Mechanical Zarzuela

Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero Foundation presented last Friday 15 June programming Days of zarzuela 2018, at the headquarters of the SGAE. The event was Alberto González Lapuente intervention, director of the Conference of zarzuela, Antonio Gallego, patron of the Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero Foundation, and María Luz González Peña, director of the Center for Documentation and Archive of the SGAE (ECHR).

Mechanical zarzuela"It is the title chosen for this Fifth edition Days of zarzuela, referring to the technological means that have contributed to the promotion of gender beyond the theatrical stage. Cuenca Auditorium Theater, will host numerous activities 26 al 29 of September, to promote the exchange of ideas among researchers, interpreters, editors, managers, producers and music critics.

Meetings and Book of Days

Outstanding Spanish and foreign experts as Jordi Roquer, Elena Vazquez, Jerome Collomb, July Arce, Antonio Gallego Gallego, Marita Fornaro Bordolli, or John Lucas, among others, They offer their vision of the phenomenon of mechanical zarzuela from different perspectives, through tables, lectures and debates. As in previous editions, presentations and roundtable meetings will be reflected in the Book of Days, edited by Alberto González Lapuente and Alberto Pinilla Honored.


The interactive exhibition "The mechanical strategy”, Ignacio Jassa Haro curated by, will allow viewers to make contact with many historical devices, from the cylinder to the liquid wax zarzuela through radio or PA used in large auditoriums. further, a wall grafitero the artist Mr conquense. Stroke greet visitors at the entrance of Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca.

Who, musical theater, discussion group, concert

Movie premiere restored Don Quintin the amargao (1925), directed by Manuel Noriega, with live performance version for piano (Jorge Robaina) original music by Jacinto Guerrero: The beautiful genre, an original production of the Juan March Foundation suitable for all audiences, in which the soprano Irene Palazón, Gerardo Bullón baritone and tenor Carlos Crooke (also responsible for the stage direction and dramaturgy), sing songs known romanzas, duets and trios in the history of zarzuela; a discussion group, following the technique of fishbowl, in which various professionals in the music industry as Javier Suarez-Pajares, Miguel Angel Marin, Tomás Marco, Cosme Marina, Teresa Krab, Antoni Parera Fons and Valentina Granados, among others, will discuss "program today zarzuela". Paul L. Rodriguez will act as moderator, and the conclusions of this panel discussion will be included in the Book of Days; Zarzuela A / V (in collaboration with Radio3 - RNE) with MicroChica and DestroBoy, Audiovisual DJ September 1 in which the sounds of the electronic converse with fragments known Zarzuelas.

The calendar of activities of the conference is completed with the internationalization program in collaboration with Spanish Cultural Action (ACE), and the off space, which this year will consist of workshops stamping, in collaboration with the Museum of Cuenca, aimed at students of primary schools in Cuenca.


Guerrero Foundation

Days of zarzuela, that since 2013 organizes the Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero Foundation will celebrate its fifth edition of the 26 al 30 September 2018, in the Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca.

leading researchers, musicologists, interpreters, editors, programmers, producers and music critics will participate in the new edition of these meetings, which have already become a must for specialists, scholars and lovers of zarzuela. few days, in which, from a heterogeneous perspective, the genre of zarzuela is presented in its cultural and social context, thus fostering the exchange of ideas and experiences from different points of view around a central theme. Entitled "A Clockwork zarzuela", It will discuss the technological means contributing to the promotion of gender beyond the theatrical stage, during presentations, conferences and round tables scheduled, which they will then be published in the Book of days.

With the aim of spreading gender among new audiences, especially, the youth sector, the program of the Days of zarzuela 2018 It includes other activities, like a exposition, which allow viewers to contact numerous ancient and modern appliances, to understand how he participated zarzuela of these technological developments. The shows The beautiful genre, written and directed by Carlos Crooke (production of the Juan March Foundation) Y Zarzuela A / V starring MicroChica and DestroBoy (concert in collaboration with Radio 3 – National Radio of Spain), They will reflect from a contemporary vision of the popular and playfulness, so typical of the genre.