Real Flamenco

The next 13 of November the Teatro Real will inaugurate the third season of Real Flamenco, consolidating the presence of flamenco in its Ballroom, with a program articulated around a great name of cante or dance.

After Cristina Hoyos, honored in the last edition, this third season will be dedicated to the great bailaora, coreógrafa, teacher, researcher and businesswoman Blanca del Rey, Spanish muse of dance in recent 50 years.

Antonio Canales, linked to FLAMENCO REAL since its creation, will continue to tutor, with his mastery, this cycle, which this season will have a more ambitious program, in which the names of Miguel Fernández Ribas stand out, ‘The Yiyo’; Antonio Molina, The Choro '; Juan Campallo, Alba Heredia, Amador Rojas, Andres Peña & Pilar Ogalla; Rafael Rodriguez, "The head"; Belén López, Quick, Ivan vargas, Kiki Morente, Yolanda Osuna, Ricardo Fernández del Moral, Maria Jose Franco, Juan Manuel Moneo, Maria Moreno, Oscar Lago, Antonio Canales, Mercedes of Cordoba, Enrique ‘El Extremeño’, Angel Muñoz, Charo Espino, Macarena Ramirez, Eduardo Guerrero, Sergio Lope, o el “El Mati”.

To carry out the third edition of FLAMENCO REAL with the current health safety regulations, the configuration and structure of the entire cycle had to be changed: the above chairs and tables with Spanish wine, like a tablao, they have been replaced by armchairs arranged in a semicircle, like an auditorium, of which they will hardly take care 130 seating (40% of the total capacity).

To accommodate more viewers, each show will be offered in double session, to 19.30 and to the 22:00 hours. Likewise, a reduced price ticket category has been added and lowered prices a 15% in relation to previous editions in order to facilitate the enjoyment of flamenco to the greatest number of people in these difficult times marked by the pandemic. The four categories of localities have prices ranging between 25 and the 65 euros.

The shows, that will take place Thursdays or Fridays, each 3 weeks, approximately, will be preceded by a welcome wine, to be served half an hour before each show in the rooms adjoining the ballroom, with the spectators standing, following the health measures in force.

This third edition of FLAMENCO REAL, in co-production with SO-LA-NA, It shall consist of 15 flamenco art shows, sing, home, tap and percussion, featuring renowned artists, They are representing different families, schools and schools of art deeply rooted tradition, but permeable to the personality of its various interpreters.

The Ballroom will once again host flamenco shows throughout its season, enriching the mythical space with the Spanish artistic heritage, within the framework of the policy of opening to the Royal Theater styles and different languages, promoting dialogue between different forms of expression.

Flamenco Real has the sponsorship of Grupo Ership and Herbert Smith Freehills and the collaboration of Grupo Index, Leaderland, Juan Gil, Group Corporalia.


13 of November 2020 | Miguel Fernandez Ribas, ‘The Yiyo’


Miguel Fernandez Ribas, ‘The Yiyo’, home

Miguel de la Tolea, sing

Manuel Tañe, sing

Eugenio Santiago, guitar

Paco de Mode, percussion

26 of November 2020 | Antonio Molina, The Choro '

With the participation of Juan Campallo, Invited artist

My dance

Antonio Molina, The Choro ', home

Juan Campallo, guitar

Ismael de la Rosa, sing

Very Morón, sing

17 from December 2020 | Alba Heredia


Alba Heredia, home

Antonio Moreno Maya, ‘The Cancu’, sing

Jose Plantón, ‘José de Calli’, sing

David Jimenez, guitar

Juan Jimenez, guitar

Rober ‘El Moreno’, palmas

21 from January 2021 | Amador Rojas

Love dancing

Amador Rojas, home

Joni Jiménez, guitar

Inma ‘la Carbonera’, sing


11 February 2021 | Andres Peña & Pilar Ogalla

With the participation of Rafael Rodriguez, "The head" Invited artist

Of sepia and gold

Andres Peña, home

Pilar Ogalla, home

Rafael Rodriguez, 'The head', guitar

Emilio florido, sing

Miguel Soto, ‘El Londro’, sing

26 February 2021 | Belén López

With the participation of Quick, Invited artist


Belén López, home

Morenito de Illora, sing

Pedro Jimenez, sing

Juan Jimenez, guitar

Carlos Jimenez, guitar

Rafael Jimenez, ‘The Spark’, percussion


4 of March 2021| Ivan vargas

With the participation of Kiki Morente, Invited artist

Root flamingo

Ivan vargas, home

Kiki Morente, sing

Joni Cortes, sing

Luis Mariano, guitar

Miguel Rodriguez Fernandez, "The Cheyenne", percussion

25 of March 2021 | Yolanda Osuna

With the participation of Ricardo Fernández del Moral, Invited artist


Yolanda Osuna, home

Miguel Perez, guitar

Bernardo Miranda, sing

David Moñiz, fiddle

Roberto Jaén, percussion

15 of April 2021| Maria Jose Franco

With the participation of Juan Manuel Moneo, Invited artist


Maria Jose Franco, home

Juan Manuel Moneo, guitar

Manuel Moneo, sing

Carmen Grilo, sing


6 of May 2021 | Maria Moreno

With the participation of Oscar Lago, Invited artist

I dance

Maria Moreno, home

Oscar Lago, guitar

Pepe de Pura, sing

Roberto Jaén, palmas

20 of May 2021 | Antonio Canales

The guitar sings

Antonio Canales, home

David “The Rooster”, 'sing

Israel Fernández, sing

Manuel de la Tomasa, sing

David Rodríguez "David del Arahal", guitar

3 of June 2021 | Mercedes of Cordoba,

With the participation of Enrique ‘El Extremeño’, Invited artist

No more

Mercedes of Cordoba, home

Enrique ‘El Extremeño’, sing

Pepe de Pura, sing

Juan Campallo, guitar

Paco Vega, percussion


24 of June 2021 | Angel Muñoz

With the participation of Charo Espino, guest artist


Angel Muñoz, home

Charo Espino, home

Jose Angel Carmona, sing

Gaspar Rodríguez, guitar

Diego Villegas, saxophone and flute


8 of July 2021 | Macarena Ramirez

With the participation of Eduardo Guerrero, Invited artist


Macarena Ramirez, home

Juan Jose Alba, guitar

Jose Plantón, ‘José de Calli’, sing

Ismael de la Rosa, 'The ball', sing

Juan José Amador, The Perre ', sing


29 of July 2021 | Sergio Lope

With the participation of "El Mati", Invited artist

Being of Light

David Caro, guitar

Javier Rabadán, percussion

Juanfe Pérez, low


Zona Premium: 65 €

Zone A: 55 €

Zone B: 35 €

Zone c: 25 €

* The price includes a welcome wine.

Friends of the Real

10% discount for buying tickets for all shows.


Two season tickets with alternate dates: 6 tickets by subscription

Photograph: Javier del Real