Only music!

A great musical party to enjoy the most emblematic and well-known symphonies of Romanticism performed by four great Spanish orchestras and with the prestigious director James Conlon in front. A whole musical feast that will take place during the weekend of 18, 19 Y 20 June at the Symphonic Hall of the National Auditorium already very affordable prices (between 5 Y 15 euros). In sum, a golden opportunity to hear top quality live music, conducted by a great conductor and performed by the best orchestras in our country.

This is the proposal of ONLY MUSIC!, the biennial musical marathon that he National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM) and the National Music Auditorium (both units of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music, INAEM, under the Ministry of Culture and Sports), organized for ten years to commemorate the "Day of Music", day that is celebrated throughout Europe every 21 June with the arrival of the summer solstice.

Under the suggestive title of “Romantic Duel”And supported by a striking image by the Madrid illustrator Iván Solbes, the new edition of ONLY MUSIC! aims to, like the previous ones, turn into a big party, in a day of celebration in which the Auditorium opens its doors wide to everyone, reaching out to new audiences, especially those not used to the experience of live classical music. All this through great quality concerts, led by top-notch teachers, with the best orchestras on the national scene and at affordable prices.

Previous editions of ONLY MUSIC!, held in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 Y 2019, gathered about 100.000 viewers.

Unlike previous editions in which the musical marathon was held over a full day, on this occasion and observing the security measures imposed by the current health situation, the session will take place over a weekend, with four concerts distributed between the Friday 18, Saturday 19 Y Sunday 20 of June.

These concerts will have as their central axis the symphonies No 1, 2, 3 Y 4 Schumann and Brahms -eight symphonies in total- in a friendly "romantic duel" in which these two emblematic musicians of Romanticism, closely linked to each other on a personal level they “face” in an exciting vis a vis led by a single teacher: James Conlon, one of the most brilliant and versatile music directors on the world scene. As stated James Conlon, “Interpreting these eight symphonies is a challenge for any conductor, a tour de force in which it is necessary to find the balance between the search for formal perfection and the creative freedom of romanticism ". This new edition of ONLY MUSIC! It is the first to have a foreign conductor, so our biennial appointment reaches a more international profile. At the same time, and to bring this exciting marathon to a successful conclusion, James Conlon will lead the most important Spanish orchestras: National Orchestra of Spain, Symphony Orchestra of Galicia, Symphony Orchestra of Castilla and Leon Y National Youth Orchestra of Spain.

The two protagonists of this new edition of ONLY MUSIC!, Robert Schumann (1810-1856) Y Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), they respond to the paradigms of the artists of the romantic generation, for whom the central axis of existence was passionate and often unrequited love, the exaltation of feelings, the admiration of nature and the dramatic power of landscapes, as well as an undeniable tragic feeling of life; the latter aspect that in the case of Schumann became a reality in his turbulent biography. Both composers shared a deep and enriching friendship, being Brahms admirer of Clara, Schumann's wife, in turn pianist and composer, and undeniable source of inspiration for the work of the two musicians. Brahms's work, 22 years younger than Schumann, was greatly influenced by his.

According to the teacher Conlon, "We are faced with two different but complementary visions of Romanticism, the work of two authors who wrote some of the most moving and brilliant pages of this entire period ". They both composed respectively 4 great symphonic works, whose "integral" -eight symphonies- can be heard in this new edition of ONLY MUSIC!

The complete program of ONLY MUSIC 2021! is the following:

Friday 18 of June
symphony No. 1 Schumann
symphony No. 1 Brahms

Saturday 19 of June
symphony No. 2 Schumann
symphony No. 2 Brahms

symphony No. 3 Brahms
symphony No. 3 Schumann

Sunday 20 of June
symphony No. 4 Schumann
symphony No. 4 Brahms

Individual locations from 5 euros

ONLY MUSIC! maintains its goal of opening live music to all audiences, offering affordable prices for a musical experience of excellence. A) Yes, the single locations They are priced 5 a 15 euros for the general public and 4 a 12 euros for children 30 years.
They are available in the usual sales channels of the CNDM: ticket offices of the National Auditorium and the INAEM network of theaters, tel 91 193 93 21 and in this one link.

ONLY MUSIC! is possible thanks to regular collaborators of the National Dissemination Center Musical (CNDM) how are the National Orchestra of Spain, the National Youth Orchestra of Spain, he National Music Auditorium (in all three cases units of the INAEM) Y Spanish radio and television, that will offer contents of this new edition within its program dedicated to classical music. In this 6th installment of Only music!, he CNDM extends its collaboration to two other great Spanish orchestras such as the Symphony Orchestra of Galicia and the Symphony Orchestra of Castilla and Leon.

James Conlon, the most demanding baton

James Conlon, one of the most versatile and prestigious directors of today, has cultivated a vast symphonic repertoire, operatic and choral. He has conducted virtually every major symphony orchestra in the United States and Europe since his debut with the New York Philharmonic in 1974. Gracias a sus giras por todo el mundo, his extensive discography and videography, numerous trials, frequent appearances in the media and their lectures, James Conlon is one of the most recognized classical music performers of our time.

James Conlon is from 2006 musical director of the Los Angeles Opera and in September 2021 will take over as artistic advisor to the Baltimore Opera. He has been principal conductor of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra in Turin, Italy (2016-20); Principal conductor of the Paris Opera (1995-2004); General Director of Music of the City of Cologne, Germany (1989-2003), conducting simultaneously the Gürzenich Orchestra and the Cologne Opera; and musical director of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (1983-1991). He has worked as musical director of the Ravinia Festival, summer home of the Chicago Symphony (2005-15), and is currently the award-winning musical director of the Cincinnati May Festival, the oldest choral festival in the United States, where he was musical director during 37 years (1979-2016), marking one of the longest terms of any director of an American classical music institution.

As a guest conductor at the Metropolitan, has directed more than 270 performances since his debut in 1976. He has also directed at major opera houses and festivals, like the Vienna State Opera, Salzburg Festival, La Scala, Rome Opera, Mariinsky, Covent Garden, Chicago Lyric Opera and Florentine Musical Mayo Theater.

As musical director of the Los Angeles Opera since 2006, James Conlon has directed more performances than any other director in company history; till the date, almost 400 representations of more than 50 different operas of more than 20 composers. Highlights of his tenure at the Los Angeles Opera include directing the first cycle of Ring nibelungo of the company; the start of the innovative Recovered Voices series, an ongoing commitment to staging 20th century European opera masterpieces that were suppressed by the Third Reich. Among the performances he directs during the season 2020-21 of the company is a staging of The anonymous lover, by Joseph Bologne, Knight of St. George, a prominent black composer from 18th century France. Conlon will once again perform live at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in productions of Don Giovanni, Mozart, Y Aida, in Verdi.

In an effort to draw attention to lesser-known works by composers silenced by the Nazi regime, James Conlon has dedicated himself to an extensive programming of this music in Europe and North America.. In 1999 received the Zemlinsky Award, based in Vienna, for his efforts to bring that composer's music to international attention; in 2013 received the Roger E Award. Joseph at the Jewish Institute of Religion at Hebrew Union College for his extraordinary efforts to eradicate racial and religious discrimination and prejudice; and in 2007 received the Crystal Globe award from the Anti-Defamation League. His work on behalf of suppressed composers led to the creation of the OREL Foundation, a must-have resource on the subject for music lovers, students, musicians and academics, and the Ziering-Conlon Initiative for Recovered Voices at Colburn School.

James Conlon's extensive discography and videography can be found on the Bridge labels, Capriccio, Decca, EMI, Erato y Sony Classical. His recordings of Los Angeles Opera productions have received four Grammy Awards., two respectively for The ghosts of Versailles, by John Corigliano, Y Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, Kurt Weill.

James Conlon has four honorary doctorates and has received many other awards. He was nombrado Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic by Sergio Mattarella, President of Italy. He was also appointed Commandeur de L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Minister of Culture and, in 2002, personally accepted the highest honor in the country, the Legion of Honor, from the hands of the then president of France, Jacques Chirac.

Last Saturday 22 of June, he National Music Auditorium He hosted the fifth edition (the above four, in June 2011, 2013, 2015 Y 2017) the musical marathon Only music!, biennial event created to celebrate Music Day. Organized by the National Broadcasting Music Center (CNDM), unit of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), this edition presented 7 concerts, more than 500 interpreters, along the 13 uninterrupted hours of music, with Russian ballet Tchaikovsky and Stravinski central axis. The activities were divided between the Symphony Hall and the two extra spaces added in previous editions, the Hall of Tapestries and outdoor auditorium Square Rodolfo and Ernesto Halffter, attracting attention 10.594 Madrid, almost 80% gauging, many of them unfamiliar with classical music, enthusiastic following proposals scheduled.

As it happened with Victor Pablo Pérez teachers (2017), Juanjo Mena (2015) and Jesus Lopez Cobos (2013) Josep Pons has overcome the challenge successfully proposed: almost a century of musical history from incidental Russian Polovtsian dances de Borodin, from 1869, a Petrushka Stravinsky compound in 1947.

In addition to the aforementioned concerts, Jazz mention that there Vermouth!, jazzy improvisations of musical excerpts from the Ballets Russes performed by outstanding soloists on the national scene that enlivened the food tasting mounted equipment for public. As on previous occasions, from midafternoon they were issued, live, on a giant screen on the street concerts by the National Orchestra of Spain and the National Youth Orchestra of Spain, delayed, the concert of the Symphony Orchestra of RTVE. Around midnight, the music of Haendel closed the day accompanying a fireworks display, Traditional finale of the most important event of classical music within the celebrations of the "Festival of Music".

shared project
As in previous years, the project has been possible thanks to the support of the City of Madrid, el Grupo RTVE (to which belongs RTVE Symphony Orchestra), the Community of Madrid Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra of Madrid who have joined once again this unprecedented musical initiative in our country. further, acknowledge the participation of other units of the INAEM, such as the National Orchestra of Spain, the National Youth Orchestra of Spain and the National Music Auditorium own, to achieve it and open it to as many citizens as possible. the continued support of the media should be highlighted, especially Classical Radio, which he broadcast live three symphony concerts and RTVE, he recorded five soon to issue them in its program dedicated to classical music. Near 150 professionals enabled this musical marathon day will take place as normal, without incident among the large audience, which at all times he was as respectful as enthusiastic.

The press has said of the Russians Are Coming!:
“…And risk and delivery (quality is taken for granted) It is a symphonic marathon. He demonstrated by the National Youth Orchestra of Spain, which it gave a bright and moving version. Here he danced to death, as dreamed composer. Pons, widely applauded throughout the day, he obtained, at last, his biggest cheer. And it seemed to look as Diaghilev and outline lips uttered the immortal line, after the scandalous premiere of: This is exactly what I wanted” Paul L. Rodríguez, THE COUNTRY

“At a rate two years, "Music Only" has reached its fifth edition focusing on a five day symphony concerts, many other sessions "jazz vermouth" with jazzy improvisations on musical extracts Ballets Russes, and projections on the street seen inside auditorium. The project now measured forces with a more concentrated programming on previous occasions, but keep unchanged its popular ambition. As the day progressed, the capacity of the auditorium is gradually completed until the full house. In the final section, the usual closing the square and Ernesto Halffter Rodolfo, main entrance to the auditorium, with fireworks to the beat of the famous music for a time equivalent wrote Haendel ... National Auditorium, finally conquered after the invasion of the Russians and their music.”. Alberto González Lapuente, ABC

“Shortly before they gave the twelve o'clock Josep Pons went to one of the balconies of the National Auditorium. The teacher thanked, He wished it had been worth the effort of the whole day and said that after a day of drinking water was only wanting a beer. Surely he served ipso facto ... one day in which Pons was head five orchestras and gave it their best.” Gema Pajares, THE REASON

“…there was a kind of crescendo in the proposal of Josep Pons above concrete proposals for each concert. Pons more than fulfilled his feat, and the five orchestras responded with the success that is when you know (Musicians know) this is not a quote to the public. But something else.” Santiago Martin Bermudez. JOKE

“The conductor (Josep) Pons has done a really meritorious work. True, it was all music and ballet lacked "visual", but while "it is ridiculous ballet without music it does not happen the other way around", defends the director, who is convinced that the orchestras have contributed to forget the lack of movement because the public has been able to capture in the works "another beauty". And it takes quite right.” José Oneto, REPUBLIC