24 hours mientiendo

The Teatro de la Zarzuela will host the 29 June to 14 of July "24 Hours lying!’, a madcap musical comedy Francisco Alonso in which nothing is what it seems and will serve as grand finale of the season 2017/2018. This time, the script to write Francisco Ramos de Castro and Joaquín Gasa for the premiere of the work in 1947 It has been updated by the last National Prize Dramatic Literature, Alfredo Sanzol.

This free version of Sanzol and dramaturgy Jesus Castejon weave a sparkling show in which are reflected some of the ills of society then and now, centered cynicism in the world of gastronomy, politics and show business.

The play, They filled with hilarious situations caused especially by the lies of all players who try to pretend they are not, It is directed and starring Jesús Castejón, who rediscovers "those odors, sounds, rumors and melodies by those who had traveled at a young age when theaters in Spain were my top of games and adventures »; This is a comedy that, assures, "It gets tangled in the most fun way possible" making it "a great Spanish musical, as it was at the time of its release ».

The musical direction is by Carlos Aragon, which stresses the uniqueness of the piece as a musical comedy what emparenta with musicals on Broadway and in Hollywood lived its golden age in years 40 last century. But that uniqueness, dice, "lies, Besides, in its most traditional format, because it is a glossy magazine, basted by an argument between improbable and surreal. It's a real vaudeville ". Aragon occupy the podium of the pit along with the Community of Madrid Orchestra (Theater starting lineup).

"24 Hours lying!"It is a story of very special people in show business: the marriage of Casto and Casta, and two daughters, Charito and Totó. The family intends to lock herself in her house to rehearse a magazine that takes them from the bad economic situation in which they find themselves, but while they are held there make others believe that his absence is due to have toured America with his artistic company. And from there, Supine tangle.

For the fun shebang that mounts reach the best ports, on the tables will be, besides Castejon (Frequently), a roster of singers and actors such as cross Beitia (Caste), Martyn Estíbaliz (geek), Nuria Pérez (Charito), Adan Lopez (Ricardo, Charito boyfriend), Enrique Viana (i Love Lolo, the peevish and witty butler who knows everything and everything he sharpens), Raffaela Chacón Y Mario Martin (Restaurant owners who feed the family of artists, which in turn they are parents of Ricardo, and that the circumstances lead them to pretend that they are the same Casto hosts and Casta), Ángel Ruiz Y Cecilia Solaguren (Fernando and Laura, Fernandito parents, boyfriend turn of Totó, and one of the elements by which the knot of lies continues to grow), José Luis Martínez Y María José Suárez (Euphonium and Magdalena, marriage of corrupt politicians), Y Luis Maesso (Fernandito). Throughout the representation they will be accompanied by eight dancers, what, Likewise, They sing and act as the most.

The scenery is Carmen Castanon, your wardrobe Ana Garay, lighting Eduardo Bravo and choreography by Nuria Castejon. Enjoyment, definitely, is served.

Musical comedy magazine or magazine or Spanish musical comedy was a sophisticated version akin to the ideology of the public who demanded such shows. But in the postwar years in Spain he conditioned censorship issues and arguments, so the delight of the petty bourgeoisie was content with an almost naive comedy and genteel; everything arises between friendly and nothing committed conformism with the great ideals or social values.

At the time 'lying 24 Hours!'It was considered a work with great agility and stage movement, as well as an excellent example of show suitable for all audiences and filled with feathers, sequins and fruits headwear. The alonsinas melodies appear dotted with exotic notes thanks to the mastery of Alonso with "eloquence, melodic grace and power "in the rhythms and American tunes, as well as the Spanish or European.

The virtues of Zarza Project

Another attraction that has this season-ending production of Teatro de la Zarzuela is the confirmation of the virtues of Zarza Project (zarzuela made by youth for youth) it starts to achieve one of the primary objectives for which saw the light: create a pool of singers who reach the "first division" of our theater musical. In this production we have several examples: Nuria Perez and Adan Lopez, which they formed part of the cast very young star of 'The revoltosa' than last season marked the successful starting point for the initiative, and that these functions are undisputed protagonists.