He Teatro Real He has returned to offer another example of those little beads offered in the Sala Gayarre. an opera, Vanitas, in the privacy of the hand of the Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino and performed by the conductor and pianist Riccardo Bini, cellist Dragos Balan and voice Marisa Martins.

In Spain we tend to think we have not developed the adventurer heard all that we need to get into some contemporary musical expressions. Those in which it appears that our European neighbors take us so far ahead.
This was thus a good opportunity to continue training our ear. To develop another channel for awareness.

abandoning in Vanitas, in its successful, simple and very descriptive stage and reflective, delicate and easy interpretation of Marisa Martins; the eerie atmosphere is perceived and dark in which the protagonist evokes the ghosts of his past. The return to the most intimate memories and tormented by the decaying objects around. It airs a permanent tension, even in moments of orphans sound and lighting.

Vanitas in Room Gayerre is the example of how to convey the maximum intensity and sensitivity of the simplest and effectively.

Vanitas (Vanity)
Salvatore Sciarrino
D. musical and piano: Riccardo Bini
Cello: Dragos Balan
Voice: Marisa Martins
D. scene: Rita Cosentino
Teatro Real, Madrid
6, 7 Y 8 of May, 2010