Anna Lucia Richter

It was the first time that the mezzo-soprano Anna Lucia Richter arrived in Madrid to participate in the Lied Cycle of the National Center for the Diffusion of Music and the Zarzuela Theater. She is one of the standard bearers of the new generation of liederistas and has shown in Madrid, that comes to stay.

Richter presented us with a program not without difficulty. Although his technique and the ease with which he addressed his entire repertoire, could appear otherwise. It started with Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), a selection of Des knaben wunderhorn, "The Magic Tale of Youth" that Mahler made of German folk songs.

Continued with Hugo Wolf (860-1903), with evening pictures y obras de De Möroke songs y De Goethe songs.

It ended with works by Schubert (1797-1828), where Richter's finesse reached its finest. He showed a powerful and vigorous center. He also knew how to fill the most subtle pieces with stylistic nuances. Attractive timbre, Richter showed great expressiveness and intention when it came to "saying" the texts. Something fundamental in the style of a liederista.

Accompanied very well on the piano by the Israeli Ammiel Bushakevitz, who was always attentive to Richter, demonstrating between both a great complicity and understanding.

A very promising premiere in this Lied Cycle in which we will surely hear again one of the most consolidated new voices in this repertoire.