Lissette Oropesa at LaTraviata Teatro Real Madrid

This was the second encore offered by the soprano at the Teatro Real, después de la repetición del Sexteto de Lucia of Lammermoor, in 2018, in which she was accompanied by the remaining soloists who performed the opera.


2009 – Leo Nucci: Rigoletto. Duet ‘Yes, vendetta, tremenda vendetta’ con Patricia Cioffi

2014 – Javier Camarena: La fille du régimen. Aria ‘To my friends’

2015 – Leo Nucci: Rigoletto. Duet ‘Yes, vendetta, tremenda vendetta’ con Olga Peretiatko

2018 – Six soloists (including Camarena Y Oropesa) Sexteto de Lucia di Lammermoor

2019 – Camarena: L'elisir d'amore. Aria ‘Una furtiva lagrima’



After her extraordinary success as Lucia (Lucia of Lammermoor, Donizetti) season 2017-2018, The American soprano of Cuban origin returns to the Madrid Coliseum in the coming days 18, 22, 25 Y 28 July to star in one of the best known operatic titles, La Traviata de Giuseppe Verdi. After being awarded two of the greatest opera awards in the United States, the Richard Tucker Award and the Beverly Sills Award, and of his applauded debuts as Marguerite de Valois (the Huguenots, Meyerbeer) at the Paris National Opera, Rodelinda (Rodelinda, Haendel) the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, Amalia (I masnadieri, Verdi) at the Scala in Milan or Manon (Manon Lescaut, Massenet) at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the soprano returns to Madrid to play the unfortunate heroine of La traviata, the first post-confinement opera at the Teatro Real. It so happens that Lisette Oropesa, in his first post-Covid performance, returns to the Real stage to put herself in the shoes of Violetta Valery, the same role with which he was reaping great success at the New York Metropolitan Opera, as reflected The New York Times: "Lisette Oropesa endorses La Traviata”, Anthony Tommasini (critic’s pick), when it closed its doors in the midst of a world emergency due to the coronavirus.

Lisette Oropesa is nominated in the best category Female Singer in the edition 2020 of the prestigious International Opera Awards, to be held in September, and among his next commitments stand out: the "Rossini Gala" of the Arena of Verona, Constancy The abduction from the Seraglio the Mozart and the Vienna State Opera, in a new production by Hans Neuenfels, recitals at the Wexford Festival Opera, el Théâtre des Champs Elysées y el Smetana Hall in Praga, La Traviata by Verdi at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and the Premiere from Lucia of Lammermoor de Donizetti en la Opera House Zurich, with scenic signature of Tatjana Gürbaca.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon, live performances from Instagram account each singer

involved: Ruth Iniesta, Luis Cansino, Michael Fabiano, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Esteve Manel, Maybe Borja, Pablo Garcia-Lopez, Berna Beads, Rocío Pérez, Natalia Labourdette, Inés Ballesteros and Lisette Oropesa

More information and tracking account Instagram Royal Theater.

Since the beginning of health alert last Friday, where the authorities have limited the movement of citizens to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the world of art and culture has turned to initiatives to liven seclusion and reinforce the message #QuédaEnCasa.

He Teatro Real, which has opened the doors of its video platform MyOperaPlayer free between 18 March and 1 of April, now builds a virtual stage on which different singers offer a small performance through their social networks with the title #Opera Festival, which will take place in the evenings this weekend, 21 Y 22 of March, starting at 17.00 hours.

From your own Instagram profile for each singer will perform known arias and songs from the lyrical repertoire, in dialogue with the public.

The Royal Theater is grateful to the performers who have joined #Opera Festival from their homes and invites the public to enjoy performances.

17.00 h. Ruth Iniesta, soprano (@ruth_iniesta)

17.30 h. Luis Cansino, baritone (@luiscansinobaritono)

18.00 h. Michael Fabiano, tenor (@tenorfabiano)

18.30 h. Ainhoa ​​Arteta, soprano (@ainhoarteta)

19.00 h. Esteve Manel, baritone (@manelestevemadrid)

19.30 h. Maybe Borja, baritone (@borjaquiza)

20.00 h. Juan Francisco Gatell, tenor (@juanfranciscogatell)

17.30 h. Pablo Garcia-Lopez, tenor (@pablogarcialpez)

18.00 h. Rocío Pérez, soprano (@rocioperezsop)

18.30 h. Berna Beads, soprano (@bernaperles)

19.00 h. Natalia Labourdette, soprano (@labourdettesoprano)

19.30 h. Inés Ballesteros, soprano (@inesballesterossoprano)

20.00 h. Lisette Oropesa, soprano (@lisetteoropesa)

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In the second half of the eighteenth century Benjamin Franklin, as fond of music as science or politics, polished and sophisticated instrument formed by crystal glasses joined to a wooden base and emitting a distinctive sound when touching the edge of the cups with the fingertips. He had created the glass harmonica. Quickly use of this new instrument was extended by the European salons interpreted, mainly, by mujeres.La melody and atmosphere creating, They did the imagination of many who listened fly. For some it was soothing and others, exciting, so much so that some players and fans began to feel affected their nervous system, arriving itself even ban the use of glass harmonica in some German towns.

During one of his trips to Naples, Donizetti had discovered this new musical artifact, He is fascinated by its sound. A few years later, when initiated composition Lucia di Lammermoor, he thought that this would be the only instrument that could reflect the anguish of the protagonist on the scene of madness. It was said then that some viewers, especially susceptible or sensitive, They could get to go crazy to hear the sound.

In light of what happened these days at the Royal Theater, While it could be said that the influence of the glass harmonica has had its effects. But rather it has been the effect of voices, two casts of the highest level, those who have unleashed madness or, at least, a special excitement among the public. 17 years after the last Lucia who played Edita Gruberova in this same theater.

In this production Inglés National Opera we have been able to enjoy the score almost entirely. They have included the aria of the tower and the beautiful finish solo Edgardo. The operas of this period were often mutilated when being represented. According to Daniel Oren, because of the genius of Verdi, "Which arrived with such withering effect on their scores that made other composers were relegated". Lucia was one of the few works of Donizetti who never ceased to be in the repertoire.

The scenery of David Alden is located in the Victorian era, when the work was written. In a paternalistic society and heavily dominated by men. Where the female figure hardly any presence. Lord Enrico Ashton has such economic desperation, which he is able to sell his own sister in marriage delivering it and save the family heritage.

Alden has presented an overly dark scenery, very cold and dark. Sometimes too minimalist. Alden is a man of theater and has resorted to the effect of placing a stage within the stage. In it some of the most important moments of the play are represented, as the scene of madness, which it occurs in the middle of a representation. Only the play of light of Adam Silverman rescues the viewer range of grays that dominate the work, creating an oppressive environment, next to the small dimensions of the scenery. Brigitte's wardrobe Reiffenstuel puts the romantic and elegant spot in a heavy and oppressive scenery.

Two distributions have been responsible for this production. In the first, Lisette Oropesa surprising given life and sparkle to Lucia. A role not easy, not only because of the difficulty of a score of great vocal exigency, also by dragging a paper weight represented by the greatest opera divas. Oropesa handles flawlessly times, vibrato, trills, legato, the piano ... If there is something that should deepen is the theatricality, because the role of Lucia is an extreme drama.

Edgar Javier Camarena had a successful plus romance. He shone in acute, which it is his strong point, and the beautiful legato. The last act, where is the protagonist, already dead Lucia, It was a poignant lyricism. It maintains a permanent honeymoon with the public in Madrid and the final standing ovation was well deserved.

The second deal was in charge of Venera Gimadieva as Lucia. It has an impeccable technique, a beautiful timbre and a powerful center. Not so the treble, they were forced. Pretty well in the aria of madness. It was low to a very good performance. Le overran some frildad prevented connect with Edgardo.

The best of the night was Ismael Jordi, Como Edagardo. His voice has evolved in volume and musicality. Dominates the belcanto, It moved with the delicacy of his pianos and his romantic fraseo. A little stiff and static stage.

Enrico Simone Piazzola sounded a bit tight and leñoso. Well in the interpretation of authoritarian and selfish brother.
The chorus, in its line of brilliance. Also on the interpretation which is always an essential character.

Directed by Daniel Oren, great connoisseur of Italian repertoire, It was a bit heavy at times, despite his energetic movements at the lectern. He could be heard humming as he jumped in the final act. Well in concertantes as it demonstrated in a magnificent sextet. exceptionally directs the singers, of which it is pending without agobiarles.

Excellent season finale that leaves the audience a very good taste. After a season in which the winners have been the lesser-known operas, This Lucia has been, definitely, the best in the classical repertoire, well above the preciosista La boheme and clumsy Aida.

Text: Paloma Sanz
pictures: Javier del Real
Videos: Teatro Real


Lucia of Lammermoor will reach 42 Spanish provinces in squares, cultural and recreational centers, theaters, councils, auditoriums and museums in different communities [See Full list].

In this edition we have increased outdoor screens, installed in about 30 very different spaces, from parks and gardens to bullrings.

In the Plaza de Oriente, in front of the facade of the Royal Theater, They will be installed 3 screens and placed 2400 chairs.

As in previous editions, Lucia of Lammermoor It will be broadcast free of charge to everyone in Facebook Live, stage Digital Y Opera Vision. the YouTuber Jaime Altozano He discussed the broadcast in real time on Twitter with the hashtag #LocuraConLucia.

Saturday 7 of July, between the 10.00 and the 14.30 hours, the public can access the most emblematic Teatro Real during his traditional Open Day.

On Saturday morning, starting at 11.30 hours, will take place in the Plaza de Oriente one flashmob of dance inspired by Swan Lake, in collaboration with the British Council and the London Royal Ballet.

All who wish to participate in the choreography can practice with the tutorial Dance in the City or come to the Plaza de Oriente on Saturday and freely follow the dancers.

Likewise, until next Friday at 18.30 hours continue, in the Sala Gayarre Teatro Real, projections of operas and ballets with free admission until full capacity.

He 8 of July, Sunday, to 11.30 hours, the great feast of the opera will close with a free screening, in the main hall of the Teatro Real, of production Madama Butterfly from the New National Theater in Tokyo, Reaffirming the commitment of the Royal Theater by the union of cultures, after recent agreements with Japan, China and the Arab Emirates United.

Throughout the Opera Week Are developing contests Y raffles to promote citizen participation through the web and social networks Theater Royal.

Opera Week, Framed in the celebration of Bicentenary of the Royal Theatre, It is sponsored by Telefónica, Endesa, Mutua Madrileña, Redexis Gas and collaboration of RTVE and Hispasat.

The opera Lucia of Lammermoor It is sponsored by Telefónica.

While the activities are carried out Opera Week Y Lucia of Lammermoor triumphs every night at the Royal Theater, towns and cities 42 Spanish provinces They are preparing for retransmission of the opera, he next Saturday, 7 of July, to 21.30 hours, which may be followed in Facebook Live through the url the YouTuber Jaime Altozano It will discuss the real-time broadcasting Twitter the hashtag #LocuraConLucia and They raffled tickets among users tell their experience during the broadcast.

In this fourth edition of the Opera Week they have increased retransmissions outdoor, with about 30 screens installed in such diverse areas as polideportiva track of Alcampell, in Huesca (700 people) one to Bullring Villanueva de Córdoba, capable 2500 people; he Park Almadabillas in Almería (400 people) or Jardines Can Found Garriguella, in Gerona (100 people).

Important areas such as main squares of Segovia and Valladolid, the Zaragoza Plaza San Bruno, the Church Square in Alicante, he Paseo del Espolón in Logroño, or the Paseo de la Concha in Murcia, They join small courtyards of cultural centers and town halls, or squares of towns as Parcent (Alicante), Huetor Vega (Granada), O Grove (Pontevedra), Usagre (Badajós), Gilena (Sevilla), Villatobas (Toledo) O Las Pedrosa (Zaragoza). Some cities, as Orihuela, They have two relay points outdoors, such as Plaza Ramón Sijé, in the historical district, and the Esplanade Orihuela, on the coast.

In addition to the outdoor screens, again they have joined the relay, auditoriums, theaters, cinemas and cultural centers, with varied seating capacity. such small towns like the good (Segovia), O Gotarredura (Ávila), with less than 150 registered inhabitants, will provide Lucia of Lammermoor along with museums like the Prado, he Thyssen, he National archaeological, he Guggenheim Bilbao or Center Niemeyer Aviles.

But the week of opera will offer the next Saturday other attractive proposals that will begin at 10.30 hours, with a new Open Day and continue, to 11.30 hours, with the flashmob Dance in the City, organized in collaboration with the British Council and the London Royal Ballet ─ which will offer 6 functions Swan Lake at the Royal Theater between days 18 Y 22 of July.

The program also reflects the collaborative ties with institutions of the Royal Theater and cultural events through an active policy of national and international agreements, such as those recently signed with China, the Arab Emirates States and Japan, the latter under the 150 anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between Spain and Japan.

Within the scope of these agreements will be offered at the Theater Royal projections three productions from Japan: ballets The Nutcracker Y Swan Lake in the Sala Gayarre, Y on Sunday at 11.30 hours, shutting down the Opera Week, Madama Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini in Living room, free admission (agreement with the New National Theater in Tokyo).

This fourth edition of the Opera Week has the support of Telefónica (main patron of the Bicentennial), Endesa (energy patron of the Bicentennial) and the main sponsor of Mutua Madrileña. Redexis Gas It is sponsor relay, in collaboration with RTVE. Telefónica is, Besides, the sponsor of the opera Lucia of Lammermoor.


Based on the historical novel truculent Walter Scott, The bride of Lammermoor, what Salvatore Camarano He transformed into libretto, Opera is the epitome of romantic melodrama: exacerbated emotions, impossible loves, ancestral conflicts, spectral spaces, duels, betrayals, madness, death…

Lucia is a young orphan, unbalanced and dreamy, in love with Edgardo, enemy of the family, He hated by his brother, that encourages marry a noble wealthy to save ruin. For that, with the complicity of the chaplain and the black arts of his guardian, Lucia led to believe that her lover has betrayed. Pushed to sign the marriage certificate, young, broken by grief and madness Dam, murders her husband in the wedding night, Alienated in a sort of angelic dream that culminates in his death and the subsequent suicide of her beloved.

With this gruesome story and craft and characteristic fruitfulness of Gaetano Donizetti wrote opera ─ which in just over a mes─, the score flows, overwhelming, alternating fast-paced drama with long suspensions of theatrical action, in which the characters express their feelings with great expressive breath and a full vocal writing of artifices, often for the benefit of the psychological characterization of the characters. A) Yes, the extreme difficulty of the coloratura and high registers and demonized the role of Lucia give your character an unreal and dreamlike aura, immortalized singers Maria Callas, Leyla Gencer, Joan Sutherland O Edita Gruberova.

To give consistency to this dramatic plot hyperbolic, stage director David Alden Opera stands in a decaying Victorian sanatorium designed by scenographer Charles Edward, which it was inspired by the former residence of the British physician John Langdon Down, discoverer of Down syndrome. In a sinister and claustrophobic atmosphere both brothers maintain an unhealthy relationship, in which everything seems to happen in a spectral environment, reminiscent of the fantastic literature Allan Poe.

Israeli orchestra director Daniel Oren, great bel canto specialist works, He will lead a great cast headed by soprano Lisette Oropesa, the tenor Javier Camarena, baritone Artur Ruciński and low Roberto Tagliavini and Headlines Choir and Orchestra of the Teatro Real.

Spain will sigh with all the misery of Lucia of Lammermoor, get carried away by their chimeras and enjoy a night of the best belcanto, sharing their experiences with the hashtag #LocuraConLucia.

Lisette Oropesa interview at the Royal Theater.

New Orleasn soprano and Cuban, Lisette Oropesa, Classical Brío speaks for only a few days before revolutionize the Teatro Real in Madrid with one of his fetishes characters, “Lucia of Lammermoor”, de Gaetano Donizetti. How it started in music and how it addresses the difficulties Lucia's character and profession, are some of the topics covered in this conversation.