ABAO Bilbao Opera

ABAO Bilbao Opera opens its 69th Season with The turkish in Italy Rossini, one of the best-rated operas by the Italian composer that takes the stage for the first time in Bilbao, with the exclusive sponsorship BBVA Foundation, the following days 21, 24, 26, 28, 30 October 2 of November (the functions will begin at 19:30h except Saturday day 24 which will start at 19:00h). ABAO Bilbao Opera has expanded the number of scheduled performances from the usual four to six functions, in order to comply with the capacity restriction protocol (600 locations) and safety distances required by the competent authorities.

Opera bufa of great musical quality

For this work of attentive and refined narration both in the vocal and in the instrumental part, Gioachino Rossini was influenced by opera Cosi fan tutte Mozart. With a history of courtship, charm, tangles and lots of fun, Rossini's comic opera jokes about the different ways of seeing society and narrates Selim's misadventures, a Turkish prince eager to discover new pleasures in Italy.

A cast that shines with its own light

To bring the protagonists of this flirtatious opera to life, seduction, misconceptions, love without borders and fun, ABAO has assembled a cast of great artists led by a true specialist in fool roles, the Italian baritone Paolo Bordogna who puts himself in the shoes of the Turk Selim. At his side, the Navarrese soprano Sabina Puértolas, "The Fiorilla de Sagi", with an intense acting and vocal intervention. The baritone Renato Girolami's debut as Don Geronio completes the line-up for this title., the tenor David Alegret as Don Narciso, the presentations of the baritone Pietro Spagnoli as Prosdocimo and the mezzo-soprano Marina Viotti as Zaida and the tenor Moisés Marín as Albazar.

A creative musical discourse under the baton of Christophe Rousset

In the pit, The French master and harpsichord player Christophe Rousset returns to Bilbao, a great connoisseur of this repertoire and one of the most active conductors in today's phonography. In front of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, will put music to a score full of seductive moments, high melodic inspiration and rich textures.

Complete this section the Bilbao Opera Choir, directed by Boris Dujin.

Moments summit The turkish in Italy

Gioachino Rossini was not only one of the great masters of bel canto, rather, he created a language where the melodic line dominates over other musical aspects.

The duet between Fiorilla and Selim stands out in the first act “You are Turks! I don't believe you”With the quartet with Narciso and Don Geronio, and in the second act the duet between Geronio and Selim "A nice use of Turkey”, one of the most memorable of Rossinian production.

Other special moments of maximum artistic demand of the character of Fiorilla are the exquisite cavatina "There is no greater madness"And the wonderful"Shabby robe, and bruna”, of the second act, with all its virtuosic variations.

Geronio also has a stellar moment in the second act with the very difficult aria “If I have to say it, I would be very pleased”.

A beautiful and traditional Neapolitan recreation of Emilio Sagi

On stage a co-production of the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse, the Oviedo Opera and the Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile signed by Emilio Sagi. An extraordinary theatrical proposal, modern, fresh, sparkling and full of cinematic references.

The action moves to the Naples of the years 60, like a "realistic urban comedy ", how to define it Sagi. The scenery full of light and color, work of Daniel Bianco, shows a populous Neapolitan street where no detail is missing: a ladder that goes to the sea, a tram that passes every 14 minutes with people going up and down, tendales, vespas, a pizzeria, A greengrocer… "the intention was to create a neighborhood atmosphere, street ”, relates the set designer.

Eduardo Bravo's play of light manages to capture a magnificent visual stamp. A successful recreation of manners with a colorful and splendid wardrobe of the recently deceased Pepa Ojanguren, whose bearing "to the Italian"Remember the"Holidays in Rome" de Audrey Hepburn y Gregory Peck.

Rubén Amon introduces The turkish in Italy in the cycle "The ABC of opera"

The cycle "The ABC of opera" that reveals the most relevant aspects of each title of the season in a keynote conference days before the premiere, premieres a new edition in a new location. This time it will take place in Room 0E of the Euskalduna Bilbao on Friday 16 October.

The speaker in charge of revealing all the details of this opera is the well-known journalist and writer Rubén Amón, who regularly participates in different radio and audiovisual media, as El Confidencial, Zero Wave, Antena3 and La Sexta. He has published several books on different topics, as an investigation on Secrets of the Prado (Today's Posts 1997), the biography of Placido Domingo, A colossus on the world stage (Planet 2012) O the triumvirate: Careers, Domingo and Pavarotti, When the opera fills stadiums (Today's Posts 1996). Blood, poetry and passion: Two centuries of music, noise and silence in the Royal Theater (Editorial Alliance 2018).