Simon Boccanegra

Verdi's music described as the intensity of a no intrigues resolved, almost always, in the most tragic way. Simon Boccanegra, written and reviewed by the teacher at maturity, is one of them.

Real theater season is over 2009/2010 with the Simon Boccanegra from Verdi. With production this season has represented, among other places, Scala in Milan, and by the same top performers: Placido Domingo Y Angela Gheorghiu (both second cast).

With the end of the season also it concludes the artistic and musical direction of the Teatro. Moral and Antonio de Jesus Lopez Cobos leave leaving Teatro Real fastest growing and important. After years of intensive, programming has been growing in brightness every season.

After the cancellation of Carlos Alvarez in the role of Boccanegra, expected halfheartedly his replacement, George Gagnidze. Replace Alvarez and take the second division Placido Domingo, do not put things easy that a Gagnidze, once inside the character, I was able to resolve the situation with great dignity. Although clumsy movements and poor in the dramatization, a voice stamped and well armed, and a physical package that endowing the character of the pirate original personality, They solvency have a difficult interpretation.
Fabio Sartori, the tenor, It has proved a surprise. With a beautiful instrument and a reading of the character aptly Italian, He reached very beautiful and filled with moments of lyricism with soprano Inva Mula. Although some small problem at the start tuning, It grew with the work and issuing a refined timbre and a power more remarkable when given full freedom to his voice.
Inva Mula was justly acclaimed by the public. He offered a sesibilidad and Amelia filled with drama. With perfect phrasing, broadcast a brilliant treble and a beautiful apianados, It was, definitely, the best on stage.
The rest of the cast shone high, especially Giacomo Prestia as Fiesco, a solemn voice.

scenography, in charge of Giancarlo del Monaco. The stage underwent a metamorphosis on his arrival in Madrid. Of the black representations of the rest of the season, to the marble white. A successful change. Light and showmanship in an austere and majestic scenery that has highlighted, Elegantly, the grandeur of the characters and plot.

Success also of the Teacher Lopez Cobos who said goodbye to the public with full orchestra on stage. An orchestra that has reached the perfect balance under his baton. This time, as in many other, sounded magnificent, full of nuances and interpretive force required for such an intense score, tan verdiane.

The chorus, times. Even in one of Verdi. Stiff in her movements, uneven voice inputs without any personality.

But for the public of Madrid, your audience, the biggest attraction of this Boccanegra was on the comeback on stage Placido Domingo. This time as a baritone playing the pirate.
The fact undertake a tessitura that is not yours and do it with that expertise, stage presence and dramatic power that filled the entire room electricity; It is the reach of very few. No matter that was not a pure baritone, It is simply Placido Domingo He is able to dominate a land that is not yours. Its beautiful and unmistakable timbre with the only way to navigate the scenario that gives his characters an aristocratic entity. The fullness that showed on stage, suggests that we have Placido Domingo here to stay.