betrayals, madness, death…

Lucia is a young orphan, unbalanced and dreamy, in love with Edgardo, enemy of the family, He hated by his brother, that encourages marry a noble wealthy to save ruin. For that, with the complicity of the chaplain and the black arts of his guardian, Lucia led to believe that her lover has betrayed. Pushed to sign the marriage certificate, young, broken by grief and madness Dam, murders her husband in the wedding night, Alienated in a sort of angelic dream that culminates in his death and the subsequent suicide of her beloved.

With this gruesome story and craft and characteristic fruitfulness of Gaetano Donizetti wrote opera ─ which in just over a mes─, the score flows, overwhelming, alternating fast-paced drama with long suspensions of theatrical action, in which the characters express their feelings with great expressive breath and a full vocal writing of artifices, often for the benefit of the psychological characterization of the characters. A) Yes, the extreme difficulty of the coloratura and high registers and demonized the role of Lucia give your character an unreal and dreamlike aura, immortalized singers Maria Callas, Leyla Gencer, Joan Sutherland O Edita Gruberova.

To give consistency to this dramatic plot hyperbolic, stage director David Alden Opera stands in a decaying Victorian sanatorium designed by scenographer Charles Edward, which it was inspired by the former residence of the British physician John Langdon Down, discoverer of Down syndrome. In a sinister and claustrophobic atmosphere both brothers maintain an unhealthy relationship, in which everything seems to happen in a spectral environment, reminiscent of the fantastic literature Allan Poe.

Israeli orchestra director Daniel Oren, great bel canto specialist works, He will lead a great cast headed by soprano Lisette Oropesa, the tenor Javier Camarena, baritone Artur Ruciński and low Roberto Tagliavini and Headlines Choir and Orchestra of the Teatro Real.

Spain will sigh with all the misery of Lucia of Lammermoor, get carried away by their chimeras and enjoy a night of the best belcanto, sharing their experiences with the hashtag #LocuraConLucia.

Lisette Oropesa interview at the Royal Theater.

New Orleasn soprano and Cuban, Lisette Oropesa, Classical Brío speaks for only a few days before revolutionize the Teatro Real in Madrid with one of his fetishes characters, “Lucia of Lammermoor”, de Gaetano Donizetti. How it started in music and how it addresses the difficulties Lucia's character and profession, are some of the topics covered in this conversation.