Casa Limón, one of the most significant art projects and more powerful in recent decades, meets 20 years. The occasion, definitely, It requires a celebration in style, and that is the festive intention of the two concerts under the slogan Casa Limón & Friends will offer the Teatro de la Zarzuela 7 Y 8 June at 20h00. Two of those concerts that happen rarely, a lifetime remembered. Javier Limón is the soul of every. Who holds the key, The magic wand, the ideas, the genius, the mills and the assurances that have turned a dream that might seem crazy and unattainable, in one of the most amazing realities of our music, Spanish music, music with Ñ. Music here, deep and ancient roots, free dancing, naturally with the rhythms and cultures of other ends; open to any genre to become one and universal. Without Borders.

Son, well, two decades leading a top-quality musical movement which he has enjoyed the cooperation of artists of very different styles, and cultures. From the Cuban flamenco 'Black Tears' O Paco de Lucia to jazz Wynton Marsalis, fado Mariza, rock Andres Calamaro or Indian music Anoushka Shankar, the sound of Casa Limón has nurtured recordings and live concerts all over the world.

In both concerts Teatro de la Zarzuela this indispensable spirit at all times be skin deep. In them, Javier Limón present a Band of all stars where the great musicians who have been part of this endless adventure will accompany some of the stars that are now forever part of the family Lemon. And they will reviewing a repertoire that in the collective memory of all living today in absolute forefront. Between the two nights will be 22 artists, Javier Limón besides their, you want will accompany this group of performers destined to change again and again the rules of music.

Classics for all hearts

The artists who lend their talents at concerts of La Zarzuela is a magical and surprisingly harmonious heterogeneity. They are already classic and all kinds of hearts. He Friday 7 of June Iran illuminating the stage as singers Mariza -one of the most importants, great artists and unrepeatable portuguesas-, Pitingo -flamenco art and heart, with a special talent for mestizaje, Archangel -indiscutible first figure of flamenco mundial-, Ainhoa ​​Arteta , one of the essential voices in opera houses in the world, Mala Rodríguez unique and powerful -artist; groundbreaking and extraordinary Hague-where, Matthew Nicholl -the pianist and composer who is a legend in the prestigious Berklee College of Music-, Tali Rubinstein That jazzista of Israel, maga absolute flute and woodwinds that will be part of the battalion sonoro-, Genara Cortés -the gypsy voice Coiling hopeless souls are made by front of him, Mar Fayos -the great Catalan voice of the moment, one inclasificable- treasure, Y Javier Limón.

He Saturday 8 of June not slow down the party. The public visiting the Teatro de la Zarzuela will witness a unique collective genius. The protagonists: Kiki Morente which already flies on the future of flamenco, with wings of the past and the future of the best art jondo-, Clara Montes without doubt one of our most beautiful and elegant voices, everyday poetry, Juan Carmona pure flamenco -guitar, the roots are now vanguard-, Larry Monroe -the masterful jazz saxophonist, global reference instrument for its ingenious inspiration and virtuosity odd, Diego del Morao -resplandeciente present and future of guitar flamenca-, Israel Suárez Piranha -king Flemish percussion, Universal percussion, pure pálpito, pure rhythm-, Damien Sneed -pianist, organist, orchestra director, composer…, jazz world star, the gospel, pop, R&B and classical music, Tamara Jokic -the Serbian inimitable vocalist who fill the night air Balkan, Layth Sidiq -from Iraq and Jordan, one of the voices and the biggest and most exciting violinists of his generation, Argentina -diamante timeless cante, bright star Flamingo today-, lemon Jr. -Multi-instrumentalist arriving from Boston in an exceptional artistic and musical journey and vuelta-, In -the voice coming from the Venezuelan island of Margarita to illuminate the world and Saúl Quirós -cantaor innate talent and unheard-songwriter gems glitter.

Y the name itself that 20 years has been able to turn the Casa Limón record in a star factory, a project unsurpassed talent and inspiration, and that it has fundamentally by love, It's of Javier Limón. Musician, producer, educator, specialized in Flemish, jazz, and world music, with 10 Grammys his credit, the artist is international reference of roots music. emphasize their versatility in the different tasks assumed as a composer, guitarist, producer, columnist, teacher or communicator, and the diversity of cultures and styles where he has developed his career. He has composed and produced more than 100 music discs over 1000 artists as Paco de Lucía, Wynton Marsallis, Joe Lovano, Caetano Veloso, Tom Harrel, Alicia Keys, Enrique and Estrella Morente, Jose Merce, Bebo Valdes, Buika, Diego El Cigala, Mariza, O Anoushka Shankar to name a few names from a long list.