Royal Junior

Following the success of Chopin's nocturnes Y Moonlights, in previous seasons, Royal Junior Discover now The hidden face of piano through a series of concerts taking place at the iconic Royal Hall Theater Orchestra, where the roofs of old Madrid and activity on the streets become lively and beautiful decorated for young viewers.

The functions, intended for an audience from 12 years, will take place the weekend of the 9, 10 Y 11 and 16, 17 Y 18 February, to 20.00 hours, except Sundays (11 Y 18), which will begin at 19.00 hours.

As the dusk gives way to the night after the beautiful glass room, the pianist Mariana Gurkova will perform essential works of music history, since Johann Sebastian Bach until Keith Jarrett, revealing the thousand emotions that lurk on the piano keys. Fernando Palacios, responsible for the script and presentation, will accompany the viewer in this educational tour of introduction to the great composers.

The repertoire of the concert is designed as a game that is paired composers that, one way or another, They have something to do. A) Yes, Selected pairs, in some cases they will face, will complement other, and many will ride together. With these unique duels, viewers will discover the most luminous and sinister faces piano.

As with all shows Royal Junior, the Royal Theater offers the public an interesting tutorial, Free access through the web, in which the technical aspects of the instrument are analyzed, the history of music and the essential characteristics of each composer. Thus, the show gains in complicity and brings knowledge to new audiences (and the not so new).


He Real Junior and the Royal Theatre continue their way into the current schedule with a fun and educational show that, under the name A history of dance. Transfórmate, He will bring us to great figures of contemporary dance and its history, hand company Somosdanza. An appointment "moving" to be held in Sala Gayarre day 19, 20, 26 Y 27 in double sessions at 12.00 and to the 17.00 hours.

Inspired by the creations of great choreographers of the XX and XXI centuries, Somosdanza creates a dance-theater, didactic, very entertaining and documentary rigor, able to capture the attention and interest of both young and adults, making it an ideal activity for the whole family.

Lucia Bernardo and Cristina Henríquez, founder and components of the company, They understand contemporary dance as an art accessible to all kinds of performers and spectators, with a power that transcends cultural to become the best vehicle of expression, integration and intellectual development, and an almost therapeutic nature can become better human beings.

In A history of dance. Transfórmate, five dancers, with live music, they will announce how it has evolved the modern and contemporary dance through seven choreographers, daring and transgressive men and women who all know: Isadora Duncan, Mary Wigman, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, John Cage, Pina Bausch, Steve Paxton y La Ribot.

The story will run through various musics, with a layout script on scores of classical composers such as Vivaldi, Beethoven or Chopin, in coexistence with the current rates of Miles Davis, Chet Baker o John Cage. Dance, in close complicity with music, recreates the moments in which the ballet came from the ends to become another way of seeing, thinking and counting.

Lucia and Cristina have also developed an interesting tutorial that all public, Free and for free, can be downloaded from the website of the Royal Theatre, with information developed on the content of entertainment and activities to do together after attending the representation.

artistic direction and choreography: Lucia Bernardo and Cristina Henríquez. company Somosdanza.
interpreters: Lucia Bernardo, Cristina Henríquez, Lucy King, María Roig, Ricardo Santana.
Locker room: Boutique M.S.V.
Lighting: Felix Gontán
Adviser on dance history: Guadalupe Mera
Photographer: Jesus Robisco
props: Sergio Soria

Our sincere thanks to Fernando Palacios, Antonio Ruz, Joaquin Abella, Elena Leontyeva, Paula Lupiáñez, Laura rubber, Maria La Ribot, Conservatory of Dance “María de Ávila”, Margot Suarez Vaquero, Jeannette Laurent Round and our families for their unconditional support.

Dedicated to Gabriel.


Bernardo Lucia Suarez, codirector SOMOSDANZA, coreógrafa, dancer and teacher.

Lucia is formed at the International School of Dance Carmen Roche, at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Madrid Mariemma and the Choreographic Centre in Montpellier Mathilde Monnier. In 2014 Lucia Bernardo graduated from the Conservatory of Dance Maria de Avila de Madrid in the specialty of Choreography and Performance. She is director of the company SOMOSDANZA with Cristina Henríquez. Among his jobs within the company include co-directed pieces with Cristina Henríquez: play- inmobil, Transfórmate, a story of contemporary dance for all Y Misstake. Created in parallel 2014 The House of Possibility, commissioned for the National Art Museum Reina Sofía.

As a teacher she has been invited to various dance schools national and international. Within its experience in educational projects he includes participation for seven years in the Trasdanza -intended Project to raise awareness among young people dance, choreographic creation The Towers of Babel with Joaquín Abella and Irene Vazquez, under the direction of composer Fernando Palacios (for which he received the Special Prize to studies). As a performer he has performed and collaborated with artists Pablo Esbert, Michelle Mann and Iker Arrue among others. Now part of the Dance Company Antonio Ruz.

Cristina Henríquez Laurent, codirector SOMOSDANZA, scenic creator, dance teacher and dancer.

Cristina is Entitled Superior in Dance Pedagogy by the Conservatory of Dance María de Ávila, and he has the Professional Grade by Royal Professional Dance Conservatory of Madrid Mariemma. He also has a degree in Art History from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

From 2003 focuses his creative activity in the company SOMOSDANZA, with which he has created alone (Not finished Y Cris matter), a scenic research on immobilization (play-inmobil, with Bernardo Lucia) and since 2013 co-directs the teaching-stage project Transfórmate, a story of contemporary dance for all, and Lab Somosdanza.

As dancer and performer she has worked for other companies and projects as Alias (Geneva), Trasdanza-Youth movement, Antonia Baehr, Dance Constructions de Simone Forti (Reina Sofia National Museum) and opera La Voix Humaine created by Naomi Beeldens (Belgium). Along with Elena Valverde, at the University Rey Juan Carlos, investigates the benefits of contemporary dance in people with Parkinson. Participates in the research project on gender Performing Gender, as Spanish choreographer invited to the Italian headquarters in Bologna. There he meets the choreographer Juanjo Arqués, next to who helps 2016 as dramatist of his latest choreography, "Strawberries", based on the work of Hieronymus Bosch, para la Junior Company – Het Nationale Ballet de Holanda. Currently she is looking for a connection between its dance cultural heritage, personal memory and social action.