Officium Defunctorum by the Rtve Choir in the Cathedral of Avila


On Friday 30 August 2019, within the framework of the Abvlensis International Music Festival, he Coro RTVE gave a commemorative concert at the Avila Cathedral directed by Christoph König. The program, starring Tomas Luis de Victoria, incluía el Requiem, Surely el motete, the Ave Maria to 8 voices for double choir, and the Ave Maria to 4 voices, today considered apocryphal. Exactly the same program as the Coro RTVE, with Alberto Blancafort at the helm, recorded in 1974 for the record label Hispavox, Spanish Early Music Collection series, volume 21.

That disk, who received the National Award for Record Companies in 1976, was produced and annotated by Roberto Pla, founder of the Classic Singers, germ of what would later become the Spanish National Radio Choir, predecessor in turn of the current Coro RTVE, the oldest active professional vocal ensemble in Spain. It is precisely to celebrate the 70 years of history of the RTVE Choir and pay tribute to those pioneers who helped so much to spread our musical heritage, which Warner Music label presents this extraordinary recording in CD + DVD format. Everything in this production is extraordinary. First, music: the Officium defunctorum by Tomás Luis de Victoria is a masterpiece, universally recognized as such. Written for the funeral of Empress Maria of Austria - which took place on the days 18 Y 19 from 1605 in Madrid-, its perfection has crowned it the most recorded work of the most recorded Spanish composer of all time. Dazzling are also the architecture and magnificence of the space, the Cathedral of Avila, where probably Tomás Luis de Victoria was a singing boy. A magnificence that enhances the craft and beauty of the voices of the RTVE Choir and the elegance of the performance that Christoph König directs and that is collected here, in this emotional recognition of our heritage and the legacy of those who preceded us in their care.

Director: Christoph König
Producer: Miguel Sainz
Executive producer: Javier Gonzalez
Sound: Javier Chamero, Antonio Victoria, Xavier Lomba
Mixture: Álvaro Calvente

Recording: Avila Cathedral, 30 of August 2019