Casa Limón, one of the most significant art projects and more powerful in recent decades, meets 20 years. The occasion, definitely, It requires a celebration in style, and that is the intention of the two festive concerts under the slogan Casa Limón & Friends will offer. . . . .text complete

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Archangel is not only, and for years, one of the most important singers, but also a composer who revolutionized the genre with each of his works. In its echo and its way of understanding flamenco, conviven con naturalidad un profundo conocimiento y respeto de la. . . . .text complete

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In the attempt and the need to find new artistic frontiers and new development paths for flamenco, It has become a fairly common practice incursion of flamenco in other musical genres, looking perhaps a dialog will provide a more universal recognition.. . . . .text complete

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The public

The next 24 de febrero tendrá lugar en el Teatro Real el estreno mundial de El Público, Mauricio Sotelo, con libreto del escritor Andrés ibáñez, quien ha rescatado para la ópera la esencia de la obra homónima de Federico García Lorca, written in 1930 en Cuba y estrenada en. . . . .text complete

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