Maria Bayo

Visit Maria Bayo It is always eagerly awaited by the public in Madrid. This time the event has been at the Teatro Real, and repertoire, the chants d'Auvergne, of Josehp Canteloube. An anthology of popular songs was compiled, harmonized and orchestrated along numerous trips in his native region, Auvergne.
Consisting of five series published between 1923 Y 1925, They are essentially naturalistic songs with a scenic inventiveness in his orchestration of the first order.
the recital, Divided in two parts, both French, It started with The Roman Carnival, from Hector Berlioz. The extraordinary success of this work in its Paris premiere, product of his virtuosity, I encouraged Berlioz to include it as a prelude to his opera Benvenuto Cellini.
Then, Pelléas et Mélisande, from Gabriel Fauré, concert full suite of drama and symbolism divided into four movements. These two works, next to The hunter moudit, from César Franck, formed the first part symphony conducted by Maestro Titus Engel. The dinamimo of its management and its extraordinary sensitivity, accurately they reflected the exquisite musicality of a loaded scores of delicacy and varied textures.
The second part was the time of Maria Bayo. Chants d'Auvergne with shows that never fits their repertoire. Always try to go a step further in their interpretations and the election of new works. Which leads to an increase of his vocal powers and performing. parallel, the public discovers new music, with all that this implies enrichment in both directions. Perhaps this is one reason why your voice is in good standing time.

The Chants d'Auvergne initially surprised the public, used perhaps the most classic and standard repertoire of Maria Bayo. But the freshness of its interpretation and management of Titus Engel, They moved to the public nature and the countryside of Auvergne immediately.
With a voice freed, resolved, homogeneous, effective and with a timbre always beautiful and delicate, moved everyone to the green grass of the field in spring from the hand of his voice.
In a speech excepcinal time, with exquisite phrasing and excited, we worked from the outset to an audience that ended delivered, excited and grateful when you receive are emotions and high quality.