Zarza project

He Zarza Project of the Zarzuela Theater He has been awarded the Opera XXI Award for Best Development Initiative of the Lyric in the third edition of these awards, considered the National Lyric Awards, whose ruling was made public today.

Zarza is one of the star initiatives of the Teatro de la Zarzuela. It is an artistic and informative project created by the director of the Coliseum, Daniel Bianco, that under the motto "Zarzuela made by young people and for young people" has the objective that the young generations know the Spanish lyrical heritage, to approach new audiences and to open the door to new generations of artists.

In the words of Oriol Aguilà, President of ÓPERA XXI and the jury of its Awards, as well as director of Peralada Festival, The award has been granted because the Zarza Project "is a benchmark from which we all must learn a lot, for his intelligence, courage, communication skills and knowing how to reinvent and explain the Zarzuela, Opera and music to new audiences and especially young people”.

Till the date, in their five editions, has adapted four classics of our boy genre: 'The revoltosa', ‘The duo of the African’, ‘La Verbena de la Paloma’, and water, sugars and brandy ', and has submitted an original title, the recent ‘Amores en zarza’, whose story unfolds through a selection of musical numbers from different zarzuelas. Starring artists from between 18 Y 30 years, the works of ‘Zarza’ adapt the texts and the scene to the contemporaneity of the new public. To the last call for auditions (the one that will nourish the proposal of artists 2021/2022) more than 800 candidates.


CARLOS ÁLVAREZ. Best Singer Award for his portrayal of the role of Rodrigo from the opera ‘Don Carlo’, Verdi, at the Teatro Colón, September 2019, within the lyrical program organized by the Friends of the Opera of A Coruña.

CARLOS CHAUSSON. Special mention for his performance of the leading role in the opera ‘Don Pasquale’ at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville in October 2019.

XABIER ANDUAGA. Best Young Singer Award for his brilliant path of success, what, their 26 years, has already established him as one of the best interpreters of today with a outstanding national and international career.

RICCARDO FRIZZA. Best Musical Director Award for his work leading the functions of ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’, Donizetti, at ABAO Bilbao Opera (Euskalduna) in October 2019.

ROBERT CARSEN. Best Stage Direction Awardfor his proposals for the opera ‘Elektra’, Richard Strauss, at Palau de les Arts from Valencia in January 2020, and for his work in the Teatro Real for the functions of ‘The Valkyrie’, Wagner, on February 2020.

TURANDOT, Gran Teatre del Liceu. Award to Best New Production is for the Turandot, Puccini, programmed by the Gran Teatre del Liceu in October 2019. Video artist Franc Aleu debuted as stage director, with Susana Gómez as co-director, filling the stage with visual metaphors, colors and textures, making use of the latest technologies.

ZARZA PROJECT, THEATER OF THE ZARZUELA. Award for the Best Lyric Promotion Initiative.

MY OPERA PLAYER (Teatro Real) / PERALADA LIVESTREAM FESTIVAL. Equally, Best Digital Initiative Award during confinement.

OLA AWARD, in collaboration with Ópera Latinoamérica. Award to Best New Latin American Production fell on the production of ‘The Italian in Algiers’, Rossini, that could be seen in the Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile in October 2019, with stage direction by Rodrigo Navarrete and musical by José Miguel Pérez-Sierra.


EMILIO SAGI. Lifetime Achievement Award, Honorary Award to the Person, after celebrating forty years of career as a cultural manager and stage director.

TELEPHONE COMPANY. Award to Best Patronage Initiative, for their commitment to support the seasons of different theaters, festivals, educational and dissemination programs and an approach to opera, especially highlighting his sensitivity in the work of audiovisual and digitization projects.

FRIENDS OF THE BRICK WORK. He Honorary Award this time distinguishes the Maó Opera Season, organized by the Menorcan association of Friends of the Maó Opera, for its important task of promoting, promotion and diffusion of the opera during 50 uninterrupted seasons.

Opera XXI brings together 25 theaters, opera seasons and festivals stable of our country and has two honorary member theaters of enormous relevance. It is formed by:












Gran Teatre del Liceu















Honorary members:



Loves in Bramble

With ‘Loves in bush’ the fifth season of the Project Zarza del Teatro de la Zarzuela, zarzuela made by young people and for young people, that was born from the hand of its director, Daniel Bianco, with the purpose of popularize the genre among the new generations, those of the XXI century. He young audience has a decisive relevance in the current colosseum project, that in this way he intends that he approaches without fear and without prejudice to the zarzuela, thereby continuing gender and strengthen its future.

That is why the Zarza Project is one of the star initiatives of the Theater. Aimed at an audience between 12 Y 18 years, the title chosen in this Fifth edition is ‘Loves at Zarza’, with original text by the playwright and novelist Nando Lopez, youth literature specialist, among whose audience is a true star. It is a history coral that describes different ways of living love without prejudice, written around compositions of various zarzuelas by Federico Chueca, Joaquín Valverde, Jose Serrano, Pablo Serial, Ruperto Chapí and Gerónimo Giménez. And as usual, will be performed by young singers from among 18 Y 30 years chosen through a rigorous audition process in which they have participated more of 250 artists. It can be said that these singer-actors today form the young company Zarza Project, and that they also fulfill the mission of serving as a quarry for the great productions of the Theater. And is that, from your participation in the Project, a good number of them have already participated in some title of the lyrical seasons.

In this new production of Teatro de la Zarzuela, the musical and stage direction will be in charge, respectively, of the teacher Miquel Ortega (from the piano) and Rita Cosentino, and the seventeen actors-singers They will be accompanied by a chamber orchestra composed of eight young musicians. The programmed functions will be presented in the main hall of the Teatro de la Zarzuela in the 26 February to 5 of March, Y school will alternate passes (for students of secondary and high schools) and functions for the general public (26, 27 Y 28 February and 4 Y 5 of March) with a total of 9 sessions. As has been done in the previous four editions, after the show will be held one colloquy between the public and artists.

The role of the school Tuesday 2 of March (11h00) will be issued live through Facebook, YouTube and the website of the Theater.

Zarza Project, zarzuela made by youth for youth, is a resounding success every season. Since it started four years ago, they have occupied the seats of the Theater 26.000 viewers who attended the functions of 'The revoltosa', The duo The African ', 'Verbena Paloma' Y 'Water, Azucarillos and Aguardiente ’, and others tens of thousands who have been able to enjoy them online.

Love and magic

These ‘Loves in the bush’ are conceived in accordance with the spirit, the philosophy and intention that move this admirable Zarza Project from the beginning: bring the zarzuela genre closer to new generations, "And what better way to do it than through their own concerns ", Nando López points out. For that, this story that begins in the evening of a 15 August any of the 21st century, with a group of young people who meet in a park on the outskirts of the city ready to get on a Cercanías to La Latina to celebrate the festivities of La Paloma. From there many things happen, unexpected hopes are woven with pending dreams Y, as the author himself says, "Perhaps chance is not the real culprit of what happens in this particular - and somewhat Shakespearean - summer night in which the lives of all will end up…”. Magic is crucial in this particular tale. Real as life itself.

This new dramaturgy plays and is recreated with compositions of zarzuelas like the Pasacalle of ‘Last year for water’ Chueca and Valverde, "To a gypsy precious”From‘ The joy of the battalion ’by Serrano, What departed have you lost, kid!”And“ La petenera ”by‘ Don Manolito ’by Sorozábal, “Hágame Nah the favor of hearing me two words ”from‘ Last year for water ’by Chueca and Valverde, "I am Spanish" from ‘La patria chica’ by Chapí, "Chinochilla de mi charniqué" and "Who is it Nah?” from ‘The one with the bunch of roses’ from Sorozábal, “Also I suffocate ”of Luis Alonso's wedding ”by Giménez, the Fandango of ‘The Tricksters’, "I am Spanish" from ‘La patria chica’ by Chapí, ‘Dance at last we can now’ from ‘El baile de Luis Alonso’ by Giménez or the Parade of ‘La joy de la huerta’ by Chueca.

Suggestive, dynamic, fresh and powerful bet that once again celebrates the Theater's commitment to young artists and young spectators.

Friday 26 February 7:00 p.m. (open function)

Saturday 27 February 7:00 p.m. (open function)

Sunday 28 February 12h00 (open function)

Monday 1 March 12h00 (school function)

Tuesday 2 March 11h00 (school function) live on STREAMING

Wednesday 3 March 11h00 (school function)

Thursday 4 March 12:30 (school function) and 7:00 p.m. (open function)

Friday 5 March 11h00 (school function) and 7:00 p.m. (open function)

The director of the Teatro de la Zarzuela, Daniel Bianco, and the Councilor for Culture of the City of Aviles, Yolanda Alonso, They have reached a According to the titles of Zarza Project, one of the proposals of the Madrid coliseum star, presented during the next two seasons at the Teatro Palacio Valdés in that city just after terminating the functions in Madrid. The colaboration will start in March next year 'Water, sugars and brandy ' from Federico Chueca. The aim of this new partnership is collaborate and join forces in educating children and young people through our own musical heritage, artistic and cultural.

Zarza Project, included in educational projects Teatro de la Zarzuela, turn on new productions of operetta whose hallmark is that they are made by and for young people from 12 years. The artists, from among 18 Y 30 years, They are elected by auditions which hundreds of applicants from all over Spain have, and even beyond our borders. The functions are directed and adapted by leading figures in the scene.

To date there have been three titles Zarza that have been presented on the stage of the Plazuela de Jovellanos of Madrid: 'The Revoltosa ', from Ruperto Chapí, adapted by playwright Gillem Clua and taken to the scene José Luis Arellano, of which five school functions offered –to which attended 3.828 young people from fifty-seven Secondary Education centers, high school, Vocational training, Performing Arts and University degree–, and three other functions for the general public, to which attended 2.845 more spectators. Total, 6.673 viewers.

The second title, released in February 2018, It was 'The African duo’, from Manuel Fernández Caballero, adapted and directed by Susana Gómez. the number of school features five rose to nine, to which attended 6.139 youth eighty-three centers. The three functions open to the public saw them 2.177 people. Total, 8.316 viewers. For 'La verbena de la Paloma'This season, adapted and directed by none other than Pablo Messiez, and musically directed by the musical director of the theater itself, Asturian Oliver Diaz, They are scheduled seven school functions, to which attended 5.730 youth 67 schools, and many other functions open. Total, 11.480 viewers. So far a total of 26.469 viewers He has already enjoyed Zarza Project in Madrid.

Photograph: Domingo Fernández Camacho

African duo

The Teatro de la Zarzuela It has the firm intention of popularizing the genre that gives name, zarzuela, in this century progresses and, and hurried, by its second decade. Add to loyal following that for years attends functions and is payable to the seasons, that other spectator who attends the theater not by prejudice towards gender or ignorance. And within this resolute intention, is especially important public young: make this approach without fear and free from ties to the zarzuela, thus giving continuity and ensuring its future, It is the laborious target.

For this reason, Teatro de la Plazuela de Jovellanos launched last season Zarza project, aimed at a young audience from 12 Y 18 years. Arguably, unhesitatingly, this is again one of the most important bets of the season. The title chosen for this second edition is 'The African duo' Manuel Fernández Caballero, and it will be performed by young singers who are mostly between 18 and the 28 years and they have been chosen through a long and thorough selection process over 100 auditions which have occurred over 300 boys and girls.

The duo African ', in this new production of Teatro de la Zarzuela, is a free version of the work of Fernández Caballero signed by Susana Gómez from libretto Miguel Echegaray write late nineteenth. Musical direction and scenic borne by the teacher Miguel Huertas and Susana Gómez own, respectively, and eighteen actors-singers will be accompanied by a chamber orchestra consisting of eight musicians. All functions will be in the Teatro de la Zarzuela of 28 February to 7 of March, and school passes will alternate (for students of secondary and high schools), of the 28 February to 2 of March, and 5 March day 7 (with a total of 9 functions), and to the general public, of the 2 al 4 of March.

This comic zarzuela in an act is made, so, by and for young people, priority following the philosophy of the project: bring the genre to new generations; and what better way than using their own language.
It is about, well, an unconventional proposal from the story of a modest opera company that is prepared for testing African, Opera great success of Meyerbeer. Querubini, the entrepreneur who runs this company, It has a policy of spending as little as possible, both the sets and singers. This comic zarzuela in an act was written in the late nineteenth, and the new version, which preserves fully the spirit of that, It now moves to a television set today, with auditions and competition included. Does that sound?

Wednesday, 28 February 10:00 hours and 12:30 hours (school functions)
Thursday, 1 of March 10:00 hours and 12:30 hours (school functions)
Friday, 2 of March 10:00 hours (school function) Y 19:00 hours (open function)
Saturday, 3 of March 19:00 hours (open function)
Sunday, 4 of March 12:00 hours (open function)
Tuesday, 6 of March 10:00 hours and 12:30 hours (school functions)
Wednesday, 7 of March 10:00 hours and 12:30 hours (school functions)