The National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) prepare "We return to the stage", extraordinary programming without an audience, that will be broadcast in streaming from the precincts of the organization to celebrate the return of the artistic collectives to these spaces and thus dismiss the season of subscription 2019/2020. The initiative, which will start next 20 June with the celebration of the European Music Day - an anniversary that is celebrated each year coinciding with the arrival of the summer solstice-, consists of a series of new artistic proposals, training and pedagogical in which stage formulas will be used following the measures established by the health authorities.

This alternative programming, to be detailed in the coming days, will be transmitted through their digital channels, Continuing with the campaign for the promotion and dissemination of online cultural resources promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports during these months of confinement under the hashtag #laculturaentucasa.

“We return to the stage” aims to keep open a creative channel for professionals in the performing arts and music that in turn allows them to continue connecting with viewers, offering new content until the INAEM stage venues are reopened to the public in September, coinciding with the start of the season 20/21 and there is a reunion of artists and fans.

This initiative was also born as a programmatic alternative in the face of the impossibility of complying with the sanitary requirements in the artistic formats originally planned. For this reason, INAEM also announces the cancellation of the functions and concerts scheduled in all its scenic venues that were pending for the season 19/20. This measure affects shows scheduled until next July at the National Music Auditorium (OCNE, CNDM, JONDE), the Teatro de la Zarzuela (including the performances of the National Ballet of Spain), the María Guerrero and Valle-Inclán theaters of the National Dramatic Center and the Comedy Theater of the National Classical Theater Company.

The artistic creation units of the INAEM will reprogram in a preferential way in the next season those proposals that could not be made this year as a consequence of the Covid-19 and the closure of the scenic spaces.

On the other hand, the National Theater Museum will open to the public in the second half of June.

INAEM units at summer festivals
The physical reunion with the public of some of INAEM's artistic units will take place over the next few months with their participation in summer festivals and in their usual collaboration circuits.. Such is the case of the National Orchestra of Spain, present at the Granada International Music and Dance Festival; the National Classical Theater Company, at the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival; National Dance Company, in the Summers of the Villa de Madrid and the National Center for Musical Diffusion at the Círculo de Bellas Artes. Likewise, the Young National Orchestra of Spain (JONDE) is planning a small-format meeting for the month of July.

Ticket return policy
The return of the tickets between now and the end of the season has already started and will be carried out gradually. The amounts of the localities acquired through our portal or from the sales phones 902 22 49 49 Y 985 67 96 68 will be returned to the purchase card automatically and progressively throughout the month of June, without waiting for the day after the date of the show as it had been done until now for purchases made online.

On the other hand, to avoid traveling to our scenic venues, the body has designed a telematic return device for tickets purchased at our ticket offices. Tickets paid by card and transfer will be progressively reimbursed from June to July. Those purchased at cash box offices may be claimed digitally through a form that will be available on the web from 15 of June. Likewise, a post office box will be enabled to which a copy of the tickets can be sent together with the account number (Bank IBAN) and the name of the owner of the same. However, from 15 July will also open the ticket offices of our scenic spaces for those who prefer to make these returns in person.

The maximum term to request the refund of the tickets will be the next 30 November 2020.

Photography: Hugh Turvery oara CNDM