• The Conference is co-produced by the Municipality of Santiago, National Dissemination Center Musical, the Galician Center for Contemporary Art, University of Santiago and the Council of Corunna, collaboration with the Consortium of Santiago

• The 20 concerts that make be held from 1 October to 1 December in different areas of the city

• All activities are free, except for the closing concert by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Galicia

In the year 2012 They reborn in Santiago these days with the aim to promote and disseminate the latest trends and innovation in contemporary music. This year marks the fifth edition in collaboration with the National Broadcasting Music Center (CNDM), in the same line of work and institutional collaboration last year remains, fruit of the initiative, coordination and promotion of the national institution with the City of Santiago, the University of Santiago de Compostela, the Galician Center for Contemporary Art, the Provincial Council and with the collaboration of the Consortium city. Under the title 'ConCiencia da Palabra', will offer a total of 20 concerts performed by 14 musical groups in places like the auditorium of the University, Auditorio de Galicia, the University Church and Bonaval, CGAC, Augustine Magan Hall and the Teatro Principal. the conference, so far only scheduled in October, this year extend its duration until 1 from December, looking for the public to attend more concerts. Something that will also help them all, except that of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Galicia are free entry to fill seats. These activities continue CNDM commitment to promote and disseminate contemporary music creation across the country, through its "Circuits" this program in twenty Spanish cities that bind, this year, four foreign: Bogotá (Colombia), Munich (Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Elvas (Portugal).

ConCiencia da Palabra

The conference will inaugurate the 1 October with Airas Ensemble in a concert in which, under the name of 'Oceans' we can attend the premiere of Wind quintet Oscar Colomina based on the idea that the Nordic etymology for "sound" is the same as for "narrow sea you can swim across'. Then we hear works by Jesús Bal y Gay and Octavio Vázquez, two Galician composers, different times, one exile in Mexico and the other living in the US, across the ocean. The days 8 Y 9 October will have two proposals Vertigo Sound Ensemble: the day 8 in 'Kairos, the right time 'we can enjoy various exact moments when the sound is produced and transformed and already the day 9 we have 'Psychopathic Microteatro: lost words, monsters and mysterious spaces', an approach to the literary work of Javier Tomeo with composer Oscar Carmona and accompanied by actor Carlos Alvarez-Ossorio.

Saturday 15 Catalan vocal ensemble Music Reservata Barcelona presents 'Conceptio universalis' with a program that plays with the contrasts between the new and the old, Yesterday pieces inserted between current, among which also include a re-release of custom work CNDM. He 16 October the Music Ensemble Practicepresents 'Four timbral painted', which it offers a visual narrative in which the colors that make up the images are associated with each of the four instruments that make up the ensemble.

The two proposals with which we closed the month of October come from the hand ofContemporary Atlantic Workshop. The day 28 the offer 'The Rothko Chapel', absolutely hypnotic and fascinating work that will be enhanced by the extraordinary acoustics of the Church of Santo Domingos de Bonaval; and days 29 Y 30 will performVox Balaenae de George Crumb, work for cello, amplified flute and piano that is inspired by the song of a humpback whale that the composer had heard in a recording.

November began the day 4 with the Hércules Brass which will make a tour of the current Galician music through various musical aesthetics created by composers of the Galician Association of Composers three of which, Luis Carro, Juan Duran and Xabier Comesanha, will offer a talk at the beginning of the concert. And we continue the day 5 with the Breton Quartet that will demonstrate its good sound in three very different works: he String Quartet No. 8 Shostakovich, an absolute premiere of composer Mario Diz and the premiere in Spain of String Quartet No. 6 de Philip Glass.

The day 11, the Chamber Orchestra of Galicia will collect some of the sounds of creators Atlantic, without Borders, to anchor for a while in a tribute to one of the most prolific composers of Galicia, Master Rogelio Groba. And the day 12 we can listen to Quinteto Invention with an exclusively Galician repertoire including works for wind metal, with piano in one of them, belonging to the centuries XX and XXI, Also various authors of the Galician Association of Composers. Again there will be a pre-concert talk with truck, Duran and Comesanha.

On Sunday 13 will come the collaboration of the Banda Municipal de Santiago with this conference and will be with the concert 'Figurative' directed by Casiano Mouriño. Two parts make up this program revolves around the image as an element of musical inspiration. First two Galician works of costumbrista character of their respective time: the recent recovery Country pictures, a work of mid-twentieth century Ricardo Fernandez Carreira; and in contrast the current perspective of the Valencian and Galician and adoption, Raul Martin Niñerola, inspired by and dedicated to the land of Chantada. The second part focuses on the relationship between music and painting. The inspiration in Johan de Meij cause Rembrandts, O Vermeer, Jan Steen; Y, as colophon, a selection ofPaintings for an exhibition Mussorgsky in which we will be guided by the paintings of his friend, Viktor Hartmann. Previously there will be a talk with Beatrice and Alberto Cancela.

The University Area Chamber Orchestra USC will present on Friday 18 and again on Saturday 20 the program 'The twentieth century, a path of melodies', which includes compositions and premieres coming from students belonging to the main centers of higher studies in composition of each of the five main roads to Santiago. Before the concert the public can attend the talk with Francisco Duran, Professor of Regional Geographic Analysis of USC. The next meeting will be withDavid Apellániz Y Alberto Rosado the day 19 November presenting a program with four contemporary works by Spanish composers, including a custom CNDM, and as many international composers consecrated.

We closed the programming of November with three different programs Zoar. On Friday 25 we can hear the proposal 'SH4K3SP34R3' which will begin with a presentation by Jorge Romero Sacido, Professor of English Literature at USC and day 26 will 'C3RV4NT3S' talk prior to hand Santiago Fernández Mosquera, Professor of Spanish Literature at the USC. The last of the proposals Zoar, on Sunday 27, It will be 'game Thieves', didactic-musical adaptation around the text of 'Rinconetey Cortadillo' Miguel de Cervantes.

responsible for closing this edition of the Days of Contemporary Music, he 1 from December, It will be the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Galicia directed by Jaime Martin and Anthony Marwood violinist. interpret Three Velázquez paintings Jesus Torres; heViolin Concerto Kurt Weill and symphony No. 4 in B flat major Beethoven. Tickets for this concert are priced 15 euros with 50% for students and seniors and can be purchased at, on the phone 902 434 443, at the box office from the Theatre, the day of the concert also in the Auditorio de Galicia.

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