Maria Jose Montiel

Since two years ago, María José Montiel combines her international career as an interpreter with teaching thanks to the “total calendar freedom"Offered to her as Professor of Singing at the Universität der Künste in Berlin to make her"teaching activity with my professional career”, affirms the Madrid singer, that in May returns to the stage. “Passing on to the young generations all the experience accumulated in these years is something that has become vital and a very important and motivating part of my life.; It fills me with satisfaction to be able to help you and provide both technical and artistic support - and even emotional- so they can take flight in a profession that is wonderful, but that is full of complexities, since it is not only about having a voice and singing. Interpreters cannot separate the soul from our own voice because we not only sing with our vocal cords and adequate breathing, rather, we use our emotions to bring the characters we play to life. This is something that goes beyond vocal technique, which of course must be very refined and worked with great tenacity and sacrifice, like that of an elite athlete”, Add. “Our emotions must flow in the interpretation, always expertly led by our rational self so that there is a perfect balance between our voice, our soul and our mind; it is something not easy to achieve, but what is achieved when there is will and sacrifice. I am also fortunate to have students from all over the world who have great talent and a great spirit of work, something essential to make a career, but I try to instill in them that they have a dreaming soul; to meet our goals we must dare to dream”, Spanish mezzo concludes.

María José Montiel will return to the stage in May offering a zarzuela gala at the Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona where she will share the stage with the soprano Sabina Puértolas, the tenor José Luís Sola and the baritone Manuel Lanza; will be together with the Navarra Symphony Orchestra and the AGAO Lyrical Choir, all led by the baton of the Madrid maestro José Miguel Pérez-Sierra. The appointment will be in the Navarran capital on 7 of May. A week later, he 12 of May, Montiel will return to Madrid to interpret the Stabat Mater by Rossini in the National Auditorium; on this occasion she will be accompanied by the soprano Sabina Puértolas, by the tenor Airam Hernández, by the baritone José Antonio López, of the Orchestra and Choir of the Community of Madrid and of the Young Singers of the ORCAM, all directed by Víctor Pablo Pérez from Burgos.

María José Montiel © Bob Cullen

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Maria Jose Montiel

María José Montiel returns to Madrid stage in December, this time to a very special, the Prado Museum, entity by the Columbus Foundation-of which the singer is Embajadora- has organized a charity concert next 11 December on the occasion of its second anniversary. Based in Valencia, the Columbus Foundation was born in 2017 with the main objective of facilitating access to therapies most advanced and effective solutions to children with cancer or rare diseases, to improve life expectancy and quality of life. As part of the celebration of the 200 years of the Museo del Prado, the concert will bring together María José Montiel with pianist Ivan Martin, Angel Luis Quintana accompanied by the cello The soldier and the special collaboration of Dr. Toni Pearson. Although the concert tickets are already all sold, there is a zero line for all those who want to collaborate.

He 16 December and to dismiss the year, María José Montiel will return to Alicante, this time to give a concert for the Society Concert City of Costa Blanca with French pianist Laurence Verna. Both artists will offer a program that includes works by Hahn, Schumann, Palomo and Guastavino in the Teatro Principal in Alicante.

Already entered 2020, Montiel will rejoin the course of the Universität der Künste Berlin, in which teaches as professor mid edgewise 2019 for, in March, once again get into the skin of Leonora The favourite, Donizetti, in the Cervantes Theater in Malaga, Coliseum celebrating its 150th anniversary. María José Montiel Donizettiano emblematic character debuted last few seasons at the Teatro Comunale Bologna (Italy) and its French version, while in Malaga sing the Italian version.

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Concert Columbus Foundation, Prado Museum, Madrid.

Concert Concert Society Alicante

Photograph: Rosa Pozo

After starting the season celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Balearic Symphony conducted by Pablo Mielgo with three concerts in Mallorca, María José Montiel returns this month to Valencia to open the subscription season of the Orchestra of Valencia with the third Symphony of Gustav Mahler with the teacher Ramón Tebar on the podium. It will be the 22 October in the Palace of Arts. Mahler, mezzosoprano which Madrid has sung many of his vocal catalog and who is considered a benchmark is an author who, in the words of singer, “in recent years he has accompanied me a lot in my career and I am therefore very happy and proud, as I feel his music and his art like a second skin. His creations are sublime and when I was fortunate to begin interpreting his works I was caught by the emotional burden associated”. As for his third Symphony, Montiel defined as “an anthem to nature; It has a wonderful melodic originality in its treatment transporting you to another world, sometimes cutting your breathing; It is certainly one of the most beautiful works ever written and it is a privilege to liven ", concludes.

Alternating his professional career on stage with teaching -the last May was named professor of singing the Universität der Künste Berlin-, Madrid mezzo return in November to Berlin to continue his teaching, what work, in collaboration with various institutions in Germany settled down Spanish, It is made to disseminate and publicize the song concert by Spanish authors.

Among other commitments, in season 2019/2020 also they include recitals in cities like Madrid and Alicante or return to the Cervantes Theater in Malaga to get into the skin of the female protagonist The favourite, Donizetti, a character who debuted last few seasons at the Teatro Comunale Bologna.

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Photograph: Fernando Vázquez Morago

After obtaining respective wins as Cieca of La Gioconda at the Liceu in Barcelona and interpreting the cantata Alexander Nevsky Prokofiev at the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid in the season of the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain, Maria Jose Montiel returns this month to the French repertoire to star Samson and Delilah, Camille Saint-Saëns. The brand new singing professor of Berlin University of the Arts will play Dalila, the intriguing and sensual star of this masterpiece of French opera premiering a montage sign Paco Azorín at the Teatro Romano Merida as part of the program of the International Festival of Classical Theater of that city and under the baton of Alvaro Albiach commanding Extremadura Symphony. The functions are announced for days 27, 29 Y 30 of June, after which it will continue its activity in July at the German University.

Later, late August, the Spanish singer will travel to Pollença (Mallorca) to offer a recital with pianist Miquel Estelrich (day 31); the first week of September will return to the University of Berlin where he will make a presentation that will release the Spanish song concert in different types, styles and formats and to value the great contribution of Spanish composers to Lieder universe; then travel to Santiago de Compostela where, he 25 of September, will perform an evening by the piano of Ivan Martin debuting a song cycle with verses of Rosalia de Castro Galician composer Juan Durán has created especially for mezzosoprano Madrid; and days 30 of September, 4 Y 5 October will offer concerts again in Mallorca, this time with the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands directed by Pablo Mielgo to mark the 50th anniversary of the formation balear.

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This May will become official appointment as professor of singing the Universität der Künste Berlin Madrid mezzo-soprano Maria Jose Montiel, who will take up his post in a ceremony led by the president of that institution. For consecrated singer, National Music Award 2015, This designation is a recognition of his long career, and whose activity will combine with its full schedule of commitments for the coming years. "I thank the University of Berlin and his appointment calendar complete freedom offered me to reconcile my teaching with my career as a performer", states; "It is an honor to be part of this prestigious institution and this great team of musicians that support; working with younger generations for years has become a very important part of my life and motivating and to do it in the most appropriate possible environment makes me feel very lucky ". further, María José Montiel will continue to protect the Spanish repertoire as it has done since the beginning of his career reporting it at this University; "It makes me a special pleasure and I am proud the power to convey to my students our cultural heritage", Add.

Future engagements-and after getting a big win at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona as La Cieca in La Gioconda, de Ponchielli-, María José Montiel play, he 31 May and 1 Y 2 of June, the cantata Alexander Nevsky, Prokofiev, in the season of the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain at the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid. Later will star in Samson and Delilah, Saint-Saëns, at the opening of the International Classical Theater Festival of Mérida ( 27, 29 Y 30 of June), under the musical direction of Alvaro Albiach in a new production by Paco Azorín scenically signed in the ancient Roman Theater of this city.

Photo: María José Montiel © Fernando Vazquez Morago

Christmas Concert

He Teatro de la Zarzuela will close the artistic year (not the season) the next Saturday 29 December at 20h00 with his traditional Christmas Concert. As it is usual, The appointment will serve to celebrate spanish music, our lyrical, overhand. And it could not be otherwise, as for more than 162 years that is precisely the spirit and the reason for being of the colosseum the Plazuela de Jovellanos. The desire to enjoy our composers is not lacking: tickets were sold out last summer.

The concert will be conducted by maestro Ramón Tebar and will feature the participation of several of the major voices today, how are the soprano's Isabel Rey, mezzosoprano Maria Jose Montiel and baritone Juan Jesus Rodriguez. During the gala also intervene Coro del Teatro de la Zarzuela, which together with the Community of Madrid Orchestra (Holder Coliseum), It will be added each year as the party.

The program will transit from works Chapí, Barbieri, Moreno Torroba, Giménez O Luna, to compositions Soutullo, Vert, Chueca O Sorozábal, going through creations of Valverde, Fernández Caballero O Penella. A whole catalog of masterpieces to wish a 2019 full of light and zarzuela.

Maria Jose Montiel

After starting the season in Moscow interpreting the Joys cantata, of García Abril, at the Bolshoi Hall of the Russian capital (27 of September), El Cantar de Poème de l'amour et de la mer (Chausson) Caceres and Badajoz with the Orquesta de Extremadura (4 Y 5 October) and Stabat Mater (Rossini) Concert at the Princess of Asturias Awards to be held in Oviedo (18 October), Madrid mezzosoprano María José Montiel in November undertakes a tour of concerts by the United States that will take you to the cities of Raleigh (North Carolina), Washington DC y Naples (Florida), the latter part of the series "Opera Stars Concert" scheduled by the Opera Naples. These actions will be in favor of the Columbus Foundation, of Maria José Montiel's ambassador, organization that supports scientific innovation and whose main objective providing access to cutting-edge therapies in the world for children with cancer and rare diseases.

The first round of the US tour will be the 7 November with a concert presentation in the United States of Columbus Foundation and will be held in the A. J. Fletcher Opera Theater en Raleigh, Montiel time that will be accompanied on piano by Laurence Verna and cellist Angel Luis Quintana.

Later, he 12 of November, María José Montiel will travel to Washington DC to perform at the Carnegie Institute for Science, action to perform with maestro Ramon Tebar and piano, once again, Angel Luis Quintana on cello.

The tour of the Spanish singer will conclude on American soil 16 November with the aforementioned recital at the Opera Naples which will review the best of his repertoire counting again with accompanying teacher Tebar.

MJMontiel_ © Foto_ Rosa Pozo.jpgOctubre of 2018

Maria Jose Montiel

Mezzosoprano Madrid begins its artistic season next 27 September with a concert at the Moscow Bolshoi room (Russia), where they are waiting to interpret the cantata Joys, from Antón García Abril, Montiel composer who knows very closely and he has dedicated some of his works. In his debut in the Russian capital the singer will be accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the Opera Theater of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory directed by Borja Quintas. This is a gala evening organized by the Columbus Foundation which Maria Jose Montiel is cultural ambassador. Before, late August, He traveled to Mallorca to record an album of great Spanish composers with pianist Michael Estelrich, with whom he collaborates giving concerts and recording albums for many years.

Later, and among other activities, mezzo-soprano debut with the Orquesta de Extremadura with one of his favorite works, he Poème de l'amour et de la mer Chausson, under the direction of Alvaro Albiach. It will be the first time the singer collaborate with the Extremadura together with the teacher Albiach, and will do so twice, the day 4 October at the Palacio de Congresos Manuel Rojas de Badajoz and the next day at the Palacio de Congresos de Cáceres. The last time Maria Jose Montiel was performed this work in July 2017 with the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra directed by John Axelrod.

Finally expect a very special commitment: their participation in the gala concert of the Princess of Asturias Awards in which interpret Rossini's Stabat Mater. The appointment is 18 October at the historic Teatro Campoamor of Oviedo. /

Maria Jose Montiel

Maria Jose Montiel He concludes the course playing two of his favorite composers, Mahler and Parera Fons, after a season highlighted by the successes obtained in the Fall Musical Soriano Festival with Five black songs Montsalvatge, with the Youth Symphony Orchestra directed by Soria Borja Quintas; with a lyrical gala accompanied by the Orchestra of the Region of Murcia Virginia Martínez on the podium; and their performances as provided in Torrelodones near the piano Michael Estelrich, in Valencia during the presentation of the Columbus Foundation -of which is Embajadora- with Ramón Tebar to Angel Luis Quintana piano and cello o el ofrecido en el Teatro de La Zarzuela de Madrid en homenaje al compositor Jose Padilla with the complicity of Rubén Fernández Aguirre the piano. The
Spanish mezzosoprano, Besides, He got a personal triumph in Barcelona with Verdi's Requiem with the Simfònica del Liceu directed by its owner, Josep Pons, on his return to the Palau de la Música Catalana, as well as in concert with soloists of the Orchestra of Valencia at the Palau de la Música in Valencia; Five impressive in Neruda Songs, de Lieberson, interpreted in Lisbon with the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra directed by Alexander Joel or Il Tramonto by Respighi with the Orchestra and Choir of RTVE and under the baton of Miguel Angel Gomez Martinefrom.

María José Montiel faces the summer with Mahler's Third Symphony, a composer with whom feel very identified and has in repertoire several of his masterpieces; he will perform with the Orchestra and Choir of RTVE in San Juan de la Cruz Hospital Ubeda (5 of July) and the Teatro Auditorio de El Escorial (7 of July). Later he returned to Mallorca to participate in the premiere of Nanas, balear composer Antoni Parera Fons, programmed by the Balearic Symphony under the direction of Pablo Mielgo on an evening in which the singer will also offer arias and operetta arias to be held in the Castell de Bellver Palma (19 of July) dentro del ciclo Summer Symphonic. The concert, with identical light interpreters and program changes, concert will be repeated on the Moon Vineyards (Moon concert in the vineyards) to be held 21 July las Bodegas Macia Batle in Santa Maria road, always in Mallorca.

Maria Jose Montiel

POSTPONED TO 7 MAY CONCERT María José Montiel scheduled for today

Due to a sudden illness duly substantiated by the artist, concert Maria Jose Montiel "Discovering Padilla" scheduled for tonight is postponed to Monday 7 May at 20:00h. For this new date will be valid entries already acquired.

Viewers wanting a refund of localities may apply at the theater box office from today.

Box office hours are Monday through Friday 12:00h a 20:00h, and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 14:30h a 20:00h. Holidays in which no function, the box office will be closed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Maria Jose Montiel

The varied artistic interests of Spanish mezzosoprano Maria Jose Montiel They've taken an interest in the work of Jose Padilla Sanchez, author of such popular songs as Valencia or La Violetera, items to be included in the recital that offer the diva Madrid 6 April in the Teatro de la Zarzuela of the Spanish capital. It is a different evening, intimate, with an exquisite repertoire in which the famous interpreter of Verdi, Bizet and Saint-Saëns be introduced in the work of that almost forgotten genius who was Padilla almeriense, a creator of tunes that astonishes by its virtuosity. From the piano accompanied by the Basque Rubén Fernández Aguirre, María José Montiel promises a night of passion with a repertoire melancholy yet to be discovered.

On the agenda of the singer, and among his upcoming engagements, featured a concert accompanied by a select group of soloists of the Orchestra of Valencia and the program Five Neruda Songs de Peter Lieberson with the National Symphony Orchestra directed by Portuguese Joana Carnerio and at the Teatro Sao Carlos in Lisbon.

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María José Montiel

La mezzosoprano española Maria Jose Montiel, National Music Award 2015, continues its international agenda that will take, at the end of January, a Estados Unidos para ofrecer un recital en el ciclo Opera Stars Concerts de la Naples Opera de Miami (Florida), in which he reviewed a wide range of Spanish and French mélodie song also including pieces of composers Brazilians accompanied on the piano by musical director of the house, teacher Ramón Tebar. The appointment is 31 from January, time that the Spanish diva can reconnect with the public than last year applauded as the protagonist of Bizet's opera Carmen, One character that has made it famous in half the world.

Immediately after, María José Montiel viajará hasta el corazón de la isla de Mallorca para ofrecer, at the new Auditorium in Manacor (4 February), un concierto en homenaje al pintor y escultor mallorquín Joan Riera Ferrari, died in May last year. Montiel actuará junto al maestro Michael Estelrich, un cómplice artístico con el que ha ofrecido recitales en diversas ocasiones y que se ha destacado especialmente por su labor en la recuperación y difusión de la obra de compositores baleares.

Always in February (day 20), la mezzo española regresará al Palau de la Música Catalana de Barcelona para interpretar la Messa da Requiem de Giuseppe Verdi junto al Coro y a la Orquestra Simfònica del Gran Teatre del Liceu bajo la dirección de su titular, teacher Josep Pons. En esta velada los cuerpos estables del coliseo lírico barcelonés actuarán en el auditorio modernista formando parte de la programación estable del ciclo BCN Clàssics con sede en el Palau.

Later await María José Montiel, among other commitments, performances in Tenerife, Madrid, Valencia and Lisbon.

In time, The soldier & Friends”

La Fundación Columbus celebró el 11 de diciembre el primer concierto de la gira benéfica "In time, The soldier & Friends”, where health, culture and innovation joined at the Cultural Center La Beneficencia, in Valencia.

Este primer recital lo protagonizaron la mezzo soprano Maria Jose Montiel, National Music Award 2015, teacher Ramón Tébar, current director of the Valencia Symphony Orchestra and Opera Florida, y el cellista de la Orquesta Nacional de España, Ángel Luis Quintana, con el cello “Il Soldato”. La primera parte del concierto estuvo dedicada a la música española y latinoamericana, mientras que durante la segunda parte los artistas abordaron un selecto programa de música francesa. Todo ello estará disponible en la página web de la Fundación (<from 16 from December. Likewise, se podrá disfrutar de este magnífico recital durante los días 24 Y 25 en el canal de televisión Orbe21, con motivo de su programación especial de Navidad.

La finalidad de este concierto era dar a conocer la labor de la Fundación Columbus y, at the same time, recaudar fondos para conseguir financiar el acceso a tratamientos innovadores a niños con cáncer y enfermedades raras. For that, cuentan con el apoyo de Global Omnium – Fundación Aguas de Valencia, la Obra Social La Caixa y Andersen Tax & Legal, que han sido los patrocinadores principales de este evento, y con quienes comparten valores y objetivos sociales.

Entre los asistentes al evento, se encontraban diferentes personalidades relacionadas con los ámbitos de la salud, la innovación y la cultura, como el Profesor Don Santiago Grisolía, presidente del Consell Valencià de Cultura; Manuel Colonques, presidente de Porcelanosa y distinguidos invitados del mundo empresarial valenciano, como Mercedes y Celia Calabuig; además de otros asistentes del ámbito cultural y musical de la provincia.

Protonterapia para niños con cáncer

In this context, la Fundación presentó el primer proyecto que va a llevar a cabo, que tiene como fin facilitar el acceso a la radioterapia con protones a niños enfermos de cáncer. La protonterapia es un tipo de radioterapia que tiene la ventaja de reducir considerablemente los efectos secundarios producidos por la convencional (de fotones). A pesar de ser un tratamiento ampliamente desarrollado en el resto del mundo, España no cuenta aún con centros que ofrezcan esta solución, clave en niños por su vulnerabilidad a padecer efectos adversos en sus tejidos y órganos, que se encuentran en pleno desarrollo.

La directora general de la Fundación Columbus, Ana Gómez, explicó que el primer proyecto piloto en el que están trabajando, conjuntamente con el Hospital Niño Jesús, “está dirigido a niños con tumores cerebrales y tiene como objetivo facilitar que, en los casos indicados por los especialistas, los pequeños puedan acceder al tratamiento con protones en centros europeos”. In this sense, añadió: “La urgencia con la que estos niños deben tratarse es trascendental, ya que existe una ventana de tiempo muy
determinada para que puedan obtenerse buenos resultados, y nuestra misión como fundación es la de conseguir que puedan recibir el tratamiento adecuado a tiempo”.

Sobre este proyecto, la Embajadora de la Fundación Columbus, Maria Jose Montiel, he highlighted: “Este es el programa benéfico más emocionante en el que he participado en toda mi vida, y supone un gran privilegio poder alzar mi voz dando amor y entrega a niños que lo necesitan”. further, señaló: “Cantar en Valencia tiene para mí un sentido especial por los grandes amigos que tengo y que hacen que sienta esta tierra como mía”.

Meanwhile, el fundador y patrono de la Fundación Columbus, Javier García, he claimed: “Para nosotros es un honor contar con artistas de la talla de María José Montiel, Ramón Tebar y Ángel Luis Quintana para este concierto. Rara vez se puede ver tanto talento musical y generosidad juntos sobre un escenario. El programa que han preparado es único y digno de las grandes salas de conciertos del mundo. Tenemos la suerte de disfrutarlo en la Beneficencia y de poder transmitirlo para que sea visto por millones de personas a través de Orbe 21 y de nuestra página web”.

Los próximos conciertos tendrán lugar en Barcelona (Casa Batlló), en la primavera del 2018; y en noviembre del mismo año en la Universidad de Georgetown, en Washington DC, este último con los mismos artistas del concierto inaugural.

Sobre la Fundación Columbus

El objetivo de la Fundación Columbus es contribuir al desarrollo de la sociedad, promoviendo y difundiendo cultura y ciencia e impulsando iniciativas sociales que permitan que tratamientos avanzados puedan ser accesibles a todas las personas que lo necesiten y, in particular, a la población infantil. Es una fundación sin ánimo de lucro, con sede social en Valencia, constituida en el Registro General de fundaciones de competencia estatal, con número de registro 1930.

Maria Jose Montiel

Madrid mezzosoprano Maria Jose Montiel will debut next 19 November in Liverpool (England) intepretando one of the works that made it famous around the world, the Messa da Requiem Giuseppe Verdi. The Spanish diva will take the stage of the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall next to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir, all under the direction of Vasily Petrenko, accompanied by the soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta, tenor David Butt Philip and baritone Bryn Terfel. Montiel has interpreted this Verdi masterpiece on stages all over the world collaborating with directors of the stature of Riccardo Chailly, who perform several tours performing this Requiem, certainly one of his favorite works.

After this new debut, María José Montiel travel to Valencia to offer a benefit concert for the Columbus Foundation, of which she is an ambassador and that raises funds for children with serious diseases and rare diseases. Then perform a recital at the Philharmonic Society of Alicante and already in January 2018 will participate in the concert DIVAS with the sopranos Ainhoa ​​Arteta and Pilar Jurado in MadWomanFest.

In future commitments will play Ravel's Sheherazade and the Seven Popular Spanish Songs Falla with the National Orchestra of Spain (January 2018), will participate in the cycle Opera Stars Concerts in Opera Naples United States with a recital by the maestro Ramón Tebar, regresará Barcelona with Verdi's Requiem with the Symphony of the Lyceum directed by Josep Pons (February), He will debut as Princess Eboli in Don Carlo at the Opera de Tenerife and return to the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid with a concert by the piano Ruben Fernandez Aguirre.

Maria Jose Montiel

Maria Jose Montiel It has more than two decades of experience lavishing both the operatic repertoire and the symphonic and in recital. Last season highlighted, among other, with their interpretations of the symphonies Mahler -author who is passionate about- with the Balearic Symphony, the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra or Philharmonic Málaga; the Five black songs Montsalvatge with the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid; or debut Poème de l'amour et de la mer from Chausson with the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra, that adds up to indisputable successes and its flagship protagonist of Carmen, from Bizet, Florida Grand Opera (Miami, U.S), at the Kursaal in San Sebastián and the Gran Teatro de Córdoba; his masterly version María Moliner, from Antoni Parera, at the Teatro Principal de Mallorca -Prize the best lyrical performance of the year; or recitals he gave at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid accompanied on piano by Michael Estelrich and the Maestranza Theater of Seville with piano Rubén Fernández Aguirre.

After a well deserved week break, the winner of the National Music Prize 2015 It will get to the work of the new course 10 September to interpret Five black songs, Montsalvatge, with the Youth Symphony Orchestra directed by Soria Borja Quintas Autumn Festival at the Musical Soriano; he 14 September will offer a lyrical gala Symphony Murcia with its owner, Virginia Martínez, on the podium; he 7 October participates in the V Great Concert Cycle Torrelodones with a recital by Miquel Estelrich the piano; Y, and in November, will return to Mexico this time to sing the role of Charlotte in Werther, from Massenet, (days 10 Y 12) Opera in Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, whose public witnessed two seasons of their acclaimed debut Dalila in Samson et Dalila, from Saint-Säens.

Maria Jose Montiel

After succeeding with Carmen at the Gran Teatro de Córdoba, Madrid mezzosoprano Maria Jose Montiel sing two of his favorite roles: María Moliner in the opera of the same name at the Teatre Principal of Palma de Mallorca and Charlotte of Werther at the Teatro Massimo of Palermo.

The Spanish diva, one of the most important representatives of the Spanish lyrical today, will resume in the Majorcan capital the role of María Moliner, a role written especially for her and whose premiere took place at the Teatro de La Zarzuela in April last year. This is the central character in the opera María Moliner, Mallorcan composer Antoni Parera, a project of the theater director and set designer quoted Paco Azorín which was Montiel starring its premiere and now takes up the Main. For the Madrid singer, It's about a “rich character whose work must be disclosed more. She was a strong woman who fought a very complex stage in the history of Spain and that despite the situation of political repression that existed achieved one of its major goals, as it is to publish a dictionary”. according to Montiel, This proposal contemporary opera has allowed the life and work “this special woman revives today; I hope more theaters in the Spanish geography and international level interested in programming it”. The appointment is the day 5, 7 Y 9 May having the same spectacular and assembly applauded Paco Azorín specially adapted to the stage of the Teatre Principal de Palma.

Later María José Montiel will move to Sicily (Italy) to play Charlotte, de Werther, one of the masterpieces of French composer Jules Massenet. The singer confesses a weakness for this character, which, because of the circumstances that Goethe conceived for him in the novel that inspired the opera, “He lives a very sad and troubled life, with pain and melancholy. It has a fully repressed passion within herself. In any case, when I sing Charlotte, I feel a huge emotion and passion. The text and the wonderful music of Massenet are perfectly amalgamated, something that helps me a lot to get into the character's feelings”. There will be two functions, the days 27 Y 31 of May.
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Montiel in La Maestranza

After nearly three months stuck in the skin of one of his favorite characters, the protagonist of Carmen, from Bizet, with which just won the Miami Opera and at the Kursaal in San Sebastian, Maria Jose Montiel Seville billboard again next 25 February to offer a recital by the piano Rubén Fernández-Aguirre, expert accompaniment of loud voices. The appointment will be in the cycle of the opera recitals Teatro La Maestranza of Seville is programming in recent seasons and will include a well known by the Spanish mezzo repertoire: songs Enrique Granados -who is celebrated this year 150 anniversary of his birth- They will alternate with works of Spanish also Ernesto Halffter O Joaquin Turina, not forgetting the great classics of Brazilian songbook, such as composers Jayme Ovalle O Heitor Villa-Lobos, or French, as Reynaldo Hahn, Claude Debussy, Ambroise Thomas O Camille Saint-Saëns. With this recital Maria Jose Montiel will act before the Sevillian public, who heard for the last time in April 2016 in a Lyrical Gala which celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of Teatro La Maestranza.

Upcoming engagements take the singer to sing the Basque Country's Second Symphony Mahler near the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra at the Palacio Euskalduna, Cordoba to deliver his famous version of Carmen again, Bizet, and Palma de Mallorca to portray the protagonist María Moliner, from Antoni Parera Fons Y Paco Azorín, an opera whose premiere took place in 2016 at Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid Montiel in the role of the great lexicographer aragonesa.

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Maria Jose Montiel

Florida Grand Opera in Miami (U.S) will open its season in late November with the Madrid mezzosoprano Maria Jose Montiel as absolute protagonist: the Spanish diva returns to America with her sensual, temperamental and unique portrait of the most famous gypsy opera, the star of Carmen, from Bizet. With this role, Montiel, National Music Award 2015, there has been a major theaters of Europe, Asia and the United States, It is recognized as one of the top performers of the complex character. And if last year he inaugurated the season with the legendary Teatro di San Carlo in Naples (Italy), under the baton of Zubin Mehta, this year raises the curtain of rising US company. “They will be an unforgettable functions, that's for sure, because I have talked a lot about what is loving public of Miami. Why I love my debut in this fantastic city to be with Carmen, a character who is very dear to me and I know that like, since in Miami there is a large percentage of public latino. further, It is my honor to inaugurate the season”, said the singer.

Maria Jose Montiel is one of the greatest performers of his generation Carmen; his concept of character in the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona Campoamor earned him the award for Best Singer of the Spanish season. “Since I made my debut, Carmen has become like a sister. We have traveled together all over the world and I've played in dozens of productions, each with a different point of view. I am very interested character for his psychological profile, so you have to race, brave woman. It is ahead of its time that loves freedom above all things, even at the cost of his own life. So I find it fascinating”.

The functions are the days 12, 15 Y 19 November and 1 Y 3 from December, first title of season, precisely, He has chosen Maria Jose Montiel as lyrical image of the entire course.

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Maria Jose Montiel

Year 2016 it will be hard to forget for the Spanish mezzo-soprano Maria Jose Montiel. The premiere at the Teatro de la Zarzuela opera “María Moliner”, work written especially for her by composer Antoni Parera Fons, or it has been awarded the National Music Prize, They have been two of the events that have marked for her this season.

Maria Jose Montiel speaks for Classical Verve and reflects on his career, their experiences and their future. He explains the importance they have had for her characters like Carmen, Dalila or María Moliner. Great characters that Montiel has contributed a full interpretation of character and passion.

The characteristics of its wide and round voice, the great route of registration and dark shades of generous serious, They combine perfectly with an exquisite sensitivity in interpretation and an unmistakable timbre. All this makes Maria Jose Montiel one of the best national performers and most internationally.

A very successful balance, anecdotes and experiences that tells us.

Maria Jose Montiel

Maria Jose Montiel, winner National Music Award 2015 He conducted during July and August a series of concerts and recitals by various Spanish stages, including the Opera Benicàssim Festival with the Orchestra of Valencia, the Chopin Festival of Valldemossa (Mallorca) and the International Festival of Santander. This September Maria Jose Montiel will perform a concert with the Community of Madrid Orchestra and under the direction of Victor Pablo Pérez with works Alberto Ginastera Y Enrique Granados at the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid (27 of September). The days 7 Y 8 October will open the season of the Orchestra and Chorus of RTVE participating in early opera Puccini Edgar, under the direction of Miguel Ángel Gómez Martínez, at the Monumental Theatre of the Spanish capital.

That same month (day 20) will play the Third Symphony Gustav Mahler, uno de sus compositores preferidos: lo hará junto a la Orquestra Simfònica de Balears con la dirección de Pablo Mielgo en el Auditorium de Palma de
Mallorca, todo ello antes de viajar a la Florida Grand Opera (Miami, U.S) to present his vision of listed Carmen from Bizet.

Segovia Festival

Of the 17 al 31 of July, he Festival Segovia (FS) again delight the audience after 40 years in which the best performers on the international scene have left their mark with unforgettable concerts. A Festival, endorsed by the 47 editions of his feature Chamber Music Week and the 21 its prestigious Festival Young, that integrate, bet big and young values ​​of the current music scene, with a program this year that delves into the roots of Spanish popular music, a hymn to the deepest verses of our culture, flamenco, always present in the FS, without forgetting the jazz, fusion music, choral music or dance. Everything that we live and dream in a present in constant motion that can not shake their memories or remain oblivious to their surroundings and to the evolution of its forms.

historical nooks and full of references where the acoustics are spectacular, as San Juan de los Caballeros Zuloaga Museum, Cathedral, Patio de Armas El Alcázar, large venues that host a large audience as the Plaza del Azoguejo or more gathered for a piano recital, as the Casino of the Union, They will dress gala to revive the public moments of enjoyment in a city born for living art.

Inaugurating the Festival, on Sunday 17 July the Cathedral will host the voices of Lexington Singers, directed since 18 years Jefferson Johnson, one of the most prestigious choirs of Kentucky and one of the oldest community choirs USA. Composed by 50 singers, Americans will perform spiritual and sacred music.

Directed by Andrew Gourlay, "One of the great emerging directors and artists of the future", as augured BBC Music Magazine, member Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra to orders Claudio Abbado, and already with a path where operatic engagements overabundant, the Symphony Orchestra of Castilla and Leon, celebrating their 25 anniversary, will offer in the Plaza del Azoguejo (21 of July) a concert to heighten the mood: An American in Paris, from Gershwin; "Interlude" y "Danza" of the visual breve of Failure, and Symphony No. 3 in E flat major, on. 55 "Heroica", from Beethoven.

From flamenco, the great Carmen Linares, accompanied by the elegant piano Pablo Suárez, the swing of contrabass Josemi Garzón and the brilliant percussion Karo Sampela, will present "verse by verse" (22 July in El Alcázar): a project that shows the musical identity of the singer as the only voice of contemporary flamenco and his passion for poetry in Spanish to rediscover a repertoire of verses, reflections and songs of García Lorca, Miguel Hernandez Y Juan Ramon Jimenez. A recital of song and poetry where the musical dialogue between voice and instruments reveal the dimension of flamenco music as authentic and versatile. Born flamenco voice of Andalusia, the first loneliness, the first cry on the first night ...

After experimenting in his Lookingback project with the composer hunch Chopin, the breath of Renaissance and Baroque repertoires or song concert, Andreas Prittwitz, creator able to claim both musical excellences of Renaissance culture as improvised jazz, also it stirs the roots of flamenco to shake hands with the old and baroque music in a unique concert. And it is this virtuoso saxophonist, clarinetist and exclusive interpreter of the recorder has for years indulging distant repertoires to give them a new skin and new thinking. Here I am completely different "baroque Zambra" in Segovia with the musician joins two worlds, different times, different roots, different timbres and instruments coexist during this concert (29 July in El Alcázar). Chacona, bulería, Folio, tanguillo, Bach, soleá, Vivaldi, fandango, Henry Purcell and toná ... Eva Durán singing and Jorge Enrique García countertenor, Mario Montoya to touch and Ramiro Morales with the baroque guitar, and "conciliators" elements, Joan Espina and Andreas Prittwitz, violin and winds, all united by the contrabass Roberto Terron.

The lyrical song is an essential genre in and for Spanish culture is something that evidence the acclaimed Maria Jose Montiel, National Music Award 2015, one of the best mezzo-sopranos of our country, Segovia protagonist of "Velvet", a recital (23 July in El Alcázar) With which, with pianist Michael Estelrich, will tour the Spanish popular music as a sign of that sentimental spirit where he found the tribute to unrequited love or desired. Subjects of Failure, Turina, Granados, Villa Lobos, Ovalle, E. Halffter, A. Thomas, Debussy, Saint-Säens O R. Hahn make up the repertoire of this opera singer and recitalist-an international recognition of the great interpreters of Carmen today, role incarnated in more than 90 sometimes with great success- which he is capable of setting up an entire audience thanks to the perfection of his technique, its bright timbre, his musical and dramatic versatility and wide tessitura voice.

From jazz, Patricia Kraus He looks back on itself again through the songs that have accompanied her throughout her life. With an unmistakable personal style, and with a band of excellent international musicians, Segovia surrender to your voice thanks to a concert that will be including songs from their latest album ECOS and former DIVAZZ. A set of versions and own subjects impregnated with the harmonies of R&B, Jazz and Soul, They are offering such an intimate live as spectacular (30 July in the Garden of Zuloaga).

Between the Renaissance and Baroque, to Romanticism. 47 Camera Week

A different look for an audience that can also stroll through chamber music, why it defined for already 47 years FS, and which this year also bet on the music of the early seventeenth century, an eruption of musical expression, the time of the first operas Peri, Monteverdi Y Cavalli, and basso continuo, Sonata for solo and "virtuous", as Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli, one of the first composers of sonatas for violin, bassoon virtuoso as Bartolome de Selma and Salaverde, composers such as Diego Ortiz, Salamone Rossi, Aurelio Virgiliano, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, the Italian Carlo Gesualdo or contemporary Michelangelo Rossi. All this hand Audi Alter (Maria Martinez Ayerza, recorders; Petri value, bassoon, baroque bassoon and recorders; Petros Paukkunen, organ), training created to promote one of the most innovative and valuable repertoire of the history of Western music: he Stylus Phantasticus. A style of instrumental music of the seventeenth century characterized by the use of a varied expressive palette, great contrasts and an unknown compositional freedom so far (25 July in the Cathedral).

Ignacio Prego, one of the most important of its generation clavecinistas, will delight the audience with a concert in which he will play the Goldberg variations from Bach (26 July in San Juan de los Caballeros). High degree of virtuosity, crossing hands and use of two keyboards. Fantasy and order for a concert an hour and a half of a technique that verges perfection and musical passion.

Trio Arriaga, Likewise, will hold thanks to the collaboration of Spanish Cultural Action (AC / E)- a tribute to Granados Y Shostakovich (27 July in San Juan de los Caballeros) in an intimate but no less splendid concert. Concerts in the best European festivals and accompanied the vast majority of Spanish orchestras and some of the best European, Trio Arriaga is the meeting point of three musicians of recognized standing and where paths converge their solísticas. More than 25 Albums, some labels like Sony NAXOS or, and multiple awards won, the guarantee as a trio of reference of his generation with an exquisite filling and beautiful sonority.

Copies Women

The word that wrote Cervantes to describe their women in their exemplary Novels, comedies and Don Quijote of La Mancha, illustrated guide and music originally composed to commemorate his figure in the fourth centenary of his death six composers from Spain and America, from the perspective of four centuries of historical distance, glossed singularities of some of the female characters created by Cervantes. On this issue in the musical cervantinas Women, Hand actor Manuel Galiana, the middle María Rodríguez Cusí Y Marisa Blanes the piano, directed by Luciano González Sarmiento. Women who try to be "masters" themselves, "Exemplary women" that are protected from hostility and social conventions and moral. Women vindicate her identity with a voice that becomes word and music (24 July in El Alcázar).

On another exciting woman, a revolutionary dance and life, Carmen Tórtola Valencia (1882-1955), admired by Valle Inclan, Perez de Ayala, Gomez de la Seine O D'Annunzio, Pirandello O Marta Graham, Clara will deepen the dancer Tortola Valencia Good, eternal woman. Turtledove is narrating his life with poetry of artists and intellectuals of the generation of 98 his art inspired, on a musical background of some of the compositions she danced and provide entry to their dances (28 July in San Juan de los Caballeros). Thus occupy dance, Likewise, a privileged place in the FS, also hand Uniqart Dance Company, neoclassical ballet company created by former dancers Béjart Ballet Lausanne Iker Murillo, Marsha Rodríguez and acclaimed Russian choreographer Vitali Sanfrokine. Part of his philosophy is condensed in its motto: "Creating art in unique locations" (31 July in the Garden of Zuloaga). And the statement submitted by the House of Dance of Logroño "Perpetuum mobile" of Josep Aznar It will make us dream moments in the hand of the international dance festivals visited us in summer. The file that these photographs, for dance, is the best legacy we always will witness the brilliant moments that dance offered in our country (From the 20 July at the College of Architects).

Music and emotions family

For young audiences accompanied by adults, the characteristic traditional Family Concert (24 July in San Juan de los Caballeros) It will focus on music and emotions to speak of love for music and teamwork, and supplemented with a small workshop tools and plastic creation. The mysterious artifact is a musical story in a written act Patricia García Sánchez in which sound tracks of Romeo and Juliet Prokofiev adapted for chamber ensemble. The representation will feature the author as narrator, and interpreters Gemma Romero (piano), Cristina Garcia (flute), Beatriz Alonso (fagot) Y Fran Cabanillas (saxo).

The commitment to young hopefuls

But one of the characteristics of the FS is its commitment to the promising young Spanish music scene, and the FS would not be such without its Youth Festival, that fulfills 21 years, a section through which will announce the winners talent 19 Santa Cecilia Piano Prize of Don Juan de Borbon Foundation and the winners of the competitions Intercentros Melómano, Pedro Bote Promises Young Award and Violoncello Jaime Dobato Benavente, concerts free access.

Twenty concerts, so that, for a festival aimed at all types of audience eager to enjoy good music, with prices ranging from gratuity (he 40% concerts are free access until full capacity), 3€ and 20 €.

Maria Jose Montiel

Still savoring the triumph as the protagonist of María Moliner at the absolute premiere at the Teatro de la Zarzuela from the opera of Antoni Parera Font and after his return to Teatro Real from Madrid (Luisa Miller), al Palau de la Música (concert with the Orchestra of Valencia) and to Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville (gala 25 years of the coliseum hispalense), the spanish mezzo-soprano Maria Jose Montiel you will receive in the Palencia Cathedral and in an act chaired by His Majesty the Kings of Spain he National Music Award 2015 (1 of June), a distinction that recognizes a career that is always on the rise and of great international impact. «I am very grateful and honored for this Award, which comes at a very positive moment and which is bringing me many successes. From here I want to thank the jury for thinking about me and my professional career », the Madrid diva points out.

Later, María José Montiel will undertake a tour of recitals in various cities of the country, starting in Asturias, where he will offer a recital with the outstanding concert artist Ivan Martin -one of the great pianists of the Spanish quarry- premiering the composer's work Guillermo Martinez in the Foundation Selga Fagalde in Cudillero (Asturias). Later he will move to Segovia to perform with the piano of Michael Estelrich; at Opera Benicàssim Lyrical Festival will offer a program of arias and songs with soloists from the Valencia Orchestra before their return to the Chopin Festival of Valldemossa (Mallorca) where she will also perform accompanied by Miquel Estelrich. Montiel will say goodbye to the tour - and the summer- at Santander International Festival, this time next to the piano of Rubén Fernández Aguirre.


Maria Jose Montiel Maria Moliner plays at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

It is unusual brand an opera in Spain. It is even less so in the Teatro de la Zarzuela. And if opera is Spanish, more musical event, We talk almost a miracle.

María Moliner is a character with enough packaging to star a story. Packaging and heroics who made a formidable task from pure ostracism. Write a dictionary of use of Castilian in the solitude of her living room, isolated and surrounded by the censorship of the time, do it in only fifteen years, and discuss even own dictionary of the SAR and the members of his academy, It is not a minor event.

On an idea Paco Azorín It has been built and maintained rigorous work. Divided into two acts and ten scenes, It is the result of complicity between Paco Azorín himself, the composer Antoni Parera Fons y the librettist Lucia Vilanova. It is in music where lies much of the success of this opera. Expert on the dynamics jars and able to write specifically for voice, Parera Fons has composed a score perfectly recognizable and highly consistent from start to finish. He has been able to use different musical techniques in perfect balance and put them at the service of the work.

In this point, the work of musical director Victor Pablo Pérez It is flawless. Sensitive and attentive to everything happening around, he drew from his orchestra every nuance of the score, enriqueciéndola.

The libretto of Lucía Vilanova has been nurtured mainly from two sources, the biography of María Moliner Inmaculada de la Fuente, and own dictionary. The article tries to reflect the daily life of such a complex process as is the development of a dictionary, but mostly it tries to unravel his inner life, their dreams and the evolution of a project of this magnitude. Perhaps the script lacks the lyricism of an operatic work. Too vividly describes some difficult events to fit into a proper line of song. The libretto has added a dream, which imagines the time of writing the application for entry into the Academy. Moliner is then accompanied by other writers who, like her, They should have been part of the RAE. They help draft the letter Emilia Pardo Bazán, Isidra de Guzmán and of the Bristle and Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda.

Another pillar of this work is its protagonist. María Moliner's role was written specifically for Maria Jose Montiel. Delivery to the character is absolute. His stage presence is almost constant and both, Moliner and Montiel, They have the same burden of temperament tenderness. His consistent voice, extensive and generous smoothness, sways with its beautiful timbre every note issues.

The rest of the cast is headed by José Julián Frontal, as Fernando, her husband. The character is not extensive vocally but is very well positioned thanks to its great performance.

Emilia Pardo Bazán has been interpreted by the soprano vizcaína Celia Alcedo, voice strong and well armed, He endowed his character in the entity that is supposed.

At a very high level were, despite its brief interventions, María José Suárez Y Lola Casariego, who played Isidra de Guzmán and of the Bristle and Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, respectively. Like an evil Sandra Fernández, CEU exerting inspector and later Carmen Conde.

Goyanes, the typesetter María Moliner, character that existed in reality and joined the libretto. It is played with grace by the Valencian baritone Sebastiá Peris.

Highlight the role of the three almanacs very dynamically introduced various important moments in the life of the protagonist. the tenor Gerardo López and baritones David Oller Y Toni Marsol.

Special mention should be participation, as an armchair B SAR, baritone Joan Pons. It is always a treat to hear his voice strong and mighty.

The work of Coro del Teatro de la Zarzuela He was at a high level in his numerous interventions.

The scenery of Paco Azorín has two main elements moving metal structures and whose protagonists roam the endless staircase creating scenes of great dynamism and visual appeal. Behind them images of different characters and historical moments are transposed. The result can not be more successful. Po stage characters and events unfold under good direction of actors.

María Moliner is never alone on stage. It is accompanied by a small army of women who recite the meaning of his words while they grow in number over representation. This beautiful allegory emerges from one of the leaders who had Paco Azorín to create your scenery, Marguerite Yourdenar, with which our protagonist bears some similarities. Yourdenar became part of the Academy of the French language in 1981. In his inaugural speech he said: "I come here accompanied by an army of invisible women who should have entered this academy before me. I feel tempted to step back to pass them ".

This seemingly invisible army of women end up flooding everything, first stage and then the room. By doing so present to all those women who went before.

Antoni Parera Fons
documentary opera in two acts and ten scenes
Libretto by Lucía Vilanova
D. musical: Victor Pablo Pérez
D. scene and scenery: Paco Azorín
Lighting: Pedro Yagüe
Diesner video: Pedro Chamizo
stage movement: Carlos Martos de la Vega
Community of Madrid Orchestra
Coro del Teatro de la Zarzuela
D. choir: ALberto Trijueque
Distribution: Maria Jose Montiel, José Luis Front, Sandra Fernández, Sebastián Peris, Juan Pons, Celia Alcedo, María José Suárez, Lola
Casariego, Gerardo López, David Oller, Toni Marsol, Sara Rosique, Ana María Ramos,
Daniel Huerta y Mario Villoria.

Text: Paloma Sanz
pictures: Fernando Marcos

María Moliner

He Teatro de la Zarzuela presenta el estreno mundial de la ópera basada en la vida de María Moliner. The idea for this book began life back in 2012 Hand Paco Azorín, its stage director, who had the good sense to call the author of the music, the composer Antoni Parera Fons, the author of the libretto, Lucia Vilanova y la que sería la protagonista de un personaje tan singular, brava Maria Jose Montiel.

He 13 de abril se estrena esta obra que se podrá ver los días 13, 15, 17, 19 Y 21 y que pone en valor a una mujer insustituible de nuestra reciente historia.

La obra se centra en la segunda mitad de la vida de la lexicógrafa María Moliner cuando, haciendo de la necesidad virtud, y utilizando el encierro cultural al que se vio abocada tras la victoria franquista en la Guerra Civil, decide realizar su idea asombrosa: la hazaña de hacer ella sola, en su casa, un diccionario cuya enjundia puso en evidencia al diccionario de los académicos…
La creación de esta ópera parte de la idea de Paco Azorín de reivindicar la figura de la gran lexicógrafa. Con libreto (2012) de Lucía Vilanova y música (2016) de Antoni Parera Fons, la dirección de escena del propio Azorín está concebida como una ópera documental contemporánea «pensada, escrita y compuesta para el público de hoy». Una síntesis del drama musical que utiliza una fórmula moderna plagada de contrastes y emociones. En ella todo es escena, es teatro y por tanto, está llena de pulso. Según su compositor, Antoni Parera Fons «la compuse sin miedo a rozar el peligro. Fue un salto sin red».Víctor Pablo Pérez

Musical: Victor Pablo Pérez

D. de escena y escenografía: Paco Azorín

Locker room: Maria Araujo

Lighting: Pedro Yagüe

Video design: Pedro Chamizo

Asistente de la dirección musical: Sergio Cuenca

Ayudante de dirección de escena: Salva Bolta

stage movement: Carlos Martos de la Vega

Maestros repetidores: Ramón Grau, Roberto Balistreri


MARÍA MOLINER: Maria Jose Montiel (13, 15, 17 Y 21 of April) / Cristina Faus (19 of April)



GOYANES: Sebastiá Peris




Con la colaboración especial de JUAN PONS como SILLÓN B DE LA RAE

ALMANAQUE: Gerardo López, David Oller, Toni Marsol

CABALLEROS OSCUROS: Sara Rosique, Ana María Ramos, Daniel Huerta, Mario Villoria

VOCES ACUSADORAS: Ana María Ramos, Daniel Huerta, Mario Villoria

ACTRICES: Carolina Andrés, Lucía Barrado, Eva Boucherite, Aurora Carbonell, Lucía Díaz, Elena Lombao, Rocío Martín, Gadea Quintana, Carmen Soler, Vanesa Vega

ACTORES: Alex Larumbe, Guillermo Sanjuán

Community of Madrid Orchestra, Titular del Teatro de La Zarzuela

Coro del Teatro de La Zarzuela

Director: Antonio Fauró

Realización de vestuario: Goretti, vestuario escénico

Teatro de la Maestranza

The next 30 April will take place, at Teatro de la Maestranza, Lyrical commemorating the XXV Anniversary Gala Teatro de la Maestranza and Seville Symphony Orchestra and the twentieth anniversary of the creation of the Choir A. A. the Teatro de la Maestranza.

On this occasion, a Lyric Gala will be offered under the orchestral direction of John Axelrod, with choir direction of Íñigo Sampil and the participation of the soloists Maria Jose Montiel, Mariola Cantarero Y Juan Pons.

María José Montiel

Mezzo soprano

National Music Award 2015 awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain, magazines like Opera News (USA), Current opera (Spain), Opera Magazine (France), L?Opera (Italy) y Orpheus (Germany) position María José Montiel as one of the great mezzo-sopranos of today, praised for the beauty of its timbre, its interpretive delicacy and communicative power. In 2014 Y 2015 He has played Carmen in Israel and Italy led by Zubin Mehta, a character who has walked through the most important stages of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, China and United States. Bizet's gypsy woman transformed the Madrid mezzo into an international revelation and her collaborations with Riccardo Chailly in works such as the Requiem in Verdi (Vienna, Frankfurt, Milan, Budapest, Tokyo o Leipzig) have consolidated that unstoppable prestige.

She recently debuted the role of Ulrica in A masked ball in Verdi, in Israel and again with Mehta (July 2015) and the character of Delilah in Samson and Delilah from Saint-Säens, in Mexico (September 2015); has sung the Requiem by Verdi with La VERDI in Milan as part of the events that close the Expo Milano 2015 and has made his debut at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples as the protagonist of Carmen, always under the baton of the Indian director. His next commitments include the absolute premiere of María Moliner by Antoni Parera, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid and Scheherazade Ravel, with the Valencia Orchestra.

He was born in Madrid where he studied the singing career at the Royal Conservatory of that city, before moving to Vienna to improve with O. Miljakovic. He is also studying Law at the Autonomous University of Madrid, in which he also obtained the DEA in Music History and Sciences.



Grenadine by birth, begins his musical studies at the Conservatory of his hometown, and later he expanded them with the Cordovan Professor of singing Carlos Hacar and already in his career he perfected with Ruthilde Böesch in Vienna. She is awarded in different international singing competitions such as the “Francisco Viñas”, “Operalia´99”, “Pedro Lavirgen” Y “A.S.L.I.C.O. 2000” and receives different awards for his career such as “Current Opera Award 2002”, “Revaluation of the circle of friends of the Lyceum 2003”, “Image Award of the City of Granada 2003”, “Critical Eye of RNE 2005”, “The Honorable Mention of the Diputación de Granada”,”The Gold Medal of the City of Granada”, as well as “The Gold Medal of Andalusia 2011”.

He makes his debut at the Carlo Felice theater in Genova with Le Comte Ory Rossini, and since then he has become a regular soprano in the main theaters in Europe such as the Teatro Real in Madrid, Barcelona Lyceum, Maestranza of Seville, the Bilbao Opera, May Florentine, San Carlo of Naples, The Opera of Rome, Rossini Opera Festival, as well as at the Hamburg opera, bucharest opera, Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam, Strasbourg… and beyond our continent at the Korean National Opera, Shanghai Oriental Art center de China, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo Opera House, Detroit Opera, New Jersey…



Recognized around the world as one of the leading dramatic baritones of our time. His most recognized performances include Rigoletto, Tosca, La traviata, The maiden of the west, Gianni Schicchi, Pagliacci, Madama Butterfly, Cavalleria rusticana, etc.

Throughout his career, Juan Pons has sung regularly with the most prestigious operatic companies in the world, for example: La Scala in Milan, the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, the Vienna State Opera, Covent Garden in London, the Bastille Theater in Paris, the Bavarian State Opera, Hamburg and Zurich, Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Teatro de la Zarzuela, Royal Theatre, the operas of Rome and Florence, La Fenice Theater in Venice, the Teatro Comunale Bologna, the Regio Theater of Parma, the Arena of Verona or the Baths of Caracalla, among many others.



Richard Wagner (1813-1883)

Tannhauser (guest choir)

George Bizet (1838-1875)



Habanera (Mª José Montiel and choir)

Aria of the cards (Mª José Montiel)

Boheme song

Franz Lehár (1870-1948)

The Merry Widow

Will Lied (Mariola Cantarero)

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

The Troubadour

Gypsy Choir

Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)


You gods (Juan Pons and choir)


Richard Wagner (1813-1883)


III act "selection"


The winner of the National Music Prize 2015, the spanish mezzo-soprano Maria Jose Montiel, April returns to his native Madrid, and doubly. First, between 13 and the 20 of April, will be the protagonist of the absolute premiere of the composer's opera Antoni Parera and libretto Lucia Vilanova Maria Moliner, that will be offered in the Teatro de la Zarzuela and that is inspired by the outstanding Spanish lexicographer. Later, the days 23 Y 26 of April, will move to Teatro Real To participate in Luisa Miller, from Giuseppe Verdi.

Regarding the new opera, a commission from the Teatro de La Zarzuela itself, María José Montiel affirms that “the score is very demanding, taking into account that my character is always on stage. It is fascinating: she was a very strong woman, of great strength and of a fighter with whom a great historical injustice was committed by preventing her from entering the
Language Academy just for the fact of being a woman. Text and music match perfectly. The study hours have been many, but it has helped me to know even more about the music and aesthetics of Antoni, of whom I have sung many of his song cycles. The opera has very attractive melodies and I think it will appeal to all audiences.. His music is of great expressiveness, loaded with soul and feeling. The great luxury of this proposal is to be able to work the work and the character directly with the composer, something that does not usually happen in opera ".

After this absolute premiere, the Spanish diva will return to the stage of the Teatro Real, this time to get into the skin of Queen Federica, from the opera Luisa Miller, de Giuseppe Verdi, title that will be offered in concert version under the baton of James Conlon and next to the Miller of Leo Nucci.

Later, already in may, María José Montiel will return to the Valencia Orchestra season, set with which he will interpret Scheherazade, from Ravel, at Palau de la Música from the capital of Turia.



Maria Jose Montiel opens on Sunday the season of the San Carlo in Naples starring Carmen along with Zubin Mehta. Madrid diva, recent winner of the National Music Prize, will play the protagonist of the opera Bizet debuting in the emblematic Neapolitan Coliseum before the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

tickets, exhausted, cost up 800 euros. The inauguration of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, He is known as "the most beautiful in the world", it becomes a social event again, political and cultural of the first order. And with a Spanish as the protagonist. This will be the fourth time that Zubin Mehta has directed María José Montiel in recent months. The artistic idyll between the two interpreters will culminate in the inauguration, this Sunday, from the season of the mythical Neapolitan coliseum, the largest and oldest in Italy, a gala function which will even be attended by the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella. On stage, mezzosoprano Madrid will be dressed as the protagonist of the opera Carmen, Bizet, title that he has sung conducted by maestro Mehta in Tel Aviv in December 2014 and last march. "Working with him is always enriching", Montiel points, and «the collaboration we have is full of complicity, with what we got to give character and the best musical sense of the characters'. In July Mehta also directed the Spanish singer in Un ballo in maschera. After singing the Requiem Verdi Milan EXPO Milano firing 2015, María José Montiel returned to Italy to debut in Naples and makes him happier than ever, now possessing the highest distinction that can suck a Spanish interpreter: the National Music Prize awarded by the Government last October. The Madrid singer, that Carmen has starred in the most important stages of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, China and United States, will celebrate its Carmen number in Naples 100.

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Maria Jose Montiel will begin the month of September “with great enthusiasm to assume for the first time the character of Dalila who has always been, for vocality and beauty, one of my dreams", affirms the mezzo-soprano from Madrid, role with which he will debut in Mexico. "The truth is that it comes at the best time", keep going. "French music, both in the operatic repertoire and in that of the song, has always lived as something natural in my repertoire, and the heroine of Saint-Saëns, like is logic, I felt her getting closer and closer, so now I face it with great enthusiasm; Besides, it will be the first time I sing an opera in Mexico, so everything comes together so that I feel very happy ", Add. Montiel will debut the sensual character at the Nuevo León Opera, In Monterrey, an institution that, with the support of the State Council of Culture of Mexico, has the privilege of having witnessed the careers of local artists with a great international career, as is the case of the tenor Javier Camarena.

The Spanish singer will offer two performances of the great Saint-Säens opera, the days 18 Y 20 September sharing the stage with Rodrigo Garciarroyo, Guillermo Ruiz, Oscar Martinez Y Charles Oppenheim, the Nuevo León Opera Choir and the UANL Symphony Orchestra, all led by Guido Maria Guida.

María José Montiel will arrive in Mexico after having debuted this July in Israel the role of Ulrica from Un ballo in maschera, from Verdi, Hand Zubin Mehta. After the performances of Samson et Dalila he will offer a recital at the Alicante Concert Society (7 October), will sing Verdi's Requiem with La Verdi in Milan as part of the events that close the Expo Milano 2015 (29 Y 30 October 1 of November) and will debut at the San Carlo Theater in Naples with one of his fetish roles, the protagonist of Carmen, from Bizet, again under the direction of Zubin Mehta.


Madrid mezzosoprano Maria Jose Montiel and the Barcelona tenor David Alegret will provide, with the pianist from Baracaldo Rubén Fernández Aguirre, a recital in homage to Los Angeles Victoria the next 21 June at the Cloister of Sant Cugat. It is an act that will remind the great Barcelona soprano on the tenth anniversary of his death, part of the # 10devictoria activities promoted by the Victoria dels Àngels Music School and the Victoria de los Ángeles Foundation and which is in turn part of the cycle Nits de Música al Claustre organized by the Sant Cugat City Council. Montiel and Alegret, two singers with a long international career, have wanted to join this tribute in which they will offer a selection of works from their repertoire: if in the first part the Catalan tenor will sing songs from Jordi Sabatés O Eduard Toldrà, among others, The Madrid mezzo-soprano will perform songs and opera arias by authors such as Montsalvatge, Halffter, Debussy, Saint-Säens O Bizet.

María José Montiel has faced a 2015 full of commitments, singing in Valencia (recital at the Palau de la Música and the Rossinian Stabat Mater in
the Palace of the Arts), Barcelona (Seven popular Spanish songs, from Failure, at the Palau de la Música), Madrid (Requiem of Verdi and a Lyric Gala with the RTVE Orchestra and Choir and a recital to benefit the Center for Applied Medical Research of the University of Navarra), Pamplona (recital at the Gayarre Theater), Lisboa (Mahler's Third Symphony), Tel Aviv (Carmen with Zubin Mehta) or Milan (Third Symphony of Mahler); in June he will offer a recital in the XXI Lied Cycle of the Madrid Theater of La Zarzuela and in July he will debut the role of Ulrica, de A masked ball, again next to Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic in Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, David Alegret has just achieved great successes on stages such as the Teatro Comunale de Treviso and Ferrara (The Turkish in Italy, from
Rossini), Arriaga Theater in Bilbao (Recital de Lied), Palace of Catalan Music (Recital of Lied and The Creation, from Haydn), Girona Auditorium (St. Matthew Passion, from Bach) or the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona (Così fan tutte, from Mozart), and next October Semiramide will sing, Rossini, at the Marseille Opera.

Maria Jose Montiel

the mezzosoprano Maria Jose Montiel will add another title to its extensive operatic repertoire next July: If trata de Un ballo in maschera, from Verdi, work in which the Madrid diva will play the character of Ulrica day 14, 16, 18 Y 20 of July with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and under the baton of Zubin Mehta, a director with whom he has collaborated for several seasons and with whom he has sung other titles such as Medea, from Cherubini (Palau de les Arts in Valencia) or Carmen, from Bizet (with the Israeli team based in Tel Aviv and twice this season). "Ulrica is a role that I am passionate about and for which I have been preparing myself conscientiously since Master Mehta proposed it to me", points singer, who also assures that the collaboration that has been established with the Indian director "is one of those wonderful things that happen to one in life and which I try to enjoy every moment; He is an exceptional musician and I feel really blessed and excited to be working with him on this new Verdi role in my repertoire ”.

Montiel arrives in July after a 2015 full of commitments: after singing in Valencia (a recital at the Palau de la Música and the Rossinian Stabat Mater at the Palau de les Arts), Barcelona (Seven popular Spanish songs, from Failure, at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona), Madrid (Requiem by Verdi and a Lyrical Gala with the RTVE Orchestra and Choir and a recital to benefit the Center for Applied Medical Research of the University of Navarra), Pamplona (recital at the Gayarre Theater), Lisboa (Mahler's Third Symphony with the Portuguese Symphony), Tel Aviv (Carmen with Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic) or Milan (Third Symphony of Mahler with LA VERDI).

Before her debut as Ulrica in Israel, the Madrid diva will offer, he 15 of June, a recital within the XXI Lied Cycle at the Teatro de La Zarzuela in Madrid and another, the day 21, in Tribute to the soprano Victoria de Los Ángeles in Barcelona.

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Maria Jose Montiel

After performing with extraordinary success a concert tour with the Symphony Orchestra Ciudad de Elche and Crevillentina Coral this January (Abarán, Cieza and Murcia), Madrid diva Maria Jose Montiel expands its previously announced schedule of recitals and concerts now integrating the cities of Barcelona and Zaragoza. These two performances with the Chamber Orchestra Classical Concert, a group based in California (U.S) directed by violinist Ashot Tigranyan, in February made an extensive tour of various Spanish cities and to which María José Montiel will join the orchestra stops in the Catalan capital made (Palace of Catalan Music, 18 February) and aragonesa (Auditorio de Zaragoza, 28 February). In the program the Seven Spanish folksongs are announced, from Manuel de Falla, parts that will join works Vivaldi, Mozart Y Sarasate interpreted by the American group.

Before, he 2 February, Spanish singer returns to stage Teatro de la Zarzuela Madrid where he opened the season as the star of Carmen, from Bizet, Now to debut at Madrid's Lied lyric coliseum, with Josep Colom from the piano. He 10 February, María José Montiel give a recital at the Palau de la Música in Valencia with the pianist Michael Estelrich with works, among others, from Montsalvatge, García Abril, Ravel, Massenet Y Saint-Saëns.

And as previously he announced, the days 26 Y 27 Montiel February reprising one of the works that have made her famous internationally, Messa da Requiem, from Verdi; It will be under the direction of Carlos Kalmar at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid and in the season of the Orchestra and Choir of RTVE.

Already entered March, mezzo Madrid will travel to Pamplona to offer a recital at the Teatro Gayarre of Pamplona accompanied on piano by Laurence Verna (3 of March). A few days later he returned to Lisbon to play, by the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra and the Cultural Center of Belém, Third Symphony Gustav Mahler (8 of March), all before returning to Tel Aviv (Israel), city ​​that will be directed by Zubin Mehta Two functions Carmen next to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (15 Y 22 of March). María José Montiel returns to the season in which Israeli side was already last December as the star of Bizet's popular opera, always conducted by Maestro Mehta, one of his favorite directors and who used to work.


Maria Jose Montiel presentará en Madrid el próximo martes 13 from January (20h) uno de sus últimos trabajos discográficos, El día que me quieras, un repaso a esas canciones que, como ella misma dice, escuchó y aprendió de niña y que no han dejado de acompañarla a lo largo de su brillante carrera como cantante lírica. La cita es en La Quinta de Mahler (c / Amnesty, 5, a pasos del Teatro Real), ocasión en la que contará con la colaboración de los periodistas Rafael Banús Y Gonzalo Lahoz, encargados de presentar el acto y comentar el repertorio. El día que me quieras, afirma María José Montiel, “es un disco en el cual conviven la música clásica y la popular, entrelazadas en una sola alma”. Recibido con espléndidas críticas en las revistas especializadas, el CD incluye, además del famoso tango que da título al álbum, boleros, bossa nova y temas populares como Tú me acostumbraste, Cucurrucucú paloma, Tu che amar non sai (de La Strada de Fellini), Maria de la O, Samba do Aviao, etc.

Al finalizar el acto, María José Montiel interpretará en directo algunas de estas canciones del disco acompañada por el pianista Miquel Estelrich y se ofrecerá un vino español.

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Interpret over 500 sometimes the same character without falling into the routine, It is more than a merit, It's art, craft and passion. Y Leo Nucci, sobrado of powers, at this stage of his life he is full of resources on scene, and also outside it. He knows how to manage the emotions of an audience, the Bilbao, eagerly I awaited him after his last cancellations in I Due Foscari and Nabucco.

His interpretation of Rigoletto Went from less to more. Heating of his voice and the public came up with the duo Ah!, just for me l'infamia, which it was the prelude to a magnificent Cortiggiani vil raza and impeccable dramatic vendetta which it was bisada. Despite some lack in the fiato, which she led him to shorten a phrase, the vocal ability of Leo Nucci is a man of prodigious 71 years. He showed great knowledge of the score and the concept of Verdian drama. His voice retains its color and features almost intact despite years. And Rigoletto is certainly his character. No plays to Rigoletto, it becomes.

And if Leo Nucci had taken all the initial role, night reserved a big surprise, Romanian soprano Elena Mosuc in the character of Gilda. It was his debut in Bilbao and that always creates a certain expectation, rather hope, that they never lost. And we had the chance to attend an increasingly rare event, especially when it is dealing with such classic. One of those works that everyone has referenced in the head with his singers, director, stage ... and they make hollow hardly any other versions.
Elena appeared Mosuc, with that discretion and scenic delicacy with which Verdi described the character of Gilda. Then came Caro nome, and they began to shake the memories to make way for this time. Elena Mosuc has some canoros resources already deployed hardly on stage. Either for lack of them, out of fear or shame. The facility for legatto. Apianar a note with languid abandonment and finish with a subtle crescendo. All with a finezza and exquisite taste. some sobreagudo and agility allowed as a gift to a public who at that time was absolutely delivered. Craft and experience of both Leo Nucci as Elena Mosuc, It was also noted in the perfect binding of the two leading voices.

The interpretation of Ismael Jordi, como Duke of Mantua, a step down interpretive level than the other two protagonists. He started something intemperate and improved in the second and third act. His voice has improved in recent years but fails to convince. Its color changes with ease and is very evident change destabilizes some sharp passage. But his singing is refined and elegant. No bad stage presence, but perhaps the bearing is tight for the character of Duca. Especially when he appeared on stage Maria Jose Montiel with a temperamental Magdalena, lush and, especially, castiza. Well in the quartet, He balanced and rounded out the magnificent picture of singers. They were not his height his fellow wanderings, ni Felipe Bou, as Sparafucile, ni Javier Galan interpreting Marullo.
Ainhoa ​​Zubillaga, as Giovanna, not convinced. It does not have a nice voice. The feeling is of heaviness, a distressing pain issuance. Sharpness phrasing is nonexistent.

The musical direction was by far the weakest throughout the performance. He surprised cancellation director Daniel Oren, which it has been replaced by Miguel Ángel Gómez Martínez. The direction of the latter has sinned excessive slowness. Dilated few times in excess, which they did not favor the drama but boredom at times.

There are scenes that age very bad. Such is the case that concerns us, from Emilio Sagi, which premiered at the same theater seven years ago. His replacement has been in charge of Ricardo Sánchez-Cuerda and the result is dark and poor. They not recognize him or known classical elements. Changes and transitions are made public view through mobile platforms. Singers forced to move between items as in a labyrinth. Directing actors fails at times in which Rigoletto is offstage being the protagonist. He wants to be a simple scenery, but it remains simple.
The lighting, in charge of Eduardo Bravo, He wants to help create a spooky atmosphere, but it cheapskate and light, limited.

The Bilbao Symphony Orchestra He had a discreet performance, more shortcomings of the musical direction of resources that form teachers.
The choir shone and contributed to the success of the representation. Well and forceful entries in the tables set.

Will be those who think that the success of this premiere of Rigoletto is exaggerated, in the room was much nucciniano tiffosi. The reality is that the opera and those involved in it only have an obligation, ignite passions. Mission accomplished.